The Flash Season 1 Episode 18 “All Star Team up” Recap

This week’s Flash villain, Brie Larvan (The Walking Dead’s Emily Kinney) reminded me very much of the bee girl from Smallville

FLA118A_0034b_e8468ad9-1024x683But this episode was all about welcoming back Felicity Smoak to Central City who brings with her Ray Palmer seeking help from STAR labs and Cisco on his Atom suit. A bromance was definitely born with the two techno geeks working together. Also, Caitlin notices how very similar Ray and Felicity seem to be.

This episode also contained lots of tension. First between Eddie and Iris. It seems that Joe, Eddie and the Flash are doing a bang up job in keeping central city safe from crime and Iris believes that her boyfriend is working with the Scarlet Speedster but he denies it. Hence the tension. Eddie doesn’t like keeping secrets from Iris but Joe says he has to and can only tell Iris if she becomes his wife. Tension continues at an awkward FLA118A_0135b_1910380c-1024x683dinner date between Iris Eddie Ray Felicity and Barry where trust issues come to the forefront. Iris storms off to stay at her dad’s and even after Barry gives a plausible reason why Eddie is acting the way he is, Iris still confronts him wanting him to tell her the truth.

Tension is also between Barry and the people at STAR Labs. Barry can’t be in the same room as Wells and thinks he can’t trust Caitlin and Cisco. Barry confides in Felicity about Wells and she does manage to convince Barry to eventually recruit Caitlin and Cisco in their investigation on Wells. Throughout the episode Cisco was getting dreams of the alternate time line of him seeing Wells as the Reverse Flash and him getting killed.

FLA118B_0057b_62dcab48-1024x763FLA118B_0290b_b4854855-1024x678But back to Brie who targeted two people she used to work with at Mercury Labs for ratting her out to Tina McGee on working on robotic bees for military use instead of agriculture. Tension is also there between McGee and Wells. The former refuses help from the CCPD but lives to regret it when Brie attacks her with her robotic bees. Because Barry’s first confrontation with the bees didn’t end well Ray takes on the bees and lures them to the ocean. When Barry confronts Brie at her greenhouse, more bees try to attack Barry. Felicity manages to get control but then Brie and Felicity get into a hilarious cyber showdown that Felicity of course wins and drop her metaphorical mic.

Later in Barry’s lab, McGee visits to apologize and he takes the opportunity to ask her what happened between her and Wells. McGee says that the two used to be thick as thieves but the day his fiancée died, Well became another person.

Next week Team Flash journey to Starling City to figure out “Who is Harrison Wells?” And from the promos I feel that Caitlin might side with Wells and become the villain known as Killer Frost.

Sorry for the short recap but that was pretty much the episode in a nutshe

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