Gotham Season 1 Episode 16 “The Blind Fortune Teller”

Tonight we get introduced to Dick Grayson’s parents and a young lad whom we presume is going to be the future Joker.

Since we are talking about the Joker, let’s start with what happened with Bruce this episode.

Gotham-ep116_scn32_25718r_60332d1c-1024x683Mr. Wayne will see you now

The episode opens with Bruce sleeping on the couch in his study with his notebook open. We see questions that Bruce has for the Wayne Enterprise Board. The next morning, Bruce asks Alfred if everything is arranged for his meeting with board. Alfred says everything is ready but tells him his desire to meet with the board is a bad idea.

The meeting happens and Bruce shares his concern over Wayne Enterprises mob dealings with Arkham and also its involvement with some nuclear waste plant. Members of the board don’t seem to be taking him seriously and even says he has no evidence with his allegations. Bruce tells the board that if he were a man, he would be chairing the board and things would be different. Still I am not 100% sure the point of this scene as no one on the board seems to be quaking in their boots.

The Penguin going out of business

The Penguin’s take over of Fish’s club is an epic failure. The entertainment is the Penguin’s mom and when someone heckles her, the Penguin quickly silences him permanently. To help the club, Falcone gets Zsasz to pay the Penguin a visit and gift him with Butch – yes Fish’s Butch – to help run the club and make it successful. Zsasz apparently has turned Butch into a puppet that will do anything you tell him to.

Barbara returns

The hot mess that is known as Barbara Kean has come back home to her penthouse. Instead of finding Gordon there, she finds Selina and Ivy. Barbara doesn’t bat an eye lash at the presence of the tweens and later on we see her take fashion advice from two 12-year olds in order to get Jim back. More on that later.

Fish is in charge

In this underground prison, we learn that Fish and company are being used as organ donors. Fish makes a speech to her new flock that if they stick together as a family, they can fight back. When their captors come to get one of Fish’s own, she starts to bargain with the leader. The man called Thomas Schmidt, tells Fish that the manager won’t be too happy with her and wants to take her to speak to him. Fish says sure she will speak to him if Thomas stays behind. Thomas refuses so Fish beats up the man they came to make him useful for their captors’ purpose. Eventually, Thomas comes back and says the manager agrees to Fish’s terms. Thomas stays behind and Fish goes off to meet the manager.

Gordon and Leslie go to the circus

Gotham-ep116_scn5.1_26715r_2dfb8c17-1024x683Gordon and Leslie are on date at the circus. When the Flying Grayson’s finish up, the clowns come on but soon an all out brawl breaks out that is definitely not a part of the act.

Gordon has to break up the fight while Leslie treats the injured. It seems the clowns and the aerialists are in a Hatfield and McCoy type feud that stretches back to WWI. The fight is between Owen Lord and Alphonse Grayson over a woman called Leila who is the circus’ snake dancer. Leslie is treating a John Grayson and Mary Lord who are at each other’s throats placing the blame on each other for the fight.

Gotham-ep116_scn10_26971r_e6a75fb2-1024x683Gordon and Leslie ask the circus ringmaster about Leila and he reluctantly takes them to her trailer where they meet her son, Jerome, who comes across a bit creepy. Gordon sees that Leila’s snake is a bit agitated and asks it to be set free and it leads them to the body of Leila who throat has been slit. The ringmaster admits to finding her dead and moving her body to the back of the truck.

The entire circus is taken back into police headquarters where everyone is questioned. Owen Lord and Alphonse Grayson blame each other for Leila’s murder while we learn that Mary and John are the Romeo and Juliet of the circus. Jerome is questioned about who would want to kill his mom.

Gotham-ep116_scnA23_25797r_9689b71b-1024x683Nygma and Leslie update the captain, Bullock and Gordon on the time of death and the murder weapon.

Later a blind man comes in, Mr. Sisero and is the circus’ psychic. Sisero claims that he has a message from Leila from the beyond and gives a riddle for Leslie and Gordon to solve.

Gordon let’s the circus go but before hand gives a lecture for them to get their act together. Later that night, Leslie has cooked Gordon a delicious meal to make up for their circus date being cut short. During the dinner, Leslie solves the riddle and gets Gordon to drop what they are doing to visit the park near Arkham Bridge. When the two go there and search the ground, the find a hatched with satanic symbols scratched on it, placing the blame on Leila on some satanic cult that hasn’t killed anyone in over 10 years. Gordon seems to know who killed Leila and gets a mobile unit to make two pick ups.

Back at police headquarters, Gordon and Leslie are so cute when the two each admit they were right in the case and the two then go and interrogate the two that were picked up.

The first to be brought in is Sisero and later on Jerome is brought in. Gordon deduces that Jerome killed his mom and went to Sisero to clean up and the blind man got Jerome to carve the satanic symbols in the hatched and to throw it off the bridge. Gordon also determines that Sisero is Jerome’s father. Jerome doesn’t believe it as he was always told that his father was a sea captain who died at sea. But Sisero tells Jerome that he is his father. All of a sudden Jerome’s true colours are revealed and he gleefully tells Gordon why he killed his mother and what he really felt about her. Jerome says all this while porting classic Joker facial expressions and laughing maniacally.

Later in the men’s locker room, Leslie found the experience a bit disturbing but also exciting at the same time. Gordon tells Leslie that she is one interesting lady and the two start to kiss passionately. Unbeknownst to them, Barbara sees them and walks away.

That is not how the episode ended (it ended with Fish going to meet the manager) but I wanted to end with this storyline to say what a breath of fresh air the character of Leslie Thompkins is to Gotham. 

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