Arrow Season 3 “Broken Arrow” Recap

Just like this week’s The Flash, the villain for this week’s villain reminded me of Cyclops from the X-Men movies and that meteor freak from Smallville that needed electricity for his power.

Hong Kong Flashback

The flashback was all about Oliver learning from an injured Waller that the U.S. Army and not ARGUS wants to use the alpha omega weapon to start a war with China by attacking Hong Kong and place blame on the Triad while the army have a vaccine to protect themselves. So Maseo, Oliver and Tatsu break in their faciloty to grab the vaccine. Oliver wants them to use it on themselves and Akio and get out of town, while he goes alone to stop the army from releasing the weapon. Tatsu wants to stop the attack and will help Oliver to do so.

Present day

Roy is taken into custody and Laurel gets Oliver off of all charges. Roy tells Oliver that he is doing this because Oliver wants helped him and he also wants to be punished for killing the cop.

AR319B_0097b_62671fd3-1024x682Lance still has his vendetta and really lays on the guilt trip to Oliver for letting Roy take the blame. Lance searches the Arrow Cave but only finds evidence of Roy being there. Felicity and Diggle wiped clean everyone else presence. Oliver wants to break Roy of of prison but Diggle convinces him not to

The villain, Jake Simmons, shoots plasma out of his eyes and Oliver wants to catch him but can’t so he has to enlist Ray. AR319A_0386b_9a2668ff-1024x682Ray first attempt did not go so well and Oliver says not to rely on his tech but instinct. The second attempt is a bit more successful as Oliver is controlling the Atom suit to help Ray fight Simmons.  When the neural link gets broken Ray does take down Simmons as his instinct is to protect Felicity who was at the power facility to trap Simmons.

Ray drops off Simmons at STAR Lab’s pipeline in Central City. The bromance that started in The Flash continues as Ray and Cisco names Simmons Deadbolt. Cisco does note that Simmons wasn’t in Central City when the particle accelerator exploded and is curious to know how he gets his powers.

In Iron Heights, the prisoners there aren’t happy to see the guy they think put them in prison so they attack Roy but he takes them down. Lance tells Oliver that it is a matter of time before Roy gets killed. A second attack happens and Roy does indeed get killed.

At the Arrow Cave Oliver is upset about Roy. Diggle and Felicity hope that Oliver is not mad at them for not letting him break Roy out and hopes he can forgive them. But it is forgiveness for not telling their real plan. Roy is actually alive as Lyla knows a guy who can stab in a way not to kill. Also the knife was laced with a drug simulate death.

So Roy leaves town and asks Oliver to tell Thea that he is still alive. I am sad to see Colton Hayes go and I think this isn’t the last time we see Roy Harper or Arsenal. Plus I am going to miss the cool social media stuff that Hayes does with Emily Bett Rickards.

As they see Roy drive off, Felicity says that Oliver needs to let other people help him as that is what you do if you love someone. Ray sees how close Felicity is with Oliver and maybe realizes that he will never have her love.

Back at the loft, Thea is confronted by Ra’s Al Ghul. Thea tries to fight him off but she is brutally tsabbed and left for death.

And it seems the Lazarus pit is the only thing to save the as we see from next week’s promo.

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