The Flash Season 1 Episode 16 “Rogue Time” Recap

We begin tonight’s episode where the last one ended or should we say began. The Flash has gone back in time and reliving the day again. While on pause, Cisco and Wells are wondering why Barry has stopped on his way to the morgue. Barry is confused and said he was there the day before. Wells seems to think something is up but doesn’t say anything and Barry makes his way to the morgue.

It definitely is deja vu as Barry once again identifies that the ME died from hail and mentions a recording that is coming from Eddie. When Eddie plays the recording, Barry, not Joe in the original timeline, identifies Mark Mardon.

When he returns to STAR Labs, Barry manages to say exactly what he said previously but is starting to either say it at the same time as others or before people have the chance to say them like nicknaming Mark as the Weather Wizard before Cisco can. This tips Wells off that Barry has disturb the time continuum. Wells tells Barry that he doesn’t want to know anything that happened in the previously timeline and advises him to stay the course of how he lived that day. Wells goes to his secret room and asks Gideon to show him the future and it still looks intact.s

So when Barry goes back to the precinct, he sees Captain Singh and is reminded of how Mardon seriously injured him. When Joe asks Barry why he was acting funny at the crime scene, Barry is reminded how Mardon almost killed Joe. So the Flash goes to Mardon’s hideout, grabs him and places him in the Pipeline.

Wells knows that this isn’t part of the timeline but Barry thinks he hasn’t done anything wrong by changing this one thing but that a lot of lives were saved. Wells warns him that time has a way of correcting itself.

Meanwhile, Cisco has gone to his brother Dante’s birthday. Caitlin is on hand to land him some support. It seems that Dante is the apple of his parent’s eye that he can do no wrong while Cisco seems to be a failure in their eyes. During this party. Dante, a concert pianist plays to the crowd while their mom beams with pride.

Back at STAR Labs, Barry is running as fast as he can to try and go back in time but alas nothing. Wells doesn’t know what would cause a wormhole to open. Their conversation is cut short when Linda calls him about their lunch date.

When Barry goes to the Central City Picture News, Linda wonders what is going on with him and how he feels about her. Barry says that he likes her a lot but Linda asks him if his heart aches for her. When Barry says nothing, Linda knows that their relationship is over and the two break-up and she encourages him to go after Iris. I think this sucks but I really hope this means we haven’t seen the last of Malese Jow. I really liked her and she brought some nice energy on the show. But I have read the show wants to introduce Wally West, another Flash, who happens to marry Linda Park so here’s hoping we see her again.

So Barry embolden by knowing that Iris really does love him asks her out for coffee. Before hand, Mason Bridge tried to give Iris the file he had on Wells’ connection to Simon Stagg’s disappearance. Just before Barry leaves, he tells Mason that he is wrong about his theory on Wells.

Because Barry stopped Mardon, he instead has to stop the return of Captain Cold, Heat Wave and their newest companion Lisa Snart. Cold and Heat Wave make their way back to Starling City targeting the Santini crime family and kills its Don and his men.

FLA116B_0388bOn a high of asking Iris out and believing that things are coming up Milhouse, Barry meets Cisco at a bar after his sucky night. Over beers, a pretty blonde approaches the two men and hits on Cisco. The woman introduces herself as Lisa and is a structural engineer. Cisco can’t really believe a beautiful woman like Lisa would be interested in him but she is and leans in to kiss him.

FLA116A_0480bAs the two are making out on their way inside Lisa’s place, Cisco thinks his night is going to end better than his day started. Unfortunately, for Cisco, Lisa is the sister of Captain Cold and has lured him to the Santini home so that he can rebuild the cold gun and heat gun. Cisco refuses but changes his mind when he sees that the trio have kidnapped Dante.

Before I continue, can I just say that Wentworth Miller must be having the time of his life playing Captain Cold. He looks like he is having so much fun chewing the scenery. Also, it is so nice seeing Peyton List back on TV. Loved her on The Tomorrow People but also will forever think of her as Smallville’s Lucy Lane. Plus, List looks like she is having just as much fun as Miller and Purcell.

Back to the action. Cisco does rebuild the heat gun and tries to tamper with the cold gun but alas Captain Cold knows that he did something. Lisa doesn’t want to be left out and asks Cisco to give her a gun too but something to do with gold. The Golden Glider is born.

At Jitters, Barry tells Iris how he feels about her but he doesn’t get the reaction he wants as Iris once again says she doesn’t feel that way about him but loves Eddie.

FLA116B_0301b1Barry can’t wallow for long as he is sent to the Santini Casino as the Snarts have hit it. Lisa’s gun shoots gold out of it and she turns one guy into a golden statue. When the Flash arrives, there is a super-powered weapon shoot out and Lisa seems to be having a lot of fun but that ends when the Flash grabs her to stop Cold. Cold introduces the Flash to his sister and forces the Scarlet Speedster to let Lisa go when he learns they have Cisco.

When the police arrive at the crime scene, Eddie is pissed at Barry for confessing his feelings to Iris and punches him. Back at STAR Labs, Barry needs to tell Wells about what happened in the previously timeline. Wells relents and Barry tells him how Captain Singh was seriously hurt and that Iris said she loved him. Wells believes that Iris does love him in that way and those feelings surfaced because of the dangers that happened in the previously timeline. But since that situation didn’t happen, those feelings are buried deep inside.

Wells thinks Barry is luck that he only went back a day but next time he could go back years or even centuries (he of course is speaking from experience). But Barry says that he knows he will go back even further to save his mom. Wells says that if Barry goes back to save his mom, what other lives will be lost. Barry then wonders if Wells is saying that he shouldn’t try and save his mom.

Joe visits Iris at work and knows that she rejected Barry again. Joe tells Iris that she needs to show Eddie that she loves him as he doesn’t seem to believe it. Also, Mason once again tries to show Iris the file he has on Wells.

FLA116A_0629b1At the mansion, Cisco and Dante speak in Spanish about how Dante’s high school girlfriend actually had a crush on Cisco but told her he wanted to be a priest. Cisco asked why Dante would do that and he confesses it is because he is jealous of his brother. Dante admires that he is doing what he loves while he still lives at home in a dead end job and doesn’t understand why his parents put him on such a pedestal. Dante, sick of living his life in fear, decides to play hero and decides to go after Heat Wave. Bad move as Heat Wave starts to beat Dante and then Cisco when he goes to help his brother.

Cold comes back to home base and Lisa talks Heat Wave down. Cold wants to know from Cisco who is the Flash. When Cisco says he doesn’t know, Cold shoots his gun at Dante’s hand which results in first degree frostbite. Unless Cisco tells him the identity of the Flash, Dante’s fingers will probably have to be amputated and there goes his piano playing days.

At STAR Labs, Team Flash is trying to locate Cisco but they don’t have to look hard because he walks right in. Cisco apologizes to Barry that he had to give up his identity to Cold or his brother was going to die. Barry completely understands and apologizes to him as he realizes that this is all his fault. Cisco then quits STAR Labs.

As Cisco packs up his equipment, Wells takes him to see the containment unit built to stop the Reverse Flash. Cisco sees this as a place of failure but Wells sees it as a place where Team Flash never gave up on each other and understands that Cisco did what he did to protect the family that he loves. The scene is similar and different from the one last week. Cisco and Wells were in the same room again and Wells again calls Cisco the son he never had but instead of killing him, it was a touching moment.

Caitlin alerts Team Flash that the Snarts and Heat Wave targeted the casino so it would move the money. So are action switches to the Snarts and Heat Wave going after the transport van. The Flash grabs Cold and whooshes him to the woods.

The Flash threatens to take him to the pipeline while Cold threatens to reveal his identity. Barry then tells him that Cold is to leave Central City but Cold won’t leave his home. Barry mentions that Cold is really good at what he does and doesn’t need to kill people. Barry says he will let him go as long as he promises not to go after any of friends and family. If he does, Barry will put him the pipeline and doesn’t care if he reveals his identity.

When Barry goes to Jitters, Eddie approaches him and apologizes for hitting him. It seems that Caitlin explained that Barry has lightening brain that caused him to say crazy things. It seems that Iris and Eddie bought Caitlin’s story so Barry’s confession of love is glossed over.

Back at the Central City Picture News, Mason is writing his article on Wells when the Reverse Flash confronts/attacks him on it. Mason tells the Reverse Flash that everything he has on Wells is the flash drive and he can have all of it. Mason thinks he is safe but the Reverse Flash plunges his hand into Mason’t chest just like was supposed to do to Cisco, killing him. The Reverse Flash destroys the drive and says to himself that the story on Wells would have been one for the century but just not this one.

At STAR Labs, Wells tells Barry that the time continuum seems to have corrected itself and when Barry is about to ask Wells about Simon Stagg, he sees a news report on the missing Mason Bridge. Barry immediately becomes suspicious of Wells and in the coda, shares this with Joe, saying he was right about everything about Wells.

Next week, we get the return of the Trickters (from the original The Flash) as played by Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill.


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