Saving Hope Season 4 “Shattered” Recap

Genelle Williams as Shelby Hart, Julia Taylor Ross as Maggie Lin and Benjamin Ayers as Zach Miller

“Shattered” was supposed to air last week and in light of the events that happened in Paris, I totally get why CTV postponed it to this week. I also understand the viewer discretion warning as the show came back from commercials.

Julia Taylor Ross as Maggie Lin

Julia Taylor Ross as Maggie Lin

The explosion at the charity 10K run is more ripped from the headlines of the Boston Marathon bombings but none the less the horrors are still tragic. Some of Hope Zion’s doctors like Maggie, Shahir and Asha all participated in the run.

Hope-Zion became the hospital that took in all the victims and all hands were on deck.

Alex and Bishop

Allison Wilson-Forbes as Nurse Alice, Erica Durance as Alex Reid and Peter Mooney as Jeremy Bishop

Allison Wilson-Forbes as Nurse Alice, Erica Durance as Alex Reid and Peter Mooney as Jeremy Bishop

As the injured start rolling into Hope Zion, the first victim, a young cop, dies. Alex is called away by Bishop to help on his patients, a young man whose internal organs are perforated. This young man’s condition isn’t good as Nurse Alice (Allison Wilson-Forbes) tells Alex that she is unable to intubate him. The young man is bleeding out pretty bad and the blood bank is low. When Bishop finds out he shares the same blood type as his patient then he acts has his blood bank that gets him stable enough to get into surgery.

While in surgery, the police come rushing in to say that the two are operating on the officer. During the surgery, the cop makes snide remarks about how the bomber killed a cop and there are others out there that need help over him. Alex pretty much tells the cop to shut up and that she made a vow as a doctor to treat everyone no matter what they did.

Meanwhile, Cassie accidentally spills that Alex is operating on the bomber while in the ER reception area. Family members of the victims over hear this and form a mob to rush the OR to attack the bomber. The cops arrive and tries to calm the situation but it takes Dawn to talk sense into everyone.

With the surgery over, the bomber is brought into the ICU and has a police guard on him. Alex wonders why someone would do something like this.


Kim Shaw as Cassie Williams

Kim Shaw as Cassie Williams

When Maggie comes in to Hope Zion, she brings with her a severed arm of a young woman. Zach gives it to Cassie to deal with. After Cassie cleans it, she determines that it is still viable for reattachment but we don’t know who the arm belongs to but it was wearing a gold ring on the pinky. A father comes to Hope-Zion after visiting several to find his daughter. Cassie notices the dad wearing a similar ring and believes his daughter might be at Hope Zion. Unfortunately, she is but has died.


Dawn is back from her vacation and while in line for coffee notices that her ex, Lane, has moved on with new junior resident Asha. During a press conference about the bombing, Dawn and Lane answer questions about the bomber and if he got treatment over the victims and about the doctors at Hope-Zion. When the conference is over, Lane starts following Dawn and is all in her face about his new relationship with Asha. Later when Dawn goes to the on call room, Asha is there changing and Dawn notices the bruises on her back. Dawn asks if Lane is hurting her but Asha doesn’t answer but simply goes back to work.

Zach later thanks Dawn for being a fearless leader and that is why the staff rallied behind his internal blood bank idea. Dawn thanks Zach for that idea and I think we might be seeing a start of something between them.

Dawn then seeks out the cop who is dealing with the bomber and wants his help in a sexual assault case (her own) and he gives her his card to give him a call anytime.


After his shift, before going home, Charlie goes to Christine’s for a talk. Charlie assure Alex that she has nothing to be worried about and thought she was okay with them friendship. Alex assures him that she is happy that he has some to talk about his gift. Later, Alex wonders to Bishop is men and women can be friends; Bishop says no but Charlie is the exception.

When Charlie goes to Christine’s he is ambushed by another doctor, Cora who Christine met online and also shares their gift. Charlie isn’t happy that Christine told another about him being able to see ghosts.

Soon Charlie does share with Cora and Christine that he not only sees ghosts but also people in between. Christine then prompts Charlie to share how both saw the spirit of a woman lure her soul mate to death. Charlie admits he has never seen something like that before. Cora also gets Charlie to admit how Crenshaw’s spirit’s visit to his home spooked him. Cora shares that she had a visit from a spirit that caused her harm. Not 100% sure if the spirit remembered his time and sought Cora out or it was the spirit that caused harm.

Charlie had enough and is about to leave. Christine tries to get him to stay when Christine starts to see the events of the Pilot that lead Charlie to be in a coma.

Charlie freaks out and leaves. Christine follows wanting to know what she saw. Charlie denies seeing anything and really leaves after seeing he missed several calls from Hope-Zion and Alex to come back and help with all the bombing victims.


Julia Taylor Ross as Maggie Lin and Genelle Williams as Shelby Hart

Julia Taylor Ross as Maggie Lin and Genelle Williams as Shelby Hart

We see Maggie on the scene initially struggling during the run but goes into doctor mode after the explosion helping a pregnant runner despite being injured herself.

Julia Taylor Ross as Maggie Lin and Benjamin Ayers as Zach Miller

Julia Taylor Ross as Maggie Lin and Benjamin Ayers as Zach Miller

Maggie arrives at Hope-Zion where her number one concern is helping Shelby but Zach wants to examine her first. Zach is worried that Maggie might have a concussion but Maggie insists that she is fine but promises to check in with Zach periodically.

Genelle Williams as Shelby Hart and John Bregar as Adam Hart

Genelle Williams as Shelby Hart and John Bregar as Adam Hart

Maggie gets cleaned up and treats Shelby whose leg has some shrapnel in it. Maggie pinkie swears that she will save her baby. Shelby’s husband, Adam, arrives and is all demanding and wants his wife in an OR stat and even called in their OB, one Dr. Sydney Katz (Stacey Farber, who doesn’t appear in the episode).

While pulling shrapnel out of her leg, Maggie notices that Shelby has some vaginal bleeding and determines that her placenta needs to be delivered.

Dev and Maggie rush Shelby to the OR but they have to wait as the bomber is in the room. Shelby is a bit worried then remembers that Maggie pinkie sweared. Maggie doesn’t recall doing this and this is our first sign that something is going to happen to her.

While waiting, Maggie notices that Shelby’s leg won’t stop bleeding so goes and gets some clotting medication. Unfortunately, as Maggie finds the clotting medication she gets a headache and collapses in the med room. This leaves Dev having to enlist the help of Bishop and Alex to help deliver Shelby’s placenta. No one seeks out Maggie because they believe she got sidetrack in helping another patient.

When Charlie arrives at the ER, he sees Maggie and wants to know where he can help. Soon Charlie realizes that something isn’t right and Maggie isn’t in the ER as a doctor but is a spirit! We then see Maggie’s body lying unconscious.

I really hope that Maggie doesn’t die. I have really grown to like her character and she has grown so much as a doctor. It seems touch and go from the previews next week and we do get the return of Sydney Katz.

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2 Comments on Saving Hope Season 4 “Shattered” Recap

  1. Ghost Whisper was a great show until it started to go DARK !!! I hope SH does not make the same mistake. As cheesy as it may sound, I like this show for the HOPE side of it not the action thrill ,dark stories….

  2. I don’t think that spirits are able to cause harm to others, I think that the person who hurt Cora remembered their time in the spirit world and after being brought back to life managed to find her and hurt her for whatever reason. That being said I’m pretty sure that this prisoner (Tom,was it?) who stalked Charlie the other episode remembers his adventure in the spirit world and will be back for Charlie.
    Also, what’s up with Dawn? Why didn’t she contact the police the moment this Lane guy raped her? Now that the police is suddenly around becuase of the bombing incident she wants to get help..
    Anyways, I too hope that Maggie doesn’t die becuase I like her character.
    One last thing to say, the acress who plays Cassie needs more acting lessons..girl can’t act

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