Marvel Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Love in the Time of HYDRA” Recap

Tonight we get the return of Ward who now has Agent 33 has a companion and we find out what exactly is the real SHIELD and more. So let’s divide the action by the three separate stories.

Ward and Agent 33

The two are in a diner. Agent 33 is grateful for Ward in helping her after Whitehall’s death while he is grateful for her saving his life. The two are there to kidnap the doctor that developed the nano mask in order for him to fix Agent 33’s face. The good doctor does his magic and Agent 33 burnt face is fixed but she still has May’s face. The one difference is that the doctor gave her a retinal scan that allows her to do facial scans and take on anyone’s face. We see Agent 33 try it out by flipping through some fashion magazines.

Ward makes to leave their hotel room to run an errand and Agent 33 is pretty lost and clingy. Agent 33 is wondering why Ward is doing all these nice things for her when she has nothing to give him. Ward says he is helping her out not because he wants something.

When Ward returns, Agent 33 figures out how to thank him and it is in the guise of Skye in some sexy lingerie. Agent 33 saw the way Ward was looking at Skye and starts to kiss him. At first Ward is really into it but stops when he tells Agent 33 that Skye doesn’t return his feelings and has moved on. Ward then shows Agent 33 a picture of Bakshi and that they are going to grab him at Talbot’s air force base so Agent 33 can get some closure. Ward says that he wants to get to know the real Agent 33.

At the air force base, Agent 33 manages to gain entry under the guise as Talbot’s wife and later manages to make her way to a comms room as a soldier to take the cameras offline. When Talbot’s real wife calls to say she has been delayed, he knows that there is a breach. Talbot gives a male search a keycard to secure I think Bakshi while he gathers all the female soldiers in a room. However, the mole isn’t among them but was the male solider that Talbot gave a keycard too. Agent 33 meets Ward at the reception area where he has killed the guard there to grab his security pass.

Talbot calls Coulson and May to tell them that Ward and Agent 33 have kidnapped Bakshi.

Agent 33 goes to grab Bakshi, who thinks he is being rescued by a loyal minion but she knocks him out. Later, we see that Agent 33’s original face has been restored to her and she introduces herself to Ward as Kiera. We then see that Ward and Agent 33 has brainwashed Bakshi to do God knows what.


Simmons tells her that her bruising is subsiding but still has some stress fractures. FitzSimmons then argues about the pros and cons of Skye having powers. Fitz thinks she could be like Captain America while Simmons thinks Skye is more like the Hulk. This starts to upset Skye as the Bus starts to shake so she removes herself back to her cell.

May tells Coulson that Andrew recommended that Skye be taken out of the field but he is reluctant to do it. Coulson really wants May to work with Skye to get her powers under control but May fears she doesn’t know how.

Coulson pays Skye a visit to say they are going on a field trip. On the plan, Coulson shares a story of how his father and him worked on a 1962 red Chevy corvette and even thought it can fly now underneath it all it is still a 1962 red Chevy corvette. Skye assumes correctly that she is the corvette in his story.

When the two arrive at their destination, it is a cabin in the woods that was a safe house that Nick Fury used and even Captain America stayed there for a bit after he defrosted.

Coulson gives Skye a pair of gloves that Simmons developed that will help control her powers so it doesn’t hurt her. There are side effects but it is unknown what they are. As for what is next, Coulson really doesn’t know.

HENRY SIMMONSBack on the base, we see FitzSimmons argue again this time over the gloves that Simmons developed for Skye. Fitz believes that Simmons is afraid now that he and Skye have changed. Over hearing their argument is Mack, who reports back to the real SHIELD that Skye is being hidden.


Before Mack returns undercover to the SHIELD we know, he brings Hunter in to meet the people behind the real SHIELD. Robert Gonzalez (Edward James Olmos), Agent Calderone (Kirk Acevedo) and Agent Weaver (Christine Adams). If you remember, Weaver was in charge of the SHIELD Academy. Basically, the real SHIELD was formed because of the secrets that Nick Fury kept and now the secrets that Coulson is now keeping. Gonzalez believed that it was Coulson’s obsession with alien technology, caused by Fury injecting him with alien DNA, is why they are in this mess now. Gonzalez et al cites Isabelle Hartley’s death, Raina’s transformation and Tripp’s death as examples.

Hunter does agree about their assessment of Coulson but still thinks he is a standup agent and wonders why they don’t just talk to Coulson. Apparently, that is not an option.

When Bobbi and Hunter are alone, he wishes that Bobbi would have talked to him about all of this. The two talk about the pattern in their love story and Hunter suggests the two just get away from everything. Bobbi can’t do that so Hunter makes a run for it and manages to escape in an under water pod. The real SHIELD worries that Hunter will run to Coulson and spiel the beans and blow Bobbi’s and Mack’s cover.

When Mack returns to the SHIELD HQ, May asks where he has been and he offers a plausible excuse of where he was at and why he didn’t see Bobbi. Of course we later see that May didn’t believe him and Coulson wants to know what Mack is up to.

At the real SHIELD, Bobbi wants to go back under cover and says she only needs 6 hours to get what she needs.

I am a little confused by these two separate SHIELDs that I hope gets less confusing. But I have to say it was interesting seeing “May” be so vulnerable as we know the real May is one cool cucumber. And it was awesome seeing Edward James Olmos back on my TV screen; he will forever be Adama to me. So say we all!

Next week looks to be interesting and may might result in the two SHIELD joining forces.

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