Broadchurch Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

I don’t know who schedules a brand new Broadchurch against the Academy Awards but Showcase decides to do so. After watching the over 3 hours and 30 minute ceremony you will forgive me if this recap just covers the really basics.

Let’s start with the persona lives of our Broadchurch residences.

Mark and Beth are trying to decide to remain married. Later on, Beth even confesses to Ellie that she is thinking about leaving Mark. However, Ellie gives some words of wisdom that might make Beth change her mind.

We also see Jocelyn grieve the loss of her mother which results in her confessing her love for Maggie, which at first she tells her that she is too late but the two end up kissing on the cliff tops of Broadchurch.


Tess, Hardy and Ellie find a connection with Gary Thorp, of Thorp Agri Services. Before heading off to question Gary Thorp, Ellie calls Claire, who is staying in a beach shack about burning the picture of her wearing Pippa’s pendant. This conversation was all about trying to get Claire to confess but alas she doesn’t.

When Hardy goes to question Lee at his home, the end result of that conversation is revealing that Claire was pregnant. When Lee confronts Claire about this piece of news, the make like George and Martha from Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf where Claire admits to having an abortion and Lee confesses that Hardy told him but he wants to know why Hardy knew. We see in the episode that Hardy was the one to take Claire and he was there for her as he comforted her after the abortion was performed.

Hardy and Ellie go to talk to Gary Thorp who admits that he was in love with Lisa and even stalked her but he didn’t kill her as he was in hospital after a suicide attempt. Ellie and Hardy then question Ricky Gillespie about Thorp, who at first denies knowing him but then admits to giving him money. Hardy notices the pictures of bluebells in Ricky’s office and asks him about it. After getting their questions answered, Hardy and Ellie leave and he gets her to call the number found on Claire’s phone and they hear the phone in Ricky’s office ring.

Paul finds Claire sleeping on a park bench and sees her battered face. Claire asks for sanctuary, which Paul offers. When Paul tells Claire that he can contact a battered woman’t shelter, she says that he has the wrong idea.

Later, Ellie and Hardy are working on timelines of the Sandbrook murder and realize that Lee only knew about Gary Thorp is because of Lisa. When Hardy asks Lee about his relationship with Lisa, he denies having any relationship with her. Hardy vows to get Lee to confess to Lisa’s and Pippa’s murder. We then see Lee flashback to being in front of the incinerator.

Back on the beach, Lee and Claire break up and discuss where they will go next.

The Courtcase

Sharon calls Ellie back on the stand to ask her about the money she lent to Lucy that resulted in Lucy going to the police with her evidence. Sharon insinuates it was a bribe.

We then see both sides going over how the jury will vote and then we get to closing arguments. The prosecution’s is focused on the fact that Joe didn’t take the stand while the defence’s focus is that Mark Latimer is the killer.

The judge gives instructions to the jury who are then sequestered. After getting a couple of questions answered, the jury is still deadlocked so the judge accepts a verdict that the majority can agree on.

While everyone is waiting for the jury to come back with a verdict, Claire arrives at the courthouse to give Hardy Pippa’s necklace and makes to leave but Hardy grabs her and drags her into the courtroom when the jury comes back with a verdict.

Of course we won’t know if Joe is guilty or not guilty till next week.

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