DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 7 “Marooned” Recap

It looks like we are down another Legend and the beginning of a new romance. We also learn more about Rip and his family.


We see Rip looking at a holo video message from his son Jonas and his wife Miranda with tears in his eyes just before we get to this week’s mission.

We flashback to Rip’s beginnings with the Time Masters and we see him during a training session with a fellow Time Master trainee, Miranda Coburn. Miranda did better at the training session than Rip and Time Master Declan tells Rip that he can learn and thing or two from Miranda. Of course, Miranda is the woman that Rip fell in love with and married as we see the two make out. But the pair are caught by Declan who brings them into a disciplinary hearing with the Time Masters. We learn that Rip and Miranda aren’t their real names to prevent their enemies from going back in time and killing their ancestors. Declan re-iterates the rule of no personal attachment to them and asks the two to make a decision about their affair. When Rip reconvenes with the Time Masters, he learns that the hearing has been cancelled. Declan tells Rip that Miranda has quit the Time Masters. When Rip asks why Miranda did it, she says that being a Time Master was more Rip’s dream and that she can’t be part of an organization that forbids love. Miranda tells Rip that she hopes he thinks of her wherever and whenever he is. Rip’s says he isn’t going anywhere and will go where she will be. We know that Rip stays with the Time Masters and marries Miranda.

Time Pirates

Rip is at a lost where Vandal Savage could be. After Gideon got rebooted, she no longer has the latest time data. Stein tells Rip that the team is getting restless as they’ve been stuck in the time rift for over a week.

We see Rory releasing his pent up energy by throwing knives while Sara and Snart play cards. Snart believes that Rory just needs to cool off from the disappointment of not staying in Star City 2046.

Gideon alerts Rip and the team of a distress call from Captain Eve Baxter from a fellow time ship, the Akaron. Rip is eager to go to the rescue because he wants to download the ship’s time database into Gideon as it will have the latest information. Stein calls the mission getting the latest software download.

Rory immediately volunteers for the mission for a change of scenery. Also part of the mission is Jax and Stein, who is excited to be headed to deep space as it reminds of the space adventure comics he read as a child and also is dreams of joining NASA. Left in charge of the Waverider is Ray (but really Kendra).

Stein is tasked to remain on the jump ship while Rip, Jax and Rory board the Akaron. Once they get on-board, they find that it has been taken over by Time Pirates, led by Captain Valer (Callum Keith Rennie), who wants the Waverider. Rip seems to be a well known Time Traveler as Valer immediately knows who he is. Valer gets Rip to open up a channel to the Waverider to communicate with Ray, who is pretending to be Captain Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation. In fact, prior to the call, Ray and Kendra were having a flirty conversation over who was better Kirk or Picard.

While Rip is communicating with Ray, who is doing a bad job trying negotiate, he enacts a protocol where Gideon opens fire on the Akaron. Valer fires back and this causes a hull breach. Sara and Snart go off the repair it while Ray gets all Han Solo like and takes manual control of the Waverider.

LGN107A_0152b_66d23f96-1024x683Snart has only managed to temporarily fix the breach with his cold gun when the air lock door closes. It will only re-open once the breach has been permanently fixed thus trapping Sara and Snart. As the two slowly freeze to death, Sara shares with Snart what it felt like to die while he shares his near death experience at Juvenile Detention, where he met Rory, and stood up for him. While Sara may not like Snart, she is glad she won’t be dying alone.

LGN107B_0096b_5081bba-1024x683Stein can’t reach the team so leaves the jump ship and makes his way to the weapons area of the ship to disarm it. While that is going on, Rip gets Gideon to perform another protocol that allows the Waverider to disappear. For his troubles, Rip, Jax and Rory are thrown into the brig where they find Baxter there.

LGN107B_0216b_ec403a93-1024x622Baxter knows Rip too and doesn’t like the disgraced Time Master. Jax is unable to figure out a way to break free of their cell but Rory has a way. Rip knows what he is going to do and the two almost gets into a really heated fight especially after Rory learns he was only recruited because of Snart. Rory calls a meeting with the Time Pirates and tells Valer that if he lets him go, he will give him the Waverider. Valer beats Rory up to make his “escape” more plausible.

Stein comes across Jax, Rip and Baxter and frees them but not before taking out a Time Pirate and all proud of being a bad ass.

Meanwhile, Ray has put on the Atom suit to go out in space to fix the breach. Ray is patching things up while his oxygen levels dip dangerously low. Kendra tries to keep Ray awake by taking about favourite colours and pets. Ray does fix the breach just in time as hie oxygen runs low and he makes his way back to the Waverider unconscious. Gideon tells Kendra that Ray is undergoing cardiac arrest. Kendra becomes distraught and tells Ray she can’t lose him too and begs him to come back to her. Kendra performs CPR and Ray comes back.

And luckily Ray is okay because Rory comes back and brings with him the Time Pirates. Rory tries to get Snart to join him and it looks like he would be then opens fire on Rory and the Time Pirates. Snart is taken out early in the battle, while Ray and Kendra fight off the Time Pirates. Sara makes her way to stop Rory from stealing the time drive. Sara holds her own in the fight but it ends when Snart takes out Rory.

Back on board the Akaron, Rip confronts Valer and once he defeats him uses the move that Miranda used in training by blowing out the Time Pirates out of the airlock.

Once all is over, Baxter admires Rip and doesn’t understand why he has dishonored the Time Masters and he says it was for a good reason: love. Before they part ways, Baxter gifts Rip with Vandal’s next possible location: Oregon, 1958.

And romance is in the air on the Waverider as Kendra and Ray share their first kiss. After, talk turns to what to do with Rory. Taking him back to Central City 2016 is out of the question. Snart knows what to do. We see Snart drag Rory to the woods – where and when is unknown. Rory tells Snart that he has changed and is kidding himself into thinking that he is a hero. Rory says that only one of them is going to make it out alive and Snart replies that he is right and opens fire on Rory. It really is unknown if Rory is off the team or not. Guess we will find out next week. I am guessing yes that he is dead because this show has been designed to swap heroes in and out as it goes on.




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