The Flash Season 1 Episode 20 “The Trap” Recap

A lot went down in this week’s The Flash and a lot of movement towards the show’s season 1 finale.

FLA120A_0313rThe episode starts immediately where the last one ended. Cisco, Caitlin and Barry and in Wells’ time vault (something Cisco coins). The trio discover the future newspaper and read a bit about an epic battle between the Flash and Reverse Flash caused the former to disappear. Caitlin notes the byline of the article is written by Iris West-Allen, showing that Iris does marry Barry in the future. Cisco says mazel tov in congratulations to Barry’s nuptials and this activates Gideon.

Gideon appears and knows who Barry is but in a future context calling him the director of the CSI unit and a founding member of the Justice League although Barry cuts the AI off before she reveals what he is a founding member of. While Gideon does know who Wells is she doesn’t really know who he is. Gideo also tells Barry that Wells wants to kill him. Cisco gets alerted that Wells is on his way to the time vault so they have the flee. Before fleeing though, Barry asks Gideon not to tell Wells they were in the room. Gideon says she will because the will always listen to him. Barry asks why and Gideon says it is because he created her.

Team Flash (which I will call Cisco, Barry, Joe, Caitlin and Eddie from now on) meet up where Barry tells his the group that Wells is from the future and also reveals that he has and will time travel. Barry explains Cisco’s dream must be from that alternate timeline so they need to access his subconscious.

So back at STAR Labs, Caitlin develops a pair of sunglasses that will help Cisco lucid dream so he can tell everyone what he is seeing. However, they can’t quite figure out something but Wells does after hearing that Caitlin wants to use it to help the meta humans cope.

So at Barry’s lab, Cisco falls asleep and we get to see the alternate timeline. Barry and team minus Eddie hear from Cisco that Wells confesses to killing Nora and that his real name is Eobard Thawne. Cisco wakes up in a panic just as Wells was about to kill him in that timeline.

As everyone digests this information, Barry receives a call from Wells alerting of a bad office building fire that happens to house Captain Singh’s fiancee. The Flash runs to the 23 floor where the fire is and he knows he can’t blur everyone to safety and asks Wells for help. Wells tells him to move his arms really fast like a windmill to suck all the air out. The Flash does this but he thinks he is making it worse and has a moment of doubt. A pep talk from Wells gets the Flash to save everyone.

At STAR Labs, Wells asks Barry about his moment of doubt that he does explain away. As Barry leaves, he thanks Wells for helping him and being their for him. Wells reciprocates the respect to Barry.

In other plot points, Eddie asks Joe’s blessing for Iris’ hand in marriage but he refuses to give it. Barry promises Eddie that he will talk to Joe to get him to change his mind. Barry wants to know why Joe did not give his blessing. Joe says that Iris will be marrying the wrong guy as he knows that Iris loves Barry but just doesn’t know how to deal with those emotions.

Throughout the episode, Iris has been trying to talk to Barry and when she finally does she shares with him the file she compiled of everything that went wrong since the particle accelerator exploded. Iris surmises that the explosion caused people to have powers, including the Flash. Barry says that he was involved in the particle accelerator explosion and he has no powers. Iris agrees with him but thinks her theory is solid. Barry promises to look at the file but has to go.

In the flashback, we are three weeks after the particle accelerator exploded and goes into cardiac arrest at the hospital (as noted in the pilot). Wells approaches Joe and introduces himself and says that he can save Barry. Joe reluctantly trusts him (but we see later on that Joe regrets that decision). Iris also flashes back to a visit she had with Barry while in a coma. This is a moment in time when Eddie just asked her out and how she needed him around so she wouldn’t make stupid decisions. Iris also talks about how he made the West family whole again when he came to live together. As Iris takes Barry’s hand a little electric shock happens between them.

FLA120B_0011rBarry goes to STAR Labs to set a trap for Wells. The plan is to recreate the alternate timeline to get Wells to confess since he trusts Cisco. Cisco creates a barrier to prevent a speedster from attacking him. To protect Cisco, Joe and Barry will hide while Caitlin will be in the lab to record Wells’ confession.

Wells does arrive on his two legs to the containment room and the scene does play out as it did in the alternate timeline but Wells doesn’t quite confess that he killed Nora. When Wells starts to move towards Cisco but Cisco sets up the barrier. However Wells goes right through it. Knowing that Cisco is about to die, Joe fires three bullets but Barry needs Wells alive to have a full confession so he uses his super speed to grab the bullets. Unfortunately, Barry only grabs two bullets and the other one kills Wells.

Barry is saddened that there only chance to get his dad out of prison is now gone. However, Wells’ body starts to morph and it is Hannibal Bates that was pretending to be Wells. Wells calls Team Flash and starts to taunt them and Barry gets all angry at Wells for destroying their lives and how they trusted him and stood by him. Wells says the one thing he didn’t expect out of this whole thing was how much he enjoyed working with Caitlin, Cisco and Barry. When Cisco gets an alert that Wells is in his time vault, Barry rushes to it and discovers that Wells was actually setting a trap for them and has been watching them this whole time. Barry realizes that Iris is in danger and rushes off to rescue her.

Iris is with Eddie, who has taken her on a stroll along a pedestrian bridge. Vancouver filming note: This bridge is actually at Vancouver’s Olympic Village near Creekside Community Center. I run across it all the time when I am in that area.

Eddie decides to take this moment to propose to Iris. But before Eddie can get the question out, the Reverse Flash whisks the ring away. Eddie tries to fight the Reverse Flash and when the Flash comes on the scene, the Reverse Flash blurs away with Eddie.

The Flash reassures Iris that he will bring Eddie back to her and just as he leaves, the same electric spark that she had with Barry happens between her and the Flash. As the Flash blurs away, Iris whispers the name Barry. When this scene happened, it was exactly like the season 9 finale episode of Smallville when the Blur kissed Lois just before speeding away. It was this kiss that opened Lois’ eyes into realizing that the Blur and Clark where the same person. After the kiss, Lois simply said Clark afterwards.

The Reverse Flash takes Eddie to some unknown location and introduces himself as Eobard Thawne. Eddie says he doesn’t remember Wells at any family reunion and he replies that he hasn’t been born yet. Eddie realizes why Wells didn’t kill him before and thinks that everything Wells is doing is about him. Wells simply says that Eddie is an insurance policy. We then flash back to Wells time sitting with a comatose Barry. Wells is tempted to kill Barry but doesn’t as he needs him. Here you can see how much Wells hates Barry and vows to kill him.

It seems next week Wells is sending Grodd after Team Flash.


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