Gotham Season 1 Episode 21 “The Anvil or the Hammer” Recap

It is the penultimate episode of Gotham’s underwhelming first season and it was kind of a meh episode. And since one of my least favourite parts of the show is the mob stuff lets start there.

The Penguin steps up his game

Butch places weapons discreetly around the bar that the Penguin had bought. Back at the Penguin’s club. he gives details to Falcone’s hitman on where to find the weapons and when Maroni will be at the bar. Maroni is at the bar because a colleague had gotten out of jail. Falcone’s hitman enters the bar and after being frisked clean, he and his colleague grab the weapons and goes to kill Maroni and his men but the weapons don’t fire and Maroni kills the hitman and his associate.

But this was all part of the Penguin’s plan so he can get out from under the thumb of Falcone. So we see Maroni send the head of the hitman to Falcone and we see Maroni open fire on Falcone sites.

Captain Essen tells everyone at the GCPD that leave is cancelled and their top priority is to stop this mob war before it gets out of hand.

The Riddler covers his tracks

Nygma brings in two trunk like suitcases into the morgue that contains the chopped up body parts of Officer Doherty. Nygma is about to dispose of the body when Miss. Kringle knocks on the door asking for a file and sees a cut up body in the sink that Nygma easily explains what happened. Miss. Kringle asks if Nymga has seen her boyfriend and he says he hasn’t. We see Nygma later on smash Doherty’s skull.

Later in the records room, Miss. Kringle gets a Dear John letter from Doherty and asks herself and Nygma why she keeps on picking losers. The note that Doherty supposedly left, well the first letters of each sentence spell out Nygma.

Bruce meets Lucius Fox

The whole plot point of Bruce tonight is about him breaking into Bunderslaw’s office to take a peek at his safe using the key that Selina copied. Unfortunately, the safe was empty and Bunderslaw knew Bruce was coming. Bunderslaw tells the young Wayne that his father and his grandfather knew that Wayne Enterprises were/are conducting illegal activities and turned a blind eye.

Gotham-ep121_scn20_35779_hires1Lucius Fox (Chris Chalk) enters the office to say that the PR lady was looking for Bruce so he walks him out to the elevator. Sounding like Morgan Freeman, Lucius tells Bruce that his father was a good man and gives some hints that there is more to him than meets the eye.

Back at Wayne Manor, Bruce admits to Alfred that he and Selina went after Reggie and that Selina pushed out the window to stop him from telling Bunderslaw they are investigating what is happening at Wayne Enterprises. Bruce is upset to learn that his father let the family company be a source of corruption. So Thomas Wayne goes on Bruce’s Homeland-esque evidence board.

Gordon goes after the Ogre

The Ogre and Barbara has spent the night together and Barbara makes to leave. However, the Ogre won’t let Barbara go and instead calls her the one and that he loves her. The Ogre admits that when the first met, he was going to kill her but instead saw the real her and understands her.

Barbara flees but the Ogre catches her and places a hood on her head. The next we see Barbara, she is strung up in the Ogre’s room of pain and he still babbles on how Barbara is the one. The Ogre cuts Barbara down and she tells him that Gordon will come for her. This only pisses the Ogre off so he then shows Barbara all of his victims which causes her to faint.

When Barbara comes through, the Ogre wants her to be happy so asks who does she want him to kill. At first Barbara doesn’t want any one killed but he threatens to kill her instead unless she tells him. So we see Barbara whisper who she wants the Ogre to kill.

Meanwhile, Gordon is determined to find and save Barbara and even brushes off Leslie when she is trying to take care of him. Bullock wants Gordon to prepare himself for the worse but that is not an option fo the commissioner to be.

The question a guy who gives the two detectives a lead that the Ogre frequented a club called the Foxglove, whose location always changes. Gordon goes to the Penguin and gets the address and invitation to the Foxglove, however a big favour is owed to the Penguin by Gordon. This will probably bite Gordon in the butt in next week’s season finale or play a role in season 2.

Bullock is sent to the Foxglove, which is some sort of S&M club. Bullock sees something not to his liking and calls in backup. Gordon and Bullock question one woman, who explains that she was one of the Ogre’s first victims before he started killing. Sally manages to give a description of the Ogre’s apartment that leads Bullock and Harvey to it.

When the arrive at the apartment, the Ogre and Barbara is nowhere to be found but Bullock and Gordon do find the room of pain. The Ogre calls his own phone to taunt Gordon. After the call, Gordon and Bullock figure out that the Ogre and Barbara have gone to her parent’s place.

At the Keane’s, the Ogre does kill Barbara’s parents and Barbara seems to be in some sort of daze. Gordon and Bullock arrive. Bullock gets knocked down some stairs by the Ogre while Gordon comes across Barbara’s dead parents. Barbara wonders why Gordon is there when the Ogre tries to attack him. A knife is pulled and fight ensues that involves Gordon grabbing the blade of the knife. Eventually, the Ogre grabs Barbara and promises to slit her throat unless Gordon stands down. Gordon refuses and tells Barbara everything will be okay. Bullock distracts the Ogre enough so Gordon can shoot him in the head but just before he drops dead, he does slightly slit Barbara’s throat but she is going to be okay.

Back at GCPD, Gordon apologizes to Leslie for his dogged determinedness and assures her that she is the one he loves.

The episode doesn’t end here but with Captain Essen declaring all hands on deck to deal with the mob war.

Next week is the season 1 finale and the return of Fish Mooney. Will be interested to see how they write Fish out of the show and whether or not we will see Allen and Montaya who got such applause at the pilot screening at San Diego Comic Con 2014.

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