The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 15 “Let Her Go” Recap

As if last week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries wasn’t hard enough. This week we had to say goodbye to Sheriff Forbes once more. I thought this was a fantastic episode. It had a good mix of emotion, suspense, romance, reveals, drama, and twists.  The series has found its stride this season and this episode is a prime example of that.

The episode picks up during the flashback last week ended with. The flashback we saw last time was Liz watching Caroline ride off on her bike. In this flashback, Caroline has taken a tumble on her bike shortly after Liz had let go. Liz begins cleaning her up and Caroline asks if she is going to die from her minor scrapes. When Liz calms her fears Caroline wonders if her mom will die one day. Knowing what we know now, it was a hard scene to watch.

Liz: “Everyone dies eventually sweetie, but not for a long, long time.”

Caroline: But what if you die and I am still around?

Liz: “You’ll be all grown up and you won’t need me,”

Caroline: “I think I’ll always need you.”

Caroline wakes up after that. It’s time for her to face the day, a day where her mother is only alive in her dreams. When she starts to get up we see that she is downstairs on the Salvatore’s couch surrounded by friends. They had all had a sleepover and it warmed my heart to see them all gathering around her. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that back in season 1 Elena, Matt, Caroline, Tyler, and even Stefan were all extremely close friends with no other drama except for who could raise the most money at a car wash.

While getting a glass of water, Caroline spots Damon attempting to write Liz’s eulogy. He’s really struggling and thinks that Liz is teaching him a lesson from the grave about how he handled his own mother’s death. Again, another mention of mother Salvatore…I can’t be the only one who thinks it’s a bit strange they keep bringing her up for the first time in 6 seasons.

Caroline doesn’t really want anything to do with Damon right now. This will probably be the worst day of her life and bonding with the one person who grinds her gears is not how she wants to start it. Damon of course has to make that sentiment worse. He tells Caroline that today won’t be the worst day of her life. That will come next week. That’s when all of the chaos of memorials and funerals will have passed and people start moving back on with their lives and she has to adjust to not having her mom around on her own.

She seems to take in what he says, but on the surface it looks like she’s ignoring it all. She’s got a checklist of everything that needs to get done for the funeral. It’s definitely a distraction but also planning is what Caroline does best. Her and Elena are starting the morning off casket shopping, and she probably says it a little more chipper than necessary, sending red flags up to all of her friends.

TVD_S6E15_Bonnie Speaking of friends, Bonnie is on day 278 in the prison world. She successfully made it to Nova Scotia and has taken all of the magic out of Qetsiyah’s stone. Am I the only one that would have loved a brief montage of watching Bonnie get to Nova Scotia? How did she even get there? She should be able to use the magic and next celestial event to get out of Kai’s prison world. Only problem is Kai is having some health issues, which could affect the existence of the prison world.

Jo, who has been throwing up all morning at Alaric’s is none too pleased to see Kai on the front porch. Turns out, he is having a similar problem; he can’t stop vomiting up blood. Kai thinks that he is facing some side effects of merging with the wrong twin. Turns out the whole I’m a twin and you’re a twin theory wasn’t the greatest idea. Basically, Kai is dying and if he dies then the whole coven dies and all of the prison worlds will cease to exist. Alaric catches that extra ‘s’ on the end of prison worlds. “Oh did they forget to mention that?” Kai says with a smirk.

Kai thinks that if Jo could just give him her magic it would essentially be a merge and he would be healed and the coven would stay alive.

We get our second flashback of the night. A small boy, assumed to be Stefan, is struggling with his tie. Damon walks into the room looking at least 10 years older than Stefan. This is the first time I actually wondered how old Damon actually is. I think the most believable here would be that Stefan is 10 and Damon is 16 or 17, but their age difference in the flashbacks has never looked this extreme.

damon-and-stefan-flashback-e1424404271149-570x280Damon helps him with his tie and Stefan says that he is going to be strong at their mom’s funeral. She visited him last night in his dream. He asks Damon how his eulogy is going. We all know that Damon will not be attending though. Back in the present, Stefan is once again asking Damon how the writing is going. Although, that’s really not what he wants to talk about.

Stefan wants some advice on how to handle the Caroline situation. He tells Damon that they kissed but he is unsure what to do next or how to handle it giving all that’s going on with Caroline right now. Unexpectedly Damon tells Stefan to let the whole thing go and not be with Caroline. According to Damon, if Caroline was the one then Stefan wouldn’t need to be asking what to do. He would know what he wanted to do. It seems like some abrupt advice considering how everyone has been someone aware of their budding relationship. But then again, Stefan has kind of been playing with her emotions and Damon just wants to protect her in Liz’s absence.

Damon tells him that if it doesn’t feel like it did before with Elena or Katherine then it’s not true love. I have to disagree with that theory as both of those relationships didn’t work out. So maybe it’s a good thing that it feels different. Damon tells him to figure it out but don’t figure it out today. The last thing that Caroline needs is her heart breaking even more.

Unfortunately for Stefan, Caroline is having the same conversation with Elena except for the fact that she needs to know all of the answers regarding Stefan today. That could definitely cause for some issues considering Stefan was given the opposite advice. Elena also gives Caroline some guidance on how to socialize with all of the people that will be coming up to her during and after the funeral.

It was refreshing to see Elena being supportive and there for Caroline. If anyone knows what it’s like to lose a parent it’s her. Elena also gives some wisdom to her writer’s block infected boyfriend. He needs to understand that this eulogy isn’t about Liz or Damon but for the people Liz is leaving behind, more specifically Caroline. That gives Damon the inspiration he needs as he flashes back once more to his mom’s funeral and seeing the look on his little brother’s face when he confronts Damon for skipping out.

Jo has decided to give Kai her magic so that she will feel better and so that her coven will be able to survive. Her and Alaric also exchange I love you’s to each other. Unfortunately, all of this witchy health drama in the real world is causing some issues for Bonnie’s escape from the prison world. As she starts her spell things start to change and she is taken away and placed into a snowy night. She finds footsteps leading to an older version of the Salvatore house except a lot of things are different.

At first I thought that the footsteps belonged to Luke, but on the desk is a photo of a young Damon and Stefan and a journal that tells her she is now in 1903. I immediately knew that she was most likely in Mother Salvatore’s room.

Caroline is in the church looking at the open casket of her mother when Stefan walks in. She tries to have a conversation about what happened and what that means for them now. Stefan tells her that now is not the time to talk about it, giving Caroline the answer that she didn’t want to hear. Heartbroken, she looks over at her mother once more and tells here that everything will be alright after today. I didn’t think much of it at first, but by the end of the episode its clear that line held a lot more weight.

vampire-diaries-season-6-let-her-go-photos-5The funeral begins. The police force perform a lovely tribute honoring Sheriff Forbes and then it is time for Damon’s speech. He takes the time to tell Caroline what Liz’s last message to her was. He tells Caroline how proud her mom was of her and how she knew her daughter was an extraordinary person, which is true on multiple levels.

Throughout his speech where he lifts Caroline up by saying that she is the most generous friend and a bright light in a sea of darkness, you could see Stefan becoming more aware of the remarkable person that Caroline is. It’s not that he didn’t already know it, but sometimes hearing others say it and watching others agree can often times pull your head out of your ass.

the-vampire-diaries-6x15-damon-768x300After Damon’s speech Caroline gets up and sings a song in honor of her mother. Candice Accola has such a pretty voice and it definitely seals the deal for Stefan. He has made up his mind about where he wants things to go with Caroline. The funeral ends and they all head over to Mystic Grill where Matt tells Tyler that he picked them up some applications for the police officer training program. Matt loves Mystic Falls and wants it to be a safe place. It’s a great path to take him on.

What I really wanted to happen was for Bonnie to get back to the present day in time for the funeral and be there for Caroline, but that didn’t happen. When Jo gives her magic to Kai, Bonnie is able to get back to the 90’s and perform her spell. She is recording the whole thing and at the last minute she sees a woman come out of the darkness clearly wearing early 1900 clothing. Obviously, it’s the Salvatore Matriarch.

A healed Kai tells Jo that she is pregnant. I’m not entirely sure how he knew this, but I didn’t care. I was already happy about that revelation but then to make things even better Alaric proposes to Jo! She thinks it’s a pity proposal, but it’s not. He already has the ring. He had actually planned on doing it that morning but she was sick. I am so happy for them and hope they can both make it to a wedding alive. How sad is that? This show stresses me out. Happy people don’t do well in Mystic Falls.

Take Caroline for example. She was our resident happy person, the light in a dark town. Until now. She leaves the Grill even though the gathering is still in full swing leaving Elena with some concerns. That’s when Elena figures it all out. The reason Caroline wanted to just get through today was becaue she had no plans to feel anything tomorrow. Caroline was going to turn off her humanity.

GENIUS. I never even thought this would be an option and I absolutely love it. What an arc for Caroline and what potential for Candice to show off even more of her acting chops. Elena tells her that it’s not an option and there is no way she would let Caroline do that. Caroline thinks that’s bull though. Elena got to flip her switch when Jeremy died. Elena got to erase her memories of Damon when he died. Stefan got to leave town when Damon died. How come they could all grieve that way and she isn’t allowed to do the same? A solid point.

Elena keeps pushing and just when you think that she has changed Caroline’s mind, Caroline snaps her neck.

Meanwhile Stefan is telling Damon that he was wrong about how he felt for Caroline. Sure, the two brothers had always experienced this type of true love that was all encompassing and world stopping, but this is different and he thinks that it’s a good thing. He thinks that the relationship with Caroline could turn into something even better.

He goes to see Caroline and tell her all of this but is only met with an unconscious Elena and no Caroline. I am so excited to see this potential new Caroline. Are you?

Damon walks into his house to see a plate full of pancakes and his new BFF Bonnie. They share a sweet reunion and embrace. The poor girl has no idea what has happened since she’s been away and I hope she is not too hard on herself for missing it, even though it was out of her control. She shows Damon the video and he confirms that it’s his mother, who everyone thought was dead.

The mom is such a mystery. So many things could be the case here. Is she still alive? Is she a witch? Is she a Gemini? Why was she in a prison world? Vampire Diaries always has a wheel turning and this seems like a great way to keep the Gemini coven story going.

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