Broadchurch Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

embargoed_until_20th_january_broadchurchep3__11_mediumThe following recap contains spoilers for season 2 of Broadchurch that won’t air in the United States on BBC America until March 4, 2015. If you don’t want to know what happens then stop reading now. If you do, then please read on. The Trial Tom Miller takes the stand and Ellie isn’t present as she was told to stay away. On the stand Tom tells the court about how his father was after Danny’s murder, how he came to know Susan Wright and what he was doing meeting Mark Latimer in Susan’s caravan. Tom lies to the court and says that during one of their meetings that Mark said he was guilty in the murder of Danny. Beth isn’t happy that Mark had been meeting with Tom but when he tells his wife that he was doing so as it made him feel closer to Danny. When it is Jocelyn turn to cross-examine him, she manages to wear Tom down to admit that Mark never said that he was guilty of killing Danny. Next it is Mark’s turn on the stand, which Beth encourages him to just tell the truth. In the gallery is also Becca Fisher, who came to see what is going to be said about her. Mark tells the court about Nigel and what he was doing the night on Danny’s murder, which was having an affair with Becca Fisher. Mark later admits that he didn’t immediately return home but drove his car over looking the cliffs to write a letter to his wife to say their marriage was over and he had met someone else. This greatly upsets Beth who walks out of the court and is crying in a stairwell with Ellie comforting her and blaming Joe for tearing their families apart. Sharon insinuates that Mark killed Danny so he won’t reveal his affair with Becca and got Nigel to dump the body. Sharon also reveals to the court how Mark came to visit Joe in the jail the day he was arrested. Sharon feels this visit won’t allow Joe to have a fair trial and wants the case dismissed. Jocelyn instead asks for an adjournment so she can investigate whether or not there was some interference from the offices that let Mark see Joe. The judge allows the adjournment. Later on, Beth questions Mark on why he is staying in their marriage and then wants him to tell the truth and also places blame on him if the trial gets dismissed. Mark then walks away from Beth. When Mark returns home later that night, nothing seems to have been resolved between the two. Outside the courtroom, Ellie yells at Tom for lying on the stand and asks him if he is ashamed, which he says he is. Ellie then gets Tom to come home with her and Fred. When the Millers come home, Ellie tells Tom that they are going to repaint her room and will eventually redo the whole house to make it their own. At Maggie’s, she has Jocelyn and Ben over for dinner where the two discuss the case. And over some carbonera, Jocelyn tells Ben that she is going blind and that is why she has him reading the case files for her. But Jocelyn assures Ben that she can finish the case and that she needs this case. Meanwhile, Ollie is openly flirting with Abby who invites herself over to his place where the two have sex. While Ollie sleeps, Abby sees some paperwork on the kitchen counter when Lucy comes home and wakes Ollie up to kick her out. The next day in court, Jocelyn assures the judge that no misconduct occurred, she agrees and the trial continues. Sharon tells Abby that she doesn’t want to lose to Jocelyn and Abby says that she may have found something that might help them. Earlier, we saw Sharon call someone asking details on her son’s beating and near episode’s end we see her flip through photos of her son when he was young while tears stream on her face. Jocelyn also received some bad news, her mom fell at her care home and has passed away. Sandbrook Hardy and Ellie are at the lake that Hardy found Pippa. The two are going over scenarios at how the killer could have brought Pippa’s body to the lake without being seen. The two later move into the forest and further speculate. When Hardy mentions how bluebells would have grown around the time of the murders, he says that it is more than likely that Claire sent the flower to herself. Hardy then decides to cut all ties to Claire just to see what will happen. When Hardy calls Claire to tell her so and that she has to leave the safe house withing 48 hours, she gets very upset. Hardy meets up with his ex Tess, who tells her about his pacemaker operation and about making up a will. Hardy wants to reconcile with his wife so they can be a real family again. Tess is not so open with that idea. Back at the Gillespie’s, Kate is still drinking her troubles away, which Ricky makes a snide comment on. Ellie breaks the tension by looking at a photo of Pippa wearing the pendant that went missing. Hardy interrupts to show Ellie in the backyard how the fence between the Gillespie’s and Lee and Claire’s actually has a gate that allows easy passage between the two properties. Ellie later visits Claire, who wants to stay with Ellie because they are friends. Ellie scoffs at that and refuses to defend her to Hardy unless Claire tells her the truth. Claire promises she will if she can do Ellie’s hair, Ellie agrees. Later on, Claire visits Lee, who blames her for screwing up their plan. When Lee makes to choke her, what started out as a violent situation, turns into the two having sex. We also see the two later look at some houses and that situation is very similar to what the two had back in Sandbrook. Lee later tells Claire that they cannot keep on doing what they are doing. Hardy undergoes successful pacemaker surgery and while under, he has visions of both the Sandbrook and Broadchurch case. When he awakes, Ellie is there but Tess later comes to take Hardy home and takes care of him for a bit Claire is doing Ellie’s hair and two have some girl talk and Ellie is surprised that Claire brought her hair supplies with her when she went into hiding. Claire says she also brought her portfolio with her. Ellie asks to flip through it and as she does, she sees a photo of Claire wearing Pippa’s pendant. Claire sees her mistake and closes the book on Ellie, who doesn’t reveal what she has seen. We later see Claire burn the photo. After, Ellie phones Hardy but Tess answers and Ellie tells her what she saw. We get a flashback the night that Tess lost the evidence when she decided to have an affair with a fellow officer. When Tess and her lover walk away from her car, we see someone smash the car window, take the evidence bag and walk away with it and the person is revealed to be Claire. It is interesting having these two parallel cases happening at the same time that makes me wonder if the two actually will converge and intersect.

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