Marvel’s Agent Carter Season 1 Episode 8 “Valediction” Recap

For the past 7 weeks, Agent Carter has been such a joy to watch and really do hope that this is not a one and done season as the series ended on an interesting note that begs for more stories to be told.

Before we reach that conclusion, we immediately pick up where the last episode left off.

The police have brought in the SSR to the movie theatre massacre. We see that 47 people were killed and that their heads were bashed in, eyes gauged and their bodies littered with bite marks. Peggy determines that everyone in the theatre killed each other. Inside the theatre, Sousa finds the gas canister that was in the baby carriage. Upon closer inspection, Sousa gets doused with the gas. When Thompson approaches him, Sousa makes to kill him and hits Peggy who tries to stop him. A cop manages to knock up Sousa and when he wakes up later at the SSR Infirmary, he tells Peggy what he remembers and how he felt while on the gas. Sousa also apologizes to Peggy for hitting her. Later we see Thompson debrief the team that Ivchenko has stolen ten canisters of teh gas, enough to turn all of New York City into murderous fiends Peggy stated Ivchenko had a specific purpose for luring them to Russia and then being brought into the US. Stark comes into the SSR to state that Ivchenko is after him. All of the SSR points there guns at Stark and Jarvis is hilarious with his arms up in the air.

Meawnhile, Dottie and Fenhoff/Ivchenko are driving away when they are stopped by a cop for running a red light. Dottie adopts her innocent girl in a big city character and manages to get out of getting a ticketing. When the cop walks away, he hears the APB that aptly describes Dottie and their getaway car. The cop turns to go back but alas Dottie is there and pointing a gun at this poor cop.

In the interrogation room, Thompson blames Stark Dooley’s, Krzeminski and the moveie theatre deaths. Stark knows this and that is why he came back. Stark offers information on the Battle of Fennell and how he was tasked to develop a gas called Midnight Oil that was supposed to help keep soldiers away but caused psychosis and murderous tendencies. General McGinnis took the gas and used it as a weapon. Another side effect of the gas is asphyxiation. Peggy surmises that is probably why Brannis and Green Suit had their voice boxes removed. Also in Stark’s files is one on Ivchenko and his real name is Fenhoff, a psychiatrist who specializes in hypnosis. Stark tells the agents of SSR that he wants to use himself as bait to lure out Fenhoff.

At an airfield. Dottie deals with the mechanic there when Fenhoff hears a news report of Stark’s return and how he is holding a press conference at city hall. So the two head back to the city.

Before heading to the press conference, Stark sees what the lab techs have been doing with his weapons. Peggy thinks Stark is bad for using himself as bait but Stark needs to do this to atone for his sins. As they prepare, Stark stealthily steals back the vial of Steve’s blood. in lab Peggy hunks he is mad for doing this but stark needs to do this to make up for what he’s done. Stark steal vial of Steve’s blood.

DOMINIC COOPER, CHAD MICHAEL MURRAYAt press conference, Thompson clears Starks of everything with Stark feeding him lines to pump his tires. When Stark goes to speak he gets shot at and Jarvis whisks him away to waiting police car.

Peggy sees the shooter at the hotel across the way but when she and Thompson go to the room, the find a self-shooting rifle. Peggy realizes it is a distraction and she hears from Sousa that Stark was taken.

The cop that is driving Stark to Fenhoff is the one that Dotte confronted earlier, who is now all hypnotized. Stark tries bribing the cop but to no avail.

Eventually, Sousa and Jarvis find the cop car and the cop dead inside. Stark is now in the dark sedan with Fenhoff driving while Dottie aims a gun at Stark. Stark does not remember Dottie at all and their weekend together so she hits him.

HAYLEY ATWELL, CHAD MICHAEL MURRAYPeggy and Thompson determine that Fenhoff is targeting Times Square where VE Day celebrations are happening and he needs Stark for something. Thompson tries to get those celebrations called off but no dice.

The team find out that Fenhoff is leaving the city and they know that the gas needs to be released airborne but all the airports and airfields have been shut down. Jarvis pipes and says not all of them have been closed. Stark has a hanger where he keeps some planes. We flashback 6 months ago and we see Stark show Dottie said hanger and getting amorous.

Back to the here and now, Stark is in his hanger and still can’t remember Dottie. Fenhoff then tells Stark why he hates him. Fenhoff blames Stark for creating Midnight Oil that killed his brother with his body looking very much like the people in the movie theatre. Fenhoff survived because he had a gas mask. Stark keeps on apologizing for his actions and tells Fenhoff just to kill him.

However, Fenhoff has other plans and wants Stark to suffer. Fenhoff manages to hypnotize Stark into thinking that he is back in the arctic and is told they’ve found Captain America. Peggy is in his vision and gives Stark the Captain America shield and asks him to bring back Steve.

As the SSR arrive to the hanger, they see Stark take off on his plane, most likely to release the gas over Manhattan. Peggy needs to get to the hanger’s radio room to try and talk Stark of his hypnotized state. In case that doesn’t work then someone needs to go up in another plane to shoot Stark down. Jarvis is the one enlisted to do it as he is the only one that has flown a plane before.

RALPH BROWN, BRIDGET REGAN, HAYLEY ATWELLPeggy, with rifle in hand, makes it to the radio room where Fenhoff is speaking to Stark to keep in order his control. Peggy confronts the two but Dottie manages to get the rifle out her hand.

The two then fight where Dottie says that she is jealous of Peggy but realizes now she can be anything she wants and maybe she will be become an SSR agent. When Dottie says she is a bit disappointed that Peggy isn’t a formidable opponent, Peggy manages to knock Dottie out the window onto a plane below. I will admit I thought this fight would be a bit more epic than it was, I wanted more ass-kicking on both sides.

Fenhoff escapes and Thompson finds him but he gets knocked out. When Sousa comes upon Fenhoff to try and take him in, Fenhoff starts to use his hypnosis technique by saying that Sousa is not appreciated by his SSR peers and is unloved by Peggy. This reminds of what the necklace Horcrux said to Ron in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Just when we think Sousa has been hypnotized and is going to kill Thompson, he fact knocks out Fenhoff. The reason why the hypnosis didn’t work is Sousa was wearing earplugs.

Back in the radio room Peggy is trying to talk Stark out of his hypnotized state but he keeps on going on and on about saving Captain America and that he was the one good thing he did amongst all the destructive things. Jarvis has Stark in his sights and wants to know if he should shoot him down. Peggy wants Jarvis to stand down and tries again to talk Stark out of it.

Peggy tells Stark that Steve has been gone for a year and they have to accept it. While both loved Steve, it is time they moved on. Stark seems to snap out of it and realizes where he is so there is no need for Jarvis to shoot him down and the two return to the airfield.

When Peggy returns to the hanger, she notices that Dottie’s body isn’t on the wing of the plane with only a trail of blood left. Peggy says that we haven’t seen the last of Dottie.

The next day at the SSR, when Peggy arrives, all the agents applaud her for saving the day. But when a U.S. Senator comes to see Thompson, he heaps praise on him for being the hero and says he will get a congressional medal and a meeting with the president for. Thompson takes credit for all the praise, which pisses Sousa off. Sousa wants to tell the senator the truth but Peggy doesn’t care as she doesn’t need a medal or a meeting with the President for her to know worth. Sousa then asks Peggy out for drinks after work, which she politely declines but is open to have a drink another day as Peggy is meeting a friend after work.

That friend is Angie and the two of them are at one of Stark’s residences. Stark has offered the two of them as a place to stay since it is his fault that they were kicked out of the Griffith and Angie’s workplace destroyed. Angie is so excited to live in such a big place that she off to call her mom.

When Peggy and Jarvis are alone, he tells her that is more than  happy to assist Peggy whenever she wants. Jarvis also shares that Stark is going to destroy all his weapons as he don’t trust anyone to do the right thing with his weapons. Jarvis also offers the vial of Steve’s blood back to Peggy as she will know what to do with it.

As the sun sets, we see Peggy on the Brooklyn bridge. Peggy takes the vial of Steve’s blood and after saying “good bye my darling” she pours his blood into the Hudson.

In the coda, Fenhoff is brought to his cell looking a lot like Hannibal Lector. As he settles in, Fenhoff meets his cell mate, Dr. Zola (Toby Jones reprising his film role). Zola knows all about Fenhoff and the work he has done. Zola wants them to collaborate and says the one positive of their situation is they are in an American prison, where America is the land of opportunity.

The season finale seemed to have wrapped somethings up but did leave some room for a possible season 2, which I really hope there is one. I want to see more of Jarvis and Peggy on missions together. And we need to see more of Hayley Atwell, who just so good for these past 7 weeks. Come on ABC you go to renew Agent Carter.

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