Bitten Season 2 Episode 3 “Hell’s Teeth” Recap

Greyston Holt as Clay Danvers

We open up one week ago in Brookline, Massachusetts. We see Paige wanting to leave the house but Savannah is being a petulant teen and wants to know why she has to stay home and do homework. When Paige goes to gran her keys, it moves off the counter. Paige thinks Savannah performed a spell but she denies doing so.

All of a sudden the ceiling starts to crack and the house starts to shake. From Savannah’s point of view, a man suddenly appears in front of her and introduces himself as Alastair. Alastair tells Savannah that the coven take her for granted and that she is the most powerful witch (I personally always thought that was Hermione Granger or Minerva McGonagall). Savannah says how can she be if she doesn’t have her powers yet. Alastair says that if she comes with him that he can teach her to unleash her powers. Alastair gives her a piece of candy that when Savannah eats it something travels down her arm and when Alastair says “I am the lock” Savannah replies that she is the key. While all of this is happening, every time Savannah looks over to Paige, she is just frozen on the spot. From Paige’s point of view, Savannah is frozen on the spot, while Alastair is moving really fast in his seat. By the time the scene unfreezes, Savannah and Alastair is gone.

Back to the present day, the wolf pack is running around Stonehaven looking for Malcolm. Alas, Malcolm is long gone. As the wolf pack decides their next move, Jeremy hears movement upstairs and discovers a ring making its way out of the chestnut bowl on its way out the door. Jeremy grabs it and allows the ring to lead him where it was going, which was to Ruth and Paige, who were outside of Stonehaven’t doors.

Paige performs a spell that forces Jeremy to release the ring back onto Ruth where all of the doors in Stonehaven to close.

Michael Xavier as Logan Jonsen, Greg Bryk as Jeremy Danvers, Tommie-Amber Pirie as Paige Winterbourne and Tammy Isbell as Ruth Winterbourne (backs to camera)

Michael Xavier as Logan Jonsen, Greg Bryk as Jeremy Danvers, Tommie-Amber Pirie as Paige Winterbourne and Tammy Isbell as Ruth Winterbourne (backs to camera)

The witches and the wolves have a discussion about Malcolm and how both sides need him. The two supernatural beings come to an understanding where the wolves will help the witches use Malcolm to draw out Alastair so they can get back Savannah and after they get what they want, they can have Malcolm back so Jeremy can hand him over to the alpha council. Nick and Logan are sent to go with the witches to help them out while Jeremy, Elena and Clay stay behind to deal with Roderigo’s body.

And it is a good thing to because Eduardo, a wolf that is part of the Spanish pack looking for his alpha. Clay and Elena hide Roderigo body while Jeremy pretends not to know where Roderigo is. Eventually, they manage to convince Eduardo that Roderigo never came to Stonehaven.

With Eduardo gone, Elena and Clay can dispose of Roderigo’s body properly. While dealing with his body, Elena notices Clay become distant and asks him to open up to her, which he does. Clay tells Elena that Malcolm killed his mom and when his dad saw what happened, he killed himself. Clay finally knows that he wasn’t abandoned and really should have used the killer instinct that Malcolm instilled in him on his teacher. Elena vows that they will kill Malcolm for his mom, Philip, Pete and Antonio.

We then get to see Savannah in captivity and she is in a room with a woman who keeps muttering to herself and a table with a spin top what won’t stop spinning. Every time I see something like that I think of the movie Inception and she is probably dreaming but in this show probably not. I digress, Alastair comes in and Savannah asks about the screaming lady. Alastair says the woman was screaming because of the baby and nothing that he’s done. So we know that Rachel is with Alastair. Savannah then shares a vision with Alastair about a werewolf named Malcolm who is in a barn and even wrote the na,e of the barn for him.

Meanwhile, we see that a woman picked up Malcolm. This woman, Bridget as pulled over to use her phone when Malcolm notices the magical marble in the car. Malcolm goes to choke Bridget but she performs a spell that smashes Malcolm’s face to the window. We later see Bridget use a spell that keeps Malcolm trapped to the hood of her car while she updates Ruth on what is happening.

At the barn, we see Ruth and Paige perform a spell that allows them to communicate with Savannah. Savannah tells her coven that their planned worked and mentions Rachel. Logan and Nick who were listening in (the latter calling this chat witch Skype or witch Facetime) and at the mere mention of Rachel, Logan gets up and starts questioning Savannah on his own and starts to shake Paige. This breaks the spell and Paige starts having seizures.

Steve Lund as Nick Sorrento

Steve Lund as Nick Sorrentino

Outside, the wolves and Ruth formulate a game plan when Bridget arrives with Malcolm. We then see Malcolm bound to chair via spell and unable to speak. Meanwhile, all around the perimeter of the barn are the wolves. After waiting 2 hours, Alastair finally shows up and learns that the spell includes a mute Malcolm. Alastair believes that Malcolm is the most powerful werewolf and thus covets him.

Ruth, Paige and Bridget appear and Alastair realizes that he needs to kill the witch performing the spell. Alastair notices that Bridget is hold her necklace up and deems her to be the spell caster and performs a spell of his own to let loose a piece of scrap metal to fly towards Bridget. We think that he missed because it hits a post but we see that Bridget has been stabbed so Malcolm is released while Ruth and Paige tend to Bridget.

Logan and Elena go and approach Alastair but he performs some sort of spell that causes and explosion in front of them that pushes them back and causes ringing in the ears of the wolves. Logan is out for the count

All of a sudden to van appear and Alastair’s followers come out and the wolves are fighting them. Elena chases after Malcolm while Nick takes Bridget’s body back into the barn.

In the barn, Nick is fighting off a follower and thanks to a spell from Paige, the manage to subdue her. Unfortunately, Bridget is dead.

Back to the fight out, Clay and Jeremy are doing their best to take down the followers while Elena catches up to Malcolm.

Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels and James McGowan as Malcolm Danvers

Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels and James McGowan as Malcolm Danvers

The two start to fight but Malcolm starts to toss Elena around like a rag doll and gets her in a choke hold and when it looks like she is going to die, Elena lets her claws come out and stabs Malcolm in the neck.

When Alastair comes upon the scene, he sees that Malcolm isn’t the most powerful werewolf and we see that he has set his sights on Elena. Elena starts to charge him with her fate unknown till episode’s end. We then see Jeremy and Clay come across Malcolm’s dead body but no Elena and Clay starts to yell her name.

After the fight is over, we see Logan wake up and see the followers loading their dead which Logan jumps in the back of the van pretending to be one of the dead in hopes that it will lead him to Rachel.

Back at Stonehaven, we see Nick take photos of a dead Malcolm most likely for the Alpha Council. On his back to the house, Nick sees Paige perform a witches last rights ceremony on Bridget. Nick comforts Paige, who feels guilty over Bridget’s death. Nick promises her that they will get their revenge and will get back Savannah, Logan and Elena. Paige wants to know why Nick is doing all of this as he barely knows her. Nick says that Paige risked her life to save her family and that is all he needs to know. Something tells me that these two might fall for each other as the season progresses – I am already getting that vibe between these two.

Inside the house, Clay, Jeremy and Ruth are trying to question the follower they captured to learn the location of Alastair’s compound. But she seems to be on some kind of spell that Ruth can’t reverse as the follower keeps on talking about a key and some sort of gate. The follower finds an knife and stabs herself and dies. When Clay wonders where is Elena is, we see her strapped to some sort of table with her fighting her restraints.

Now I see where this episode is going and I recall my friend and podcast co-host, Nadya saying that book 2 involved Elena being captured by someone who collects supernatural beings. So it seems that we are now starting to get to ramped up to what season 2 will be about.


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