Gotham Season 1 Episode 17 “Red Hood” Recap

Gotham-ep117_scn38_28762_hires1Just when I thought this was going to be a filler episode we do get some big things happen but let’s start with the C-plot tonight and then move towards the A.1 and A.2 plot.

Barbara is still a hot mess

I feel that Barbara is becoming like Glee’s Mr. Shue, a character whose only friends seem to be high schoolers. In Barbara’s case, she seems to enjoy the company of tweens Selina and Ivy. Barbara is still a hot mess that she gives her clothes to the girls. And I don’t quite know what to make of Barbara telling Selina that she is a beautiful woman and if she clean herself up and puts on a dress she can use her beauty as a weapon. Selina turns the tables on Barbara and asks her where her beauty lead her. Ouch.

Butch and the Penguin

The Penguin’s story is all about his club is floundering and now he is out of booze that Maroni (I think it was Maroni) is cock blocking the Penguin from buying more. But thanks to Butch and some corrupted cops, he has acquired the required booze to keep Penguin’s club afloat. As they toast their victory and new formed partnership, the Penguin notices Butch’s hand shake as he pours more whisky. Penguin asks if Butch misses Fish just as much as he has. Butch doesn’t miss her at all and says that she deserves what she got.

Meeting the management

Fish is being taken to meet the Manager. Along the way, Fish gets a sense of this organ black market racket. When Fish finds out the Manager isn’t the big boss, she refuses to speak to him and tells the Manager that she is in charge of the basement and no one leaves until she talks to the doctor, who she learns is named Dollmacher aka the Doll Maker (soon to be played by Colm Feore). The Manager then convinces Fish to take a shower and put on fresh clothes. When Fish returns she learns that the Manager wants to take here eyes so to prevent him from getting them, she scoops out her left eye with a teaspoon and steps on it, pissing the Manager off and making the audience want to throw up.

Alfie and Reggie

An old army buddy of Alfred, Reggie Payne (David O’hara) comes to see him at Wayne Manor saying that he is down on his luck. Bruce and Alfred open up their home to him where Reggie teaches Bruce some fighting moves. Later on, Bruce gets to hear all the army stories about Alfred from Reggie during their time at special forces. However, when Bruce retires for the night, Reggie wonders does Bruce know that Alfred has killed lots of people in his time at special forces. Alfred says no as we learned earlier that being part of Bruce’s life has changed him.

Late that night, Alfred catches Reggie stealing from Wayne Manor and tells him that he would have given him money if he just asked. Reggie says that it is hard for him to do and then asks if Alfred brought his gun with him, when he says no, Reggie stabs him. With Alfred bleeding out in the study, Bruce finds him and he calls and ambulance. Alfred then blackouts and we are to think he died. More on them later

The Red Hood Gang

The case that Gordon and Bullock are on is catching bank thieves where one member wears a red hood. The Red Hood gang comes about by accident as one member just wanted to wear a red hood and what ends up happening is a security guard misses him from up close and the gang gets away by him throwing money to the people of Gotham, making them out to be the Robin Hood of Gotham

This man, Floyd believes he is the leader of the gang and thinks the red hood is a symbol, which makes him the leader. Destro, another gang member kills Floyd and takes on the red hood making him the leader of the gang. They rob another bank and gets away again. But an eye witness comes forward and manages to ID Destro. Bullock and Gordon let him go in hopes of Destro leading them to their gang.

It so happens a member of the Red Hood gang is in Destro’s apartment and wants the red hood to impress his girlfriend and shoots him. The guy escapes but Bullock and Gordon get to Destro’s apartment and find out what bank they were going to rob next.

The Red Hood gang, reduced in numbers, go to the next bank but the Gotham police surrounds them. The new leader, with the red hood, believes it makes him invicible and there is a shootout between the gang and the police. Eventually, though the Red Hood gang is taken down and Gordon removes the mask. We later see a young kid pick up the mask and wear it and points his finger like a gun to the police crime scene. I am thinking that this kid is the Joker and not Jerome from last week as we were led to believe. Jerome is a red herring. I read on Wikipedia (which means its true) that the Joker was part of the Red Hood gang so that is my theory.

Back to Alfred. Gordon is called by Bruce about his butler. When Gordon arrives and comforts the young lad. Bruce admits that he is afraid of losing Alfred.

We then are in the Wayne Enterpries board room and we see Reggie in a suit presenting to the board, Bruce’s evidence wall. Reggie reports that Bruce has nothing on the board and with Alfred down for the count, the time is now to make a move on Bruce but tells the board that he is a good boy and doesn’t quite understand what they want to do with him The board is pleased with the report and gives Reggie a whole lot of money and tells him that they shall never meet again.

Until next week.

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