Gotham Season 1 Episode 19 “Beasts of Prey” Recap

Gotham returns after several weeks off and also returning is my favourite character on the show Leslie Thompkins as played by the luminous Morena Baccarin.

But I have to say I am losing favour with this show and it all started with the introduction of the Dollmaker and when he Frankensteined his assistant.

Also, the show seems to have distinct story lines in each episode with no intersection at all and tonight was no exception.

Escape from the Island of Dr. Dulmacher

Gotham-ep119_scn2pt_3pt_32840r_e6e86fde-1024x683Fish’s storyline is all about her desire to escape the Island of Dr. Dulmacher. Fish scopes out her escape route that includes a helicopter. When she ventures outside, Fish meets the guards that capture inmates for Dulmacher’s facility. Fish enlists the prisoners to help her escape including Kelly, her right hand man that she sold out in the last episode as well as the six strongest prisoners. When Fish goes to get the keys to the boat to help them escape, she goes to Dulmacher’s office but he finds her in his office. Dulmacher asks if Fish is planning on escaping, she lies but he pulls a gun and threatens to kill her for being dishonest. Fish “admits” that she was going to kill herself as she fears being Frankensteined by Dulmacher.

Fish then puts her plan in motion and lets the six burly guys go ahead of her to get the boat started. Fish goes back to retrieve Kelly but Dulmacher intercepts her and is gleeful in making a new Fish. However, the prisoners beat Dulmacher up and Fish et el. escape using the helicopter while the burly prisoners were a distraction as the guards kill them. As Fish flies the helicopter one of the guards manage to get a shot off and hits her in the gut but she continues to fly with her fate and those of the prisoners unknown.

The Penguin buys a new bar

The Penguin’s story line is basically about wanting to buy this bar from this woman. The woman will only consider an offer if the Penguin can get her wayward daughter to leave her loser guitarist boyfriend and come back home. The Penguin does accomplish this and the bar his is. We learn that the Penguin wants it so he can kill Don Maroni in it.

Bruce confronts Reggie

Gordon comes to visit Bruce wondering why he and Alfred lied about who stabbed the latter. Bruce says they didn’t lie and sticks to it even when Gordon realizes that Alfred is going to go after him.

Alfred, now out of the hospital, wants to go out and confront Reggie as he knows he back in Gotham and staying at a shooting gallery. Unfortunately, Alfred’s stab wound opened up again and it out of commission. Bruce thinks that Reggie is at a gun range and looks up all of them in Gotham’s Yellow Pages. While visiting one of them, the Penguin limps along in the background and poses briefly as if he knows that his future nemesis is nearby.

Gotham-ep119_scn35_37_32497r_2db4bc7b-1024x683Bruce comes up empty visiting every gun range in the city and comes across Selina who tells him that he is looking in the wrong places. Selina and Bruce find Reggie at a drug den and take away his “medicine” so he can confess who is after him. Reggie says Bunderslaw wanted to know how far Bruce’s investigation got and what he has found. Selina drops his “medicine” anyways and Reggie threatens the kids that he will tell Bunderslaw about them and their lives will be threatened. As Reggie leans over to get the bag, we see Bruce very tempted to push him out of the window but Selina shows no such qualms and out he goes to his death.

Let’s Meet the Ogre

Gotham-ep119_scn14_17_32093r_ab20ced5-1024x683A young cop panders to Gordon’s vanity to take on a cold case involving a murdered woman that was missing for four months. Gordon manages to even intrigue Leslie with the case as the missing woman, Grace Fairchild, was from her hood. Gordon drags Bullock around to bars and speakeasies where the missing girl could have been seen and find the one that is behind a bakery. The barkeep describes the man with Grace as good looking and we flashback to Grace’s encounter with Jason Lennon aka the Ogre as played by Milo Ventimiglia who to me will forever be Gilmore Girls’ Jesse.

Jason is charming to Grace and says he is looking for unconditional love from a woman. After taking her back to his place and spending the night together, Jason refuses to let Grace leave the next day. We see Grace as Jason’s prisoner overcook the lamb and this is the last straw for him and he kills her, one of several kills. Nygma manages to find a copy of missing evidence that is the Ogre’s calling card: a broken heart. Bullock recognizes it and tells Gordon that he was set up because no cop wants to investigate the Ogre because if they do then he comes after the one they love. After confronting the cop that put him on the case, Gordon learns it was Loeb who put him up to it. Gordon fears to Leslie’s safety and threatens Loeb harm if something should happen to her and vows to catch the Ogre. Interesting that Gordon is worried about Leslie as it seems that Mr. Gordon is in love with her. Poor Barbara but it seems next week she will be target of the Oger.

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