Orphan Black Season 3 “The Weight of this Combination” Recap

Ari Millen as Rudy

We are back Clone Clubbers for season 3 so let’s dig in. Like last season, I found recapping the action clone by clone to be fairly successful so will try my best to continue it this season.


The episode opens with Helena having a dream of a garden party baby shower being thrown for her by Sarah, Alison and Cosima. Helena is fairly pregnant and imagines herself getting tons of baby gifts and Ukranainian food from Cosima and Alison supplying cupcakes for the party. But the party soon becomes a nightmare as a scorpion crawls out of Helena dress and crawls up to her.

Helena wakes up and is in a trapped in a box. Helena sees that her box is in a fairly empty room. Keeping her company is a scorpion who speaks to Helena.

Watching Helena in this box is a Dr. Coady (Kyra Harper) and Miller, a Castor clone, comes in to say that she has been in the box for 48 hours. So Dr. Coady tells Miller to let her out.


As Alison is loading her daughter’s soccer team on the team bus, she is approached by Marci Coates (Amanda Brugel), asking her for her support in her re-election for school trustee. However, Alison not so supportive of Marci as she wants to re-draw the school district lines which would affect her kids so she decides to run against her.

As for Donny, he got fired from his job and when Alison tells him of her plans, he is all for it.


Cosima is on the mend and when Delphine goes to see her it really is to break up with her now that she is new Rachel.

Delphine has left Cosima’s care in the hands of Scott. So when Scott drops by Felix’s to check on her, he tells Cosima that he kind of wants out of the clone stuff. However, Scott is enticed back when Cosima shows him the Island of Dr. Moreau book and Duncan’s notes that might be the key to unlock their research. Cosima tells Scott that this book will be their little secret as they work to decipher it.


Rachel gets the pencil out of her eye and it is beyond repair and there might be some brain damage. Delphine comes to visit Rachel and wants to know what a cleaner that sent by Topside has planned for the Leda clones. Delphine keeps on pressing on her bad eye to get her to talk.


Tatiana Maslany as Sarah and Ari Millen as Rudy

Tatiana Maslany as Sarah and Ari Millen as Rudy

Sarah is visited by Delphine (she did a lot of interaction with a lot of the clones this episode) who asks he to talk to one of the male Castor clones to get information out him.

Delphine shows Sarah a video of Scarface aka as Rudy seducing another Leda clone, Crystal and we another Castor clone, who I will call Stache, enter her room and that is the end of her.

The meeting doesn’t go well as Rudy is not cooperative but he seems to know a lot out Sarah, her clone sisters, Felix, Mrs. S and Kira. Uttering the latter makes Sarah angry that she is pulled out of the room.

Sarah makes arrangements for Felix and her to see Mrs. S but Delphine needs Sarah’s help to pretend to be Rachel to meet the cleaner, Ferdinand (James Frain) that has been sent. Sarah refuses and leaves.

Maria Doyle Kennedy as Mrs. S

Maria Doyle Kennedy as Mrs. S

Meanwhile, Mrs. S returns home and is confronted by Stache looking for Duncan. Mrs. S does put up a valiant fight but Stache beats her up pretty good. Sarah and Felix find her and Mrs. S. tells them what happened and reveals that she made a deal where she gave up Helena to Castor in exchange for Kira’s safety. Sarah is pissed at Mrs. S betrayal so she agrees to help Delphine in exchange for her help in finding Helena.

James Frain and Evelyne Brochu as Delphine

James Frain and Evelyne Brochu as Delphine

So we get a fun sequence of Felix turning Sarah into Rachel. When “Rachel” and Delphine meet with Ferdinand, they are doing a good job to hold him at bay but when he wants to meet Sarah, whom he believes is a prisoner, we think the jig is up. But luckily, Alison was recruited by Delphine to pretend to be Sarah.

Ferdinand questions “Sarah” and starts to fondle her and notices there are not scars from the operation to remove her ovaries -a surgery that we know she didn’t have. Delphine and “Rachel” manages to tell a plausible story that Ferdinand believes.

“Rachel” wants to discuss with Ferdinand about rescuing Helena from Castor but he wants to implement Helsinki. “Rachel” plays along and when they return to her apartment, we learn what Helsinki is and that is the elimination of clones. Ferdinand outlines what his right hand man is going to do with Alison and her family so Sarah rushes off to try and warn Alison but alas her phone was not near her. Ferdinand wonders who “Rachel” is talking to and it ends up being some kinky foreplay that Delphine stops and gets Helsinki aborted so Alison is safe.

Oh yeah, Rudy gets broken out of his jail cell by Stache. But not before we get to see a naked Ari Millen workout.

So that was pretty much the season 3 premiere. Until next week.

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  1. So glad to have new episodes! I loved the opening fantasy scene. Fun to enjoy before getting down to business.

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