Saving Hope Season 4 “Heart of Stone” Recap

Tara Spencer-Nairn as Janice Fenn and Erica Durance as Alex Reid

Please forgive the lateness of this recap. I was away on business. Also, please forgive the brevity of this recap as I am recovering from a cold.

With that out of the way, that was quite an episode.

Zach and Dr. Dev Sekara

This week, we get to now more about the cute Dr. Dev Sekara who was assigned ER duties, along with Cassie. AFter the first patient that comes into the ER dies (see Charlie and Dawn), Zach vows to the two newbies that no one else dies in the ER this day (which happens to be the anniversary of Joel’s death). Dev’s next patient is Doug, who has come in with abdominal pain and concussion like symptoms. Doug’s imaging results all come up negative and Dev just wants to discharge him with some ibuprophen and on to the next patient. However, Zach wants Dev to put Doug through the concussion protocols. Dev does a half-ass job and sees nothing wrong. Later, Dev officially discharges Doug. As Zach celebrates that they went through the day killing no one, Doug comes back in the ER dead. Zach tells Dev it wasn’t his fault and has to forget about this death. However, in the doctor’s on call room, we see that Cassie consoling Dev.


Erica Durance as Alex Reid, baby Luke, and Michael Shanks as Charlie Harris

Erica Durance as Alex Reid, baby Luke, and Michael Shanks as Charlie Harris

We start the episode with Alex and Charlie celebrating baby Luke’s first birthday. At Hope-Zion, Alex is reflecting with Zach that this day is also the day Joel died.

Tara Spencer-Nairn as Janice Fenn  and Erica Durance as Alex Reid

Tara Spencer-Nairn as Janice Fenn and Erica Durance as Alex Reid

Alex’s patient in this episode is Taylor a motorcross rider. Taylor came in after an accident but during surgery to repair some internal bleeding, Alex discovers that Taylor has Leukemia. Unfortunately, Taylor’s mom, Nancy isn’t a match. This news forces Nancy to tell Alex that she isn’t Taylor’s mom but her sister Janice is. The problem is Janice is a junkie. Nancy reluctantly brings Janice in who agrees to be tested to see if she is a match and vows that she is clean. However, during testing, Alex sees that Janice is still using. The good news is that Janice is a match and vows to get clean so she can be a donor. Nancy relents to allow Janice to meet Taylor but cannot reveal their true relationship as it could set Taylor’s recovery back. Janice meets Taylor as a family friend and we see the three ladies just relaxing and talking at episode’s end.

Charlie and Dawn

Their two cases are related in this episode. The patient that dies in the ER is Brynn, who killed herself via self-inflicted gun shot wound. Brynn’s spirit visits Charlie because her father refuses to let her go.

Shaun Benson as Lane and Michelle Nolden as Dawn Bell

Shaun Benson as Lane and Michelle Nolden as Dawn Bell

Meanwhile with Dawn, she is going to be doing a heart transplant, which her boyfriend Lane wants to observe. Dawn doesn’t think it is a good idea and but relents. During the surgery, Dawn introduces Lane as a member of the board (which he really is) and he introduces himself as her boyfriend. When Dawn removes the heart, Lane collapses and Maggie has to stitch up an embarrassed Lane’s nose. When the heart that Dawn received ended up being a dud, she and Lane get into an argument where their relationship is on shaky ground.

Because the heart was a dud, Dawn is hoping to have Brynn’s heart since she is a match for her patient. When Charlie approaches Brynne’s dad to get him to agree to donate her organs, he shuts him down. Brynn tells Charlie that she killed her self because her father has been sexually abusing her since she was 8 and has kept it to herself all these years and she just wanted to escape the pain. Charlie uses a story about being a father and how all father’s don’t want to fail their chlid to get Brynn’s father to sign the organ donation form.

Dawn gets Brynn’s heart and it is successful and Brynn’s spirit disappears.

Charlie then goes to Brynn’s father and tells him that he knows what he did to his daughter and cannot hurt her anymore.

After the surgery, Dawn goes back to her office to find Lane waiting for her. It looks like the two are patching things up and are about to have a sexy hookup in her office but it turns south real quick as Lane gets too aggressive and rapes Dawn. In the aftermath, we see a shaky Dawn looking for a needle and thread to sew up her skirt that Lane ripped. At first Dawn’s hands are all shaky but she manages to calm her nerve and it looks like the cold Dawn is back.

I am wondering if Dawn will say anything or keep this to herself. I hope that she does open up to someone about this and just when you thought that Lane would be a good guy. Also, I hope that effectively ends their relationship, I would hate for him to still be in her life.

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