Marvel’s Agent Carter Season 1 Episode 7 “Snafu” Recap

The events of tonight’s episode were literally quite explosive but before we can get to any of that, we have to see how Peggy gets her way out of SSR custody, which we know she does since she helps start SHIELD.

But before we find out we open up once again in Russia 1943. It is war time and Ivchenko is reading Dr. Faustus when he is asked by a surgeon to do his hypnosis thing on a private to calm him as is legs gets amputated. You see the field hospital has run out of anesthetics and the hypnosis thing does indeed work.

Fast forward three years later and Peggy is being interrogated by Sousa who presents her with a wall of evidence about her betrayal of the SSR and is quite angry over Peggy playing on their friendship. Peggy denies everything and says they got the wrong woman and there is now a trained assassin out on the loose and her strings are being pulled by someone. We see Ivchenko on the other side of the glass watching the interrogation. Thompson comes in to relay to Dooley that Agent Yauch was killed in an accident and questions the presence of Ivchenko in the room. Dooley defends his presence but Ivchenko decides to wait in Dooley’s office.

Later we alternate between Sousa, Thompson and Dooley interrogating Peggy. Part of their questioning insinuates that she and Stark were involved. Peggy finds that notion ludicrous and says that they almost had the assassin and her name is Dottie Underwood but probably isn’t going by that name anymore.

We see Dottie in a baby store buying a baby pram for purposes unknown at this point.

MARVELSAGENTCARTER_Y1_D107-F007_138153_6870-1024x683Jarvis comes to the SSR via the telephone operators entrance. One of the operators, Rose, with gun at the ready, initially doesn’t let him in but when Jarvis says he has a signed confession from Howard Stark, the room goes silent.

Jarvis tells Dooley, Sousa and Thompson that Stark confessed to everything from faking the robbery of his weapons to selling them and taking responsibility of the plant explosion. Jarvis was hoping this would clear Peggy’s name but Dooley isn’t convinced and will only release Peggy once they get Stark who apparently is on his way to Greeland. Oh and Peggy is fired from the SSR.

Peggy clears her desk of her meagre belongings and returns to Jarvis in the board room. The two talk about their predicament when Peggy realizes that Jarvis forged the confession.

Meanwhile in Dooley’s office, the chief is talking to his wife to patch things up and thanks Ivchenko for helping him with that. Back in the board room, Peggy and Jarvis are discussion plans to escape when Peggy notices that Ivchenko is using morse code on the window sill to signal someone in a building across the way. We see that it is Dottie in the dentist office writing down whatever Ivchenko is saying. Peggy too is writing down the message. Jarvis, who can read morse code, let us know that it speaks of an evacuation within 90 minutes and that Leviathan is coming.

Peggy tells Sousa, Thompson and Dooley that Stark’s confession is a fake and then admits everything. Peggy says she got away with her side mission because no one ever noticed her, that she was invisible to them unless she got them a file, coffee or lunch. Peggy then tells the men of what she saw Ivchenko doing, that he was communicating with some one across the street but the men don’t believe her.

However, when Peggy shows them the vial of Steve’s blood, this gets Thompson and Sousa to believe her but Dooley isn’t as convinced. But Dooley gets Thompson and Sousa to take some agents to check out the building across the way while be babysits Ivchenko.

When Dooley returns to the office, he asks Ivchenko to close the window, who notices the agents going into Dottie’s buiding. Ivchenko gets Dooley talk about his family and what he would like to happen at the reconciliation dinner. This conversation allows Dooley to be hypnotized.

In the building across the street, each agent takes a floor and Thompson warns Sousa of Dottie and tells him to shoot to kill. Sousa gets to Dottie’s floor and hears her come out and quickly go back in. Dottie waits it out and when she thinks the coast is clear, the leaves but notices Sousa’s shadow so is prepared to fight. The two do fight but Dottie manages to flee to the stairwell and scales down it quite impressively. Dottie encounters another agent and takes him down and she escapes. Later, Sousa finds the dentist’s rotting dead body and opens up the briefcase that Dottie left behind and find her weapons and the note that said to kill Peggy.

MARVELSAGENTCARTER_Y1_D107-F007_138153_6418-1024x683Back at SSR headquarters, a hypnotized Dooley locks Carter and Jarvis in interrogation room. Dooley then takes Ivchenko to the lab and blames the technicians for allowing Carter to steal one of Stark’s weapons (it is the one with Steve’s blood in it) and tells them all to go into an interrogation room.

MARVELSAGENTCARTER_Y1_D107-F007_138085_1472c-1024x683When they are gone, the two search for weapon 17. During their search, Ivchenko becomes intrigued with a vest that Stark invented. Eventually, weapon 17 is found and Dooley lets him walk away with the weapon while he takes back the vest that Ivchenko was so interested in.

Dottie picks Ivchenko up and says they’ve been compromised. Ivchenko is not too worried about that and won’t move to phase 2 of their plan until they have a chance to test weapon 17.

Meanwhile, Peggy and Jarvis smash the mirror in the interrogation room to get out but Thompson is on the other side asking what they are doing. Peggy then demands to see Dooley.

We see Dooley in a dream state, dreaming of reconciling with his wife. In reality, Dooley is in his office asleep at his desk. When Peggy, Thompson and Jarvis see him, the latter sees that Dooley has the vest on. It is glowing like a heater and Jarvis informs the group there is no way to stop it. Dooley starts to really overheat and he knows there is only one way out of this situation. So Dooley grabs Thompson’s gun, asks the group to apologize to his wife that he is going to miss their dinner and gets Peggy to promise him that they will catch Ivchenko. Peggy promises (I guess she is back to being Agent Carter) and we see Dooley shout out a window and jump out and he explodes over New York City, sacrificing himself to save others.

In the aftermath, Peggy blames herself for bringing Ivchenko stateside and she wonders what Brannis was hired to steal. Peggy realizes that it was Steve’s blood and rush to the lab to see if it was stolen but it was not. The team then search the lab to see what was stolen. The lab tech said crate 17 is missing but Jarvis doesn’t know what weapon 17 does.

We get to see what it does as Dottie pushes the baby pram in a movie theatre and releases a gas. Ivchenko blocks the exit and as the previews and ads roll the effects of the gas are revealed. Everyone in the theatre turn violently on each other and when late comers arrive and the usher unblocks the door everyone in the theatre is dead.

Next week is the season finale of Agent Carter and so glad ABC didn’t call it a series finale. I want more adventures of Agent Peggy Carter.

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