The Flash Season 1 Episode 14 “Fallout” Recap

We get introduced to the concept of time travel in tonight’s The Flash and we get see what happened after Ronnie Stein (Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein) sacrificed themselves to save Central City.

And this is where the episode starts off where the last one ended. Barry with Caitlin in his arms manage to outrun the mushroom cloud but both worry about their exposure to radiation. Cisco notes that they have low level of radiation on them.

the-flash-114-fallout-011-122289The two then rush back to the point of the explosion and there Caitlin finds Ronnie who has separated from Stein and the two lovebirds reunite.

General Ealing and his men visit the site of impact later and Ealing knows that Firestorm has separated.

Back at STAR Labs, Caitlin is finishing up on Ronnie’s vitals and all seems normal except that his temperature is running a bit high at 106. Stein is also okay but he too is running a similar temperature. The two men then get into an argument over their time sharing a body. Ronnie wasn’t happy with Stein pushing his subconscious down and keeping him away from Caitlin while Stein is grateful that he became the dominant personality as that allowed them to stay alive. Ronnie then leaves with Caitlin so they can grab some pizza.

the-flash-114-fallout-006-122284Stein then asks Wells if he can go home to his wife. Barry takes Stein home where he is reunited with his wife Clarissa.

Joe calls Barry to meet at the precinct and the two then go to Barry’s childhood home. In there, Joe shows Barry the slide show that Cisco developed and Barry learns that he has an adult was there that night his mom died.

When Joe and Barry return to STAR Labs to ask about the possibility of time travel. Wells explains that it is possible and gets quite technical that Cisco translates into terms that Joe will understand like time travel could go two ways: The Terminator way or Back to the Future way. Wells suggests that Barry talk to the one person that would know about time travel: Stein.

When Barry goes to see Stein, Clarissa tells Barry that her husband has been acting strange like all of a sudden having an affinity for pizza. Barry delivers a pizza to Stein and talks to him about time travel. Stein explains his theory that perhaps Barry ran fast enough that it allowed him to travel back in time. During their conversation, Stein starts to not feel well like his heart started racing. There is a reason for that.

At Jitters, Caitlin is sharing stories of all of her meta human encounters to Ronnie. Ronnie then asks Caitlin to run away with him so they can have a fresh start but Caitlin doesn’t want to leave all the good work she is doing in helping the Flash save the city. Caitlin the notices laser lights pointing at Ronnie and tells him to duct. All of a sudden tranquilizer darts are flying all of Jitters but Caitlin manages to get away. Ronnie too makes his way outside but General Ealing and his men are outside waiting for him. The Flash, tipped off by Stein that Ronnie was in trouble, takes down Ealing’s men but Ealing tosses up a device that rains down nails that takes down the Flash. Caitlin pulls up in a van and rescues both the Flash and Ronnie.

Back at STAR Labs, Caitlin is removing the nails and remembers that Jason, one of Stein’s students mentioned that the army took all of his research so should have known Ealing was behind it. Team Flash worry about the safety of Stein, who has arrived at STAR Labs. After some testing, Caitlin sees that Stein and Ronnie share the same brain waves. The two may now be separated but the Firestorm matrix wants to pull them together again.

In other storylines, Iris’ co-worker, Mason is investigating the possibility that Wells deliberately allowed the particle accelerator to explode in order to create the meta humans. Iris thinks that is ludicrous and defends Wells. Mason is trying to butter up Iris because she knows the folks at STAR Labs and wants to get the inside scoop to its inner workings.

To keep Caitlin and Ronnie safe, Barry takes them to his place. When Iris arrives for the usual Tuesday night dinner, she meets Ronnie, whom Caitlin introduces as her cousin Sam from Coast City. Iris thinks she’s seen Ronnie somewhere before but he says he probably has just one of those faces.

We later see Iris find a picture of the Burning Man and see that it is Ronnie. When Iris later ask Caitlin about her cousin at episode’s end, she mixes up her stories. Iris then shows Mason the picture of the Burning Man aka Firestorm and agrees to help him learn the truth about STAR Labs.

Wells later meets with Ealing to say he knows nothing about Firestorm but their meeting seems to result in Wells drugging Stein’s drink back at STAR Labs so Ealing can grab him. As Stein goes down, Ronnie feels a bit dizzy too.

In captivity, Stein is being tortured and Ealing reveals that he wants to use the Firestorm matrix to create super soldiers that can shoot fire from their hands and can fly. Meawhile, in STAR Labs, Ronnie is using his connection to Stein to get a location. The only clues are that he is really cold and when Ealing starts to using an electricity stick to shock him, Ronnie feels it too. Ealing notes that the weapon was the same one he used on a gorilla.

Ronnie then breaks a glass to carve the word “where” on his arm. Stein sees this on his own arm and when he is alone, he uses morse code to state his location, an abandoned army base.

Ronnie realizes that he and Stein need to merge again. Before going, Ronnie, with quantum splicer in hand, kisses Caitlin and tells her that no matter what happens he will always love her.

the-flash-114-fallout-018-122296Barry and Ronnie arrive outside the army base where the Flash rescues Stein just before he is shot in the head by Ealing. When outside, Ealing’s men fire some find of chemical missile at the Flash that starts to burn his suit so Barry has to run super fast to snuff it out.

Meanwhile, Ronnie and Stein merge and become Firestorm and this time they work together to take down Ealing’s men. When Ealing is about to take down Firestorm, the Flash takes down Ealing and the two new heroes return to STAR Labs.

the-flash-114-fallout-010-122288Back at STAR Labs, Firestorm is able to separate again into Ronnie and Stein. The two realize that they need to run away together as it isn’t safe for them to remain in Central City. Back at Stein’s, he says farewell to his wife and Ronnie says goodbye to Caitlin. The two merge and fly off together to Pittsburgh. I am sure, and hoping, this won’t be the last time we see Firestorm.

After all of this is over, Caitlin is at peace now with her relationship with Ronnie and no longer feels any despair over losing her fiancee again.

Also, we return back to the time travel portion of our episode. Barry asks Joe over to his childhood home (what happened to Sherry, the owner of the new home?) and tells his father figure that he will learn from his mistakes and when he does go back in time, he will save his mother. I have a feeling that this won’t end well.

In the post credit sequence, we see Ealing being whisked away by the Reverse Flash to the sewers. The Reverse Flash takes off his mask and it is Wells, who is proud to be a meta human and isn’t the only one. We hear some voices and Ealing says “oh my God” which the voice corrects it to Grodd and we see the gorilla grab Ealing most likely to his death.

And we are off for a few weeks but when we return on March 17, 2015, Wells might finally be revealed as the show’s big bad.

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