Arrow Season 3 “Nanda Parbat” Recap

Tonight’s Arrow was directed by Gregory Smith. Now I normally don’t point out an episode’s director but I am doing so in this recap because Smith will forever be known to me as Ephram Brown from the WB’s Everwood. I was a big fan of the show and still not over the fact that the show was cancelled. But Smith has turned to directing episodes of Rookie Blue and Saving Hope and now Arrow where he really killed it.

The episode opens up in Nanda Parbat where Ra’s Al Ghul is having a bath when Nyssa comes in to say that Oliver Queen is still alive and she wants vengeance for Sara’s death. Ra’s is aware that Oliver is alive and back in Starling City and won’t make a move on him. There is some mention of Ra’s disapproving of Nyssa’s relationship with Sara.

Back in the Arrow Cave, Malcolm is training Thea and Oliver but they are failing miserably. We learn that Verdant has been shut down for “repairs” and that Diggle has outfitted the Foundry with ARGUS security tech. Malcolm wants the siblings to live in the Arrow Cave for safety but Thea and Oliver insist on staying at the loft.


Oliver tells Shrieve and his men all he knows about his mission for Waller, the Omega weapon and China White. Shrieve is appreciated of all Oliver’s help and tells him he is free to go just as Maseo, Tatsu and their son are free to go back to Japan.

On the docks, the Yamashiro’s ride is a boat where Oliver quips how he doesn’t like boats. Tatsu invites Oliver to stay with them in Japan on his way home to Starling City unfortunately, Waller and ARGUS won’t let them leave and opens fire on them.

The end result is that Oliver is forced to take Maseo and Tatsu’s son away to safety while the couple remain behind watching helplessly.

Back to the present, in the empty Verdant, Thea shares with Roy that she killed Sara unknowingly and he shares how he killed a cop under the influence of the Mirakuru. Thea feels guilty and can’t move on because she sees Laurel all the time. Roy tells Thea that she doesn’t owe Malcolm anything and doesn’t have to work with him to defeat Ra’s as she has a choice as to what to do.

So relieve her guilt, Thea visits Laurel (who is seeking forgiveness from her dad) to tell her that she killed Sara. Laurel doesn’t blame Thea but faults Malcolm.

In the Arrow Cave, Laurel is pissed at Oliver for not telling her that Thea was the killer. Oliver didn’t because he was afraid of her seeking vengeance. Laurel says she doesn’t blame Thea but Malcolm. Also, Laurel tells Oliver that she can’t believe she was ever in love with him. Something tells me they are no longer the end game couple.

At the loft, Oliver comes home and is pissed at Thea for telling Laurel. Thea says she needed to and that she has taken care of the Malcolm problem.

We see the Black Canary confront Malcolm outside of Verdant. Malcolm laughs off the Black Canary’s attempt at fighting him but he gets the last laugh as the League arrives and Nyssa easily takes him down and away. Nyssa tells Laurel that she will now have her vengeance as Malcolm will be killed.

In the Arrow Cave, Oliver is pissed at Laurel for going after Malcolm but she needed to do that. Oliver then tasks Felicity to find Malcolm. The ladies think he is crazy for wanting to save Malcolm. Oliver is only doing this to prevent Thea from feeling guilty for sending her father to his death. Felicity eventually tracks Malcolm down to a helicopter pad.

The Arrow goes to said helipad and despite putting a good fight against Nyssa, even taking her down, Malcolm escapes.

Now Nyssa is Team Arrow’s prisoner and when alone, Nyssa pretty much tells Oliver where Nanda Parbat is as she wants him to go there.

We also see Laurel and Nyssa bond over shared stories of Sara. Nyssa shares with Laurel the first time Sara arrived at Nanda Parbat and her first confrontation with Ra’s, which made Nyssa fall in love with her.

Everyone thinks Oliver is crazy for wanting to go to Nanda Parbat, even Thea but he is determined to go. But Oliver isn’t going alone as Dig, thanks to words of wisdom from Lyla, will be joining him using an ARGUS jet.

Meanwhile, Roy takes Thea to the family of the cop he killed and says he anonymously helps them by giving them money, buying groceries etc… Thea admits she does feel guilty over sending her father to his death and asks Roy to take her home.

Once back at the Arrow Cave, Thea tells Nyssa that she was the one that killed Sara and opens up her jail cell and hands her a sword so she can take her revenge.

AR315C_0108bLet’s take a break from the main action to focus on what Ray has been up to. Apparently, Ray has hunkered down in his penthouse to work on the ATOM suit but is having trouble figuring something out to get the suit to work. Felicity checks up on him and tries to convince him to eat and sleep. Alas, Ray doesn’t want to as he felt so helpless when Anna was killed and even when Brick’s men took over the Glades. Ray is determined to finish the suit.

Later on, Ray is having problems logging into the ATOM server and we see that Felicity password protected it to get Ray to take a break. Ray relents and while taking a shower, Felicity admires all of Ray’s art that he has at his place. Ray comes out only in a towel and looking extremely hot and I mean really hot. The two are talking and Ray mentions how he sometimes forgets that the two work together but when he’s with her, he just thinks of her as Felicity and just enjoys her company. Felicity kisses him and apologizes but he isn’t sorry and kisses her back. We later see the two in bed when Ray gets inspired by an idea, writes it down and then open the envelope that contains the password to the server (it was “password) and gets to work. We then see Ray step into the suit and on the roof top of Palmer Industries the ATOM takes flight. First off, I really do like Ray and Felicity together. I think they show way more chemistry than she and Oliver. Also, so cool to see the ATOM suit! Can’t wait for more of these two and the ATOM.

Back on Nanda Parbat, Oliver and Diggle have managed to infiltrate the League’s headquarters. They find Malcolm, who earlier we see him beg Ra’s for his life to no avail, but it’s a trap. Oliver and Diggle are captured. While in captivity, Oliver shares how he constantly thinks about his fall from the cliff and then asks what favour Diggle wanted to ask him. At first Diggle doesn’t think it is the time and place but Oliver wants him to ask him. So Diggle asks Oliver, whom he considers to be like a brother to be his best man. Oliver gladly accepts.

When Oliver comes face to face with Ra’s again, he pretty much tells Ra’s to kill him. But instead Ra’s says that he wants Oliver to take his place and become the new Ra’s Al Ghul. And I go what the heck just happened?

We won’t find out Oliver’s answer until March 18 so see you until then.



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