Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Episode 5 “A Snake in the Grass”

The last time we saw the Angkor tribe, they were pretty close to being decimated. Woo was forced to fight for his life in the game for the first time. Although Abi-Maria has been difficult to get along with, Tasha and Savage have managed to extend their time in the game by aligning with her to take out two of her former allies. With Tasha and Savage at the top of the pecking order, it looks as though Abi or Woo could be in danger of elimination if Angkor loses another challenge.

Clamming Up

At Angkor, the tribe commends Woo on the way he pleaded his case at tribal council. Woo is very excited about the strength of the tribe as it stands. Abi is skeptical of Woo. She knows he has already voted for her twice and would be livid if he did it again. Tasha and Savage are relieved that they have many to claw their way up from the bottom of the tribe to the top of the pecking order. Tasha says that she will continue to play the game hard until she doesn’t have to anymore.

On day 12 Kimmi, Monica, and Kelly Wiglesworth decide to go hunting for clams and crabs for the tribe to eat. Kimmi wants to grab all the big clams and take them back to the beach, but Monica doesn’t think that is the best idea. Monica feels like they should leave some of the clams in the ocean so they don’t use them all at one time. Kimmi is very adamant about eating more, but Monica thinks that should be more conservative. It’s really a small disagreement, but Kimmi tells us that Monica is starting to annoy her.

The Reward Challenge

The three tribes compete in a challenge from Survivor: Blood vs Water. Initially, Angkor and Takeo have a pretty good lead on the Bayon tribe. It looks like Monica is really slowing the team down. The Bayon tribe just can’t work well in this challenge. By the end of the challenge, all three tribes are neck and neck. Takeo comes in first place lead by Keith Nale. Spencer makes a good effort for Bayon but is eventually beat by Woo and the Angkor tribe. Takeo wins comfort and refreshments for their camp while the Angkor tribe wins a tarp for their shelter.

The TaKeo tribe gets back to camp and enjoys all the comforts of their tribe. Terry is feeling especially comfortable with all the luxuries at his tribe’s disposal. Little does Terry know, the other 5 members of his tribe are plotting against him. Joe, Keith, and Kelley Wentworth have all decided that their best move would be to align with Ciera and Kass to be the last 5 castaways in the game.

There is a lot of good energy at the Angkor tribe. Woo says that the reward was good for the tribe both morally and spiritually. He tells the tribe about how his mother was able to bounce back from a horrible heart attack with a miraculous heart transplant. Abi understands why Woo is emotional, but she also thinks he’s using the story to try to sway people to align with him. Tasha finds it really difficult to work with Abi while Woo on the other is much easier to deal with. If Abi isn’t careful Tasha could vote her out for that reason alone.

The Immunity Challenge

The Immunity Challenge is a slingshot challenge. The tribes alternate firing sandbags across the beach to hit their tribe’s designated targets. It’s a close contest but for the first time this season, Angkor wins tribal immunity. Second place goes to the TaKeo tribe. The majority of the Bayon tribe has never gone to tribal council, but Monica is confident that going to tribal council will reveal where everyone’s loyalties lie. She doesn’t see anything wrong with going. Spencer says that it is clear that he and Wiglesworth are on the bottom of the pecking order and the two of them will be battling to outlast each other at the next vote.

image(3)The Bayon Tribe has pretty much decided that Wiglesworth will be the next one voted out. Spencer knows he needs to just lay low and trust that the tribe is not lying about keeping him around. Monica doesn’t see the logic in keeping Spencer over Wiglesworth. She confides in Kimmi that it may be beneficial to keep as many women in the game as possible. Kimmi tells Stephen that Monica is a snake in the grass. She knows that Monica is playing to win. Kimmi wants to join forces with Stephen and Jeremy to blindside Monica. Stephen and Jeremy weigh their options. Voting Monica out of tribe could cause a rift between the current Bayon members and their former allies.

Tribal Council

image(5)The discussion at tribal council is about the choice between keeping Spencer or Kelly Wiglesworth. Monica thinks that the decision is going to come down to who the tribe can trust the most. Jeremy says that the vote will be based on loyalty trust and challenge strength. Jeff Probst points out that there isn’t much difference between Spencer and Wiglesworth in those aspects. Kimmi adds that the original Bayon tribe members were very cohesive. It will look good to their former tribemates if they vote out either Spencer or Wiglesworth who were original members of the TaKeo tribe.

Monica votes for Wiglesworth. Wiglesworth votes for Spencer. Spencer also votes for Wiglesworth. With two votes, it looks as though Kelly Wiglesworth will be eliminated until Jeff reveals 3 votes for Monica.

The tribe has spoken and Monica has been eliminated from Survivor Second Chance. Blindside!

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