Bitten Season 3 “A Quiet Dog” Recap

Greg Bryk as Jeremy Danvers and Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels

We finally learn more about the 30-year blood feud between Roman and Sasha while former Sheriff Karen Morgan can’t quite get law enforcement out of her life as she grows suspicious of Russians invading Bear Valley.

Feeling Helpless

Katia is growing restless at Stonehaven and wonders to Nick if she is now stuck at Bear Valley. Katia doesn’t know what her life will be now with Sasha wanting to remain close to Elena and Alexei about to undergo his first change. Nick assures Katia that the safest place for her to be is at Stonehaven.

Meanwhile, Alexei is wolfing (pun intended) all of the Danvers’ food and he tells Katia he feels so helpless while he father is meeting with Roman and he just wants to help.

Getting to Know You

Konstantin is chained up like a dog at a run down warehouse. Konstantin tells Elena that he has never met Sasha but has only heard bad things about him from his father. Konstantin also shares a story of how Roman once stabbed his hand with a knife hidden in his belt when he ate dinner before him. Talk then turns to Elena and how come she is the only femaly werewolf. Konstantin believes it comes from her genes. Elena denies that notion as her parents were human doctors. But Konstantin keeps on needling Elena on the point where we finally learn that Elena’s mother was Roman’s daughter. Elena attacks Konstantin not believing she could be related to him and Roman. Konstantin wraps his chain around Elena to start choking her and he breaks free from the pipe holding him. Since Elena is Sasha’s daughter, he has to kill her. The two fight and eventually Konstantin breaks free from his shackles and escapes.

Werewolf Negotiation

Clay tries to assure Elena that Jeremy is going to help Sasha but she isn’t so sure. Meanwhile, we learn from Sasha that the blood feud is because Roman believed that he is responsible for the death of his daughter Natasha. Jeremy says he will help Sasha end his blood feud with Roman if after he leaves Elena alone. Sasha doesn’t want to by Jeremy says he is only confusing Elena and causing a rift within their pack.

Greyston Holt as Clay Danvers and Greg Bryk as Jeremy Danvers

Greyston Holt as Clay Danvers and Greg Bryk as Jeremy Danvers

The next morning at a warehouse owned by Nick’s family, Roman arrives for the negotiations. Jeremy says the nature of the negotiations will be under his terms and takes him to the warehouse boardroom while they wait for Sasha, who is in the washroom taking a look at the bite wound he got last episode and it seems to have taken a toll on him. Meanwhile, Jeremy gets Roman’s bodyguards to leave while Clay stands guard.

Back in town, Karen is suspicious of the Russians in town and gets her former colleague to run the plates. A Baltimore cop buddy tells Karen taht the rental car belongs to a Russian named Victor Laranov who has kept the rap sheet in Russian that includes several attempted murder charges that all got dropped. Karen eventually follows Victor at the airport hanger picking up more friends and follows them to the Sorrentino warehouse.

Daniel Kash as Roman and Greg Bryk as Jeremy Danvers

Daniel Kash as Roman and Greg Bryk as Jeremy Danvers

In the boardroom, Roman can’t hide is venom towards Sasha but Jeremy gets the two to sit down. Jeremy has a proposal to end the blood feud; he offers Roman the counterfeiting equipment so he can make his own money in order to strengthen his rule over his pack. Roman thinks about it but still the animosity is there. This is were we learn that Roman blames Sasha for not protecting his daughter. We then learn that Sasha fell in love with Natasha and revealed to her that he is a werewolf. And because it is against the rules to show a human the existence of werewolves, Roman was forced to kill his daughter. Sash tells Roman he didn’t have to kill her and says Jeremy would agree but he says that is one thing that keeps them safe and would have done what Roman did. Roman blames Sasha for Natasha’s death but Jeremy says that was 30 years ago and to get over it. Roman seemingly agrees and is ready to accept the terms of the negotiation so long as Jeremy no longer helps Sasha. Jeremy agrees. But it is all a ruse as Roman takes out the knife in his belt and stabs Sasha in the chest.

FIona Highet as Karen Morgan

FIona Highet as Karen Morgan

Back in the warehouse, Alexei arrives and tells Clay he wants to help. Clay reluctantly accepts his help while he goes off to deal with Victor and his henchmen. Unfortunately for Alexei he under goes his first change and also unfortunate is that Karen sees this when she makes her way to the boardroom after seeing a bloody handpring on the window and spying Jeremy’s Range Rover.

Wolf Alexei takes off and Karen makes her way inside the boardroom where Roman stabs her in the thigh, most likely hitting a major artery. Roman grabs the counterfeiting equipment and escapes just as Elena arrives. Jeremy tasks Clay to find Alexei and gets Elena to grab the medical kit in her car. Jeremy then calls Nick to get Katia out of the house and to safety as the Russians will be coming after her.

John Ralston as Sasha Antonov and Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels

John Ralston as Sasha Antonov and Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels

Back in the boardroom, Sasha assures Elena that he is fine while Jeremy works on Karen to stop the bleeding in her thigh. Jeremy is unsure what Karen saw but gets Elena to take Sasha away.

Nick and Katia flee Stonehaven to a safe house and she tells him that she misses her life in Dawson City. I really hope that Nick takes Katia to Paige. The lack of Paige and Nick so far this season has been disappointing. If this is the final season of Bitten then I want to see Nick and Paige back together.

Clay does find Alexei back in human form who details the excitement of his first change and hunt but the mood turns sour when Clay determines that Alexei has killed a human.

Back at Stonehaven, Sasha is recovering and learns that his children are safe. When Sasha sees Elena bleeding from the face, this brings back Savannah’s premonition of a blood drenched Elena in a burning Stonehaven.

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