Glee-Cap Season 6 Episode 8 “A Wedding”

I’m probably not alone in saying that this episode definitely took me by surprise! I definitely was not expecting the double wedding, were you? In a classic Glee moment, what was meant to be a wedding for Brittany and Santana also became a wedding for Kurt and Blaine. With a wedding comes all of the wedding guests and we were treated to a number of Glee’s guests of the past and present including the likes of Carol and Burt Hummel, Sugar Motta, Mike Chang, Santana and Brittany’s family, and Blaine’s mom.

Since I only recently started recapping Glee you all probably do not know that I am a HUGE Mike Chang fan, and when I saw Harry Shum Jr. pop up on the opening credits I may have freaked out just a bit. I wish he had been around more this season.

Alright, let’s dig in.

Brittany’s mom (Jennifer Coolidge) brings the girls to an old barn, which as it turns out is the same barn where Brittany was born. I will spare you all the details on that story and wish Glee had done the same. She thinks that it would be the perfect place for the two to hold the ceremony and since the two can’t legally marry in the State of Ohio is seems like a great fit being that it’s in Indiana .The girls like the barn and Artie and Santana’s mom (Gloria Estafan) start putting their visions together. Get ready Gleeks, we are going rustic!

As usual in shows, someone is always a little more stressed out than the other when it comes to the wedding and in this case, it’s Brittany. All the crew including Tina, who was rocking a really cute lob, are helping set up the barn for the ceremony. Brittany is being a little…controlling. She wants everything to be perfect and is definitely a little high strung about it, but her friends have everything under control. Stress is nothing that a little shopping can’t help.

Glee-Wedding-Album-2The girls, minus Quinn who was absent this week, go to try on wedding dresses. Oddly enough, the montage is backed by an actual track and there is no Glee signing. It was strange. I can’t think of a time that’s happened since Journey was on the radio. The girls march up and down the catwalk in some really pretty and some really funny dress options. Brittany finds the perfect dress but the moment is ruined when Santana walks in and sees her in it.

It turns out that Brittany is very superstitious and believes that Santana seeing her dress is extremely bad luck for their upcoming nuptials. So naturally Brittany brings a live chicken to school to sacrifice as a way to balance out the bad juju. Santana quickly talks her out of that one and asks her to help with the seating chart. This is all taking place in the choir room, which I could have a lot of snarky commentary about, but I will let it slide. I enjoy seeing all of our old favorites in the choir room no matter how little sense it actually makes.

Two things happen while working on the seating chart. The first is we find out that Rachel doesn’t want to sit next to Sam at the wedding due to fear of upsetting Carol. She doesn’t want to disrespect Carol by seemingly moving on. Another thing that happens is Santana sees that one Sue Sylvester has been invited and that is not okay with her. While the girls try to defend the reasons behind having Sue there, Santana is just not having it. If Sue is there then Santana will not be. Yikes.

When Sue catches wind of her being uninvited it leads to a showdown where Santana tells Sue that all she cares about is herself and she has never done a selfless act for anyone. While this isn’t entirely true, Santana does provide some good examples as to why Sue can’t come, including the fact that she wore an exact replica of Emma’s wedding dress to Emma’s wedding. So, it’s clear that Sue will clearly need to perform some sort of good deed if she wants to be at the wedding.

So, Klaine fans I’m sure all of you were excited about this week’s development. I know that I was! Walter, Kurt’s Grandfather…I mean boyfriend, can see that Kurt is still in love with Blaine. Speaking from his experience, hiding how you really feel can have bad consequences for the rest of your life. He encourages Kurt to go tell Blaine how he feels. And boy does he. In a nice call back to season 2, we see Kurt running in slow motion to Blaine who is more than ready to have him back.

Sealed with a kiss, Klaine is officially back together!

I wasn’t super keen on this plot line but because it involves Mike Chang, I will briefly touch on it. The day before the wedding, Tina gathers Puck, Blaine, and Artie to tell them that she is going to ask Mike to marry her. Seeing as they aren’t even together, Puck actually had to clarify that she was in fact talking about Mike Chang. Apparently, they had been texting nonstop recently and Tina has realized that she never wants to let him go again. The three boys voice their concerns and thoughts but ultimately decide to support Tina if she chooses to go through with her plan.

608GLEE_Ep608-Sc12_004_f_hires1Finally, it’s the day of the wedding. It’s like a big Glee reunion. Familiar faces are mingling, laughing, taking photos, and generally reminding us of the light hearted nature and community that this show has always had. Burt, who is presiding over the ceremony, shows up with Carol as well. There is something about these two that I absolutely adore. They are used so sparingly that when they show up, the moment just feels even more important. They stand for so much and Carol is a wonderful nod to Finn whenever she is on screen.

While speaking with Kurt and Blaine, Burt and Carol tell the two how after everything they have both been through they choose to live each moment to the fullest. It was one of the many lessons that Finn had taught them. This clearly resonates with Kurt and Blaine who also don’t want to let another moment go to waste.

Remember that thing I said about Sue needing to commit a good deed? Well, Sue shows up and who does she have with her? Santana’s Abuela, who just a few episodes ago told Santana that she did not support her relationship nor did she want to be a part of her special day. This had broken Santana’s heart and seeing that Sue was able to get her Abuela to come changes her mind. Sue is allowed to stay at the wedding.

Sue’s next mission: Klaine. She convinces the two to follow her back to the bridal suite, after promising that she wouldn’t lock them in an elevator again. When they get back there, the two see two mannequins wearing tuxedos. The ladies all propose that Kurt and Blaine get married too. The two are clearly dumbstruck and have no idea what to say. It was like both of them wanted to say yes, but didn’t want to say so out loud in case the other wasn’t on board. Sue has the rings. Brittany has the outfits. Everything is ready if they choose to follow through. The two look at each other and the scene cuts away.

I didn’t hate the idea of Blaine and Kurt getting married as much as I thought I would have. Normally, I like when things get fleshed out a little more and don’t feel as rushed, but this actually just felt right. The two are soul mates and meant to be together and while they are all way too young to be getting married, I thought that it was a cute and fun twist. If Glee went this whole season without an Klaine wedding I would have been upset, so this was a good finale for their relationship.

tumblr_nk6ochNfFq1qg49w0o3_1280When the wedding starts, we see Kurt and Blaine walking down the aisle with Brittany and Santana. It becomes clear to everyone that they have decided to go through with the wedding and it was touching to watch everyone’s reactions as they all realized it. Burt speaks about how it is unfair that these two loving couples had to travel to a different state in order to get married and how things haven’t changed maybe as much as people would hope. He speaks of their love and their bravery and they all exchange vows. All four deem themselves a “work in progress,” exchange rings, and are pronounced husbands and wives. The doves fly and now onto the best part of a wedding…the reception.

We get to see Mike Change and Brittany do a little bit of dancing during Artie’s “Hey Ya” performance, which is always fun and a nice treat in any Glee number of the past. And speaking of Mike, he unfortunately denies Tina’s proposal but is open to seeing where things may lead to in the future (it’s okay though because Artie and Tina make a pact that they will get married if they’re both still single by 30).  Another treat? The Troubletones make an appearance. They join the moms of Finn, Blaine, Santana, and Brittany for a fun upbeat performance of “I’m So Exicted.” I loved the call back to the Troubletones and getting the moms in on the action was a fun addition to the wedding. You could tell they were having a blast!

Glee-Wedding-3Towards the end of the evening all of the couples are called out onto the dance floor.  Sue and Beiste pair up for the dance (love), Puck is paired off with Blaine’s mom (typical), Artie and Kitty also head out to the dance floor. Sam walks up to Rachel who searches the room for Carol and Burt. When she spots them it’s clear that Carol understands what’s happening. She gives Rachel a loving nod, encouraging her to move on. Talk about a heavy moment.

Like I said earlier, Carol is wonderful tie to Finn and to see him still so subtly woven into this final season is extremely endearing.

Overall, I enjoyed the episode. While sometimes it’s difficult to forget how old these characters are supposed to be, I appreciated the double wedding. These two couples have come such a long way and they both deserved this happy ending. I also had envisioned Kurt and Blaine’s wedding being the second to last or last episode of the series, so I am interested to see what these final episodes have in store!

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