Gotham Season 2 Episode 10 Recap “The Son of Gotham”

On the last episode of Gotham, we were kind of left with two cliffhangers. Selina Kyle has a plan to prove to Bruce that Silver isn’t the person she says she is. Meanwhile, The Brothers of Dumas have finally made it to Gotham;  they have already murdered one person, and Theo Galavan promises that they will be able to take control of Gotham soon enough.

RIP Officer

In the opening scene, there is a woman running through the thunderstorm trying desperately to escape a mugger. Much to the mugger’s surprise, it is he that will soon be trying to escape. The woman is left looking bewildered as the mugger is snatched and dragged away right in front of her. Elsewhere, the GCPD has to attend the funeral of Officer Parks, the officer who was killed when the assassin Eduardo Flamingo attempted to bite her face off. I find it really hard to mourn the loss of Officer Parks when we really didn’t get to know her that well in the first place. Maybe her death would hit a little closer to home if they used a more familiar officer or at least a member of the GCPD Strikeforce. Are there even any members of the Strikeforce left?

Jim Gordon is so upset by the loss of Katherine Parks that he goes to visit Theo Galavan in jail, well after visiting hours. Galavan playfully toys with Gordon’s emotions a bit, but Gordon isn’t fazed. The detective only wants to stare into the eyes of the man he holds responsible for the death of Officer Parks. At one point Gordon even asks Galavan if the name Katherine Parks means anything to him and Galavan tells him truthfully that it does not. In Galavan’s defense, her name really doesn’t mean anything to us as an audience either; she was only around for one episode! Before he leaves, Gordon promises Galavan that he will be present in the courtroom when the mayor is convicted of the torture of the former mayor Aubrey James, only this time, it’s Galavan who doesn’t look fazed.

The Blood of the Nine

Gordon’s meeting with Galavan didn’t go quite the way he thought it would. Galavan practically laughed at him when he threatened to be present at the upcoming trial. Gordon goes to Leslie’s apartment where he fills her in about the encounter. He explains to Leslie that something about Galavan left him with a bad feeling about the trial. Leslie tries to calm Gordon down and assures him that everything will be okay, but he’s just too wrapped up in his own thoughts. So instead of following Leslie to bed for a good night’s sleep, he instead stays up to drown his sorrows in dark liquor.

It turns out that the mugger from the opening scene of the episode was captured by the Brothers of Dumas. Father Creel, the leader of The Brothers, tells the mugger “The Blood of the nine will wash away the sin and Gotham will be cleansed”, as he slices the mugger’s neck and The Brothers claim their second victim since arriving in Gotham.

The Order of St. Dumas

Once again we see Selina trying to talk some sense into Bruce about his plan to get information out of Galavan’s niece, Silver. Selina has the same reservations about Bruce going undercover that Alfred does. They just don’t think Bruce has it in him to be deceptive enough to trick a girl like Silver. But Bruce is barely paying any attention to Selina. He’s too busy getting in the zone. He’s made his mind up that no one will stop him from getting finding out the truth about his parents’ murder. The last advice Selina gives Bruce is, “The best liars always tell the truth.” Those are pretty wise words coming from a teenager.

It’s the day before the hearing and Gordon is still on the warpath about trying to nail Theo Galavan to the wall. He barks orders at the other detectives at the GCPD, who already have their own cases they are assigned to. As far as everyone else is concerned, Galavan is guilty and his case is closed. But Gordon is hell-bent on trying Galavan to the murders of most of the recent criminal activity in Gotham. I know Gordon is the lead Detective, but does he really have the right to boss everyone around? And speaking of the boss, Captain Barnes is back at work after being stabbed by an assassin only a few short days earlier. Captain Barnes assigns Gordon to a case about the murder of a career criminal that was sliced from ear to ear down by the port (Probably the mugger), but Gordon is still fixated on Galavan. Gordon accepts his new case right before Detective Harvey Bullock tells him about a possible lead on the Galavan case. According to Bullock, the symbol the police located in Galavan’s penthouse hideout was used by The Order of St. Dumas. The Order of St. Dumas used to have an abbey downtown which is now being used as a Chinese massage parlor so that’s where the detectives need to go. For a second Gordon looks like he might actually follow Barnes’s orders but he ultimately decides to follow his gut and he and Bullock head toward the abbey.  It turns out to be a good move because the hooded Brothers have beaten them to the massage parlor with their knives drawn.

image2Bruce puts his acting chops to use as he tries to get Silver to help him uncover the truth about Wayne Enterprises and the identity of the person who killed his mother. Bruce even offers to pay for Galavan’s defense attorney in exchange for the information he seeks. Above, Selina Kyle sits on a tree limb, listening in, on the whole conversation. Silver deflects all of Bruce’s attempts to get her to work with him. She’s sure that her uncle will be cleared of all charges after the grand jury hearing later that day and won’t need Bruce’s money for a defense. Bruce tries to appeal to her softer side by whispering some sweet nothings in her ears. We aren’t able to hear what Bruce says to Silver but whatever he said to her seemed to have worked. He even seals the moment with a kiss. Who knew Bruce had it in him at such a young age? What a mack move!? Flustered, Silver agrees to speak with Galavan on Bruce’s behalf. The look on Selina’s face is a cross between disgust and intrigue as she too wonders what Bruce could’ve possibly said to her to get that reaction.

The Day of Reckoning is at Hand

As soon as Bullock and Gordon arrive at the parlor, it’s clear that they are at the correct location. People run screaming out of the building following what sounds like gun shots. When the detectives enter the building they find a couple of dead bodies who appear to have been murdered moments before. Out of nowhere one of the hooded members of the Order of St., Dumas attacks Gordon. The two fight until Gordon manages to stab the monk in the side. Miraculously, the monk pulls the knife out of his side, unharmed by the blade, and escapes outside of the building with Gordon in hot pursuit. With his back to the street, the monk tells Gordon, “The day of reckoning is at hand, the blood of nine shall wash away the sin and Gotham will be cleansed,” before committing suicide by jumping in front of a speeding semi-truck.

Back at the GCPD Gordon tries to fill Captain Barnes in on the events at the massage parlor. Gordon tells Barnes about the odd connection between the monks and Galavan and insists that the timing of all the recent murders in not a coincidence. But the only way to prove that Galavan is involved with the monks is to capture a monk and get him to talk. Gordon has to hurry because Galavan’s trial is set for later that day.

As the dismissal bell rings at Bruce’s school he receives a phone call from Silver. She says that her uncle has given her the name of the person who killed his parents. Bruce goes looking for Silver when a suspicious van pulls out in front of him. The van door slides open revealing a man holding Silver, bound and gagged in the back. The driver threatens to kill Silver if Bruce doesn’t get into the van quietly. He has no choice but to cooperate.

True Colors

image3Leslie and Gordon look over the autopsy of the dead monk when Bullock walks in and reveals that a total of seven bodies have been found that they have been able to connect to the monks. The most confusing thing about the monks is that virtually no one has been able to see them, moving dead bodies across the city. Gordon takes one look at the dead monk’s shoes and knows the answer to that problem. The monks have been using the sewers to get around Gotham undetected. Gordon and Bullock head into the sewer to find the monks’ hideout. Leslie walks in on Ed Nygma having a phone conversation about a plumbing issue at his apartment with who we can assume is Oswald Cobblepot, his new roomie. Leslie asks Ed about Kristen Kringle who has seemingly gone missing over the past few days. Ed lies and tells Leslie that Kristen left town to be with her abusive ex-boyfriend, Officer Dougherty. In reality, Ed has murdered both Kristen and the officer so he’s forced to pretend to be devastated by the loss of his girlfriend so that Leslie won’t get too suspicious. Although the story does seem a little outlandish, Leslie decides to leave Ed to his work.

Bruce and Silver find themselves in a warehouse, tied to a chair and at the mercy of the driver of the van. The driver says that he has been tasked to find out what Silver’s uncle has told Bruce about the deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne. He threatens to use his knife to start cutting off Bruce and Silver’s fingers until either one is ready to talk. Bruce looks at Silver for the answer, but she doesn’t anything. Bruce is devastated when he finds out that Silver actually did not have any information after all. Silver confesses that she was supposed to keep Bruce busy until after the trial when Galavan would be able to convince Bruce to sell his company himself. She watches horrified as Bruce is dragged into the other room, screaming hysterically.

Bullock and Gordon follow the sewer to a candlelit shrine with another body strewn across it. As the two detectives identify the victim, a monk appears out of nowhere and attacks Bullock with a knife. Bullock quickly knocks him out, but they now need a way of making him talk.

Back at the warehouse, the interrogator leaves the room that he dragged Bruce into to address Silver. He wipes Bruce’s blood off the blade of the knife and gives Silver an opportunity to reveal the information she got from her uncle. Silver insists that she doesn’t know anything but the act isn’t working. She even threatens that her Uncle will kill every person he knows if he doesn’t let her go. Her threats fall on deaf ears and the knifeman grabs her hand to slice off her first finger. She finally cracks and tells him that the killer’s name is Malone or at least some other name that starts with an “M”. That’s enough information for the knifeman. He calls out to his allies and the two accomplices enter the room. It’s Selina Kyle accompanied by a completely unharmed Bruce Wayne. It turns out that it was all part of Selina’s plan to get Silver to show her true colors. Selina and Bruce have done their own digging and found out all about Galavan’s scheme to take over Wayne Enterprises. Bruce and Selina turn and leave Silver tied to the chair in the middle of the warehouse.

The Trial of Theo Galavan

Gordon blindfolds the monk and attempts to get him to reveal the information about the next phase of Galavan’s plan. It almost works too until the EMT arrives and accidentally interrupts him. The only information the Monk let slip was that the “Son of Gotham will die and the city shall be cleansed” before Gordon rushed off to tell Barnes about the new developments.

Alfred has now gone to search from Bruce who clearly has not come home from school. The butler arrives at Theo Galavan’s apartment where he runs into Tabitha and her whip. Tabitha attacks Alfred, but he gets the better of her. She did get in a good stab with her knife before Alfred was able to flee out of the building. Looking for a quick getaway, he hopped on the back of the garbage truck and speed off into the distance. But Tabitha was able to get the last laugh when she threw her knife at him, stabbing him in the back, and leaving him wounded in the back of the garbage truck.

image4Gordon arrives at the Galavan’s trial with just enough time to hear the former mayor, Audrey James’s testimony. Gordon tells Barnes that the last victim of the hooded monks will be someone they call “The Son of Gotham”. The Captain barely has time to dwell on the information before another shocking development in the Galavan case happens right in front of them. Just a few feet away, Audrey James tells the grand jury and the room full of people that Theo Galavan did not kidnap or harm him in any way. The courtroom is stunned when James insists that The Penguin kidnapped him and forced him to lie on Galavan. The Judge has nothing left to do but free Galavan and declare him innocent of all the accusations. Infuriated, Jim Gordon punches Galavan square in the face and is dragged out of the courtroom by a couple of officers. It turns out that the two officers are Galavan’s henchmen in disguise. Instead of arresting him, they knock Gordon out and take him away.

The Son of Gotham

Bruce and Selina arrive back at Wayne Manor after their long day with Silver. Selina asks Bruce to tell her what he whispered in Silver’s ear that convinced her to trust him. Bruce says he told Silver, “he never met anyone like her. He trusted her with his life and he felt tied to her in a way that he couldn’t explain but couldn’t change.” He also tells Selina that those words were meant for some other lucky lady, not Silver. This time, it’s Selina who looks flustered and she leaves before it got any more awkward between the two of them.

Worried that Leslie’s suspicions could one day lead to an investigation, Ed calls home to tell his Penguin to dispose of Kristen’s glasses, the last bit of evidence from her murder. Shortly after, Penguin hears a knock on the apartment door from his henchman, Gabe. Gabe gives Penguin is enraged to find out that Galavan has been set free.

At the port Galavan has Gordon held prisoner. Galavan does the thing that villains do when they tell the good guys their whole plan. He confesses to everything but doesn’t reveal who the Son of Gotham actually is. Galavan even frees Gordon and gives him the chance to fight him one on one. Gordon tries his best but he’s no match for Galavan who very impressively kicks Gordon’s butt without even breaking a sweat. Galavan leaves Gordon to be killed by a couple of his henchmen and heads directly over to Wayne Manor.

The only thing that saves Gordon from being beat to death is the arrival of The Penguin, who shoots and kills both of Galavan’s henchmen. Penguin leans over the body of Jim Gordon and demands that he tell him where Galavan has gone. Gordon doesn’t know the answer and even if he did he’s obviously too battered to speak. Frustrated, Penguin furiously punches Gordon in the face over and over and continues demanding answers before leaving him knocked out on the ground.

Bruce is stunned to see Galavan crossing the threshold of the parlor at Wayne Manor. Galavan reveals a long knife and reveals that he has come to kill him. In case you hadn’t already figured it out, Bruce Wayne is the Son of Gotham.

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