Bitten Season 2 Episode 2 “Scare Tactics” Recap

Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels

We were briefly introduced to the witches in last week’s episode and tonight we got to know them some more and even our favourite werewolves got a chance to meet them face-to-face.

But first, let’s start with Clay, who is in Louisiana to learn more about the Infinity Alliance symbol that was drawn in the house in Rochester and by Malcolm on a paper placement.

The episode starts off 20 years ago in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We see 10 year old Clay and his mom outside a trailer waiting for his dad, a marine, to come home from his deployment in Somalia. Young Clay isn’t too thrilled having his dad come home but him mom assures him that he will always be her guy. Clay’s mom tells him to run away to go and play but warns him to avoid a certain area.

Young Clay arrives at the house where the Pack found Malcolm and there young Clay encounters Malcolm, who pretty much tells the lad that he is going to chase him to hunt him and eat him. Young Clay then runs away and hides behind a tree with some branches protecting him. But Malcolm’s wolf comes upon him and bites his leg.

In the present day, Clay visits a professor that he has contacted. When Clay shows the Infinity Alliance symbol, the professor clams up and says he has no clue what it is. However, Clay knows that he knows something. The professor says it has something to do with witchcraft, and has nothing to do with Wiccan. The professor points Clay to a woman named Euroba who can tell him which branch of witchcraft this symbol comes from.

When Clay arrives at Ms. Euroba’s place, it is abandoned and when he goes into the backyard shed, he finds Ms. Euroba dead with her throat slit. When Clay searches the shed, he finds a book of spells that has the Infinity Alliance symbol in it and written underneath is “The Destroyer is Coming”.

Back at Stonehaven, Logan is getting nowhere with Malcolm who refuses to tell him where Rachel is until Logan lets him out. Of course, Logan doesn’t let him out. Back up stairs, Elena really wants to kill Malcolm for killing Philip and is a little distracted when Diana, Philip’s sister keeps on texting her.

Jeremy tells his pack that they have to keep Malcolm alive as he is their only hope in locating Rachel. Even then Jeremy tries to question his father about Rachel’s location, Malcolm stays mum but says that something dark and evil is coming for them. Of course, Jeremy doesn’t believe him.

Greg Bryk as Jeremy Danvers and Steve Lund as Nick Sorrento

Greg Bryk as Jeremy Danvers and Steve Lund as Nick Sorrento

Nick and Jeremy decide to bring back Roderigo to see Malcolm, who volunteers to kill him for Jeremy to help unite the global Alphas. However, when Roderigo goes to see Malcolm, it really was a reason for Jeremy to slit his throat and kill him for funding Malcolm’s mutt uprising. When Jeremy again demands to know where Rachel is, the lights in Stonehaven start to flicker and whispers are heard in the house.

Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels

Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels

The light flickers off and the whispers continue. Fog starts to envelop around Stonehaven so Jeremy sends Nick and Elena to investigate.

Elena is cautious as she wanders the forest around Stonehaven. Meanwhile, Nick encounters Savannah, the woman with the white eyeballs who touches just under the eye. Just when we think nothing has happened to him, Nick’s eyes starts to ooze blood and he screams in pain. When Elena and Jeremy come across him, Nick talks about how he can’t stop the blood and that he is blind. Jeremy and Elena says that there is no blood and he gets Elena to take Nick back to the house.

Steve Lund as Nick Sorrento

Steve Lund as Nick Sorrento

While all of this is going on, Ruth enters the house and uses her locator marble to find Malcolm. When Ruth attempts to the basement, Logan, in wolf form scares Ruth away.

When Elena returns Nick to the house, she manages to calm down and let him know she is alright.

The next day, Nick tells Elena to get some rest and he will keep watch for whatever is out there. But Elena cannot as she is going to see Diana who has arrived in Bear Valley. Nick tells her to be careful and should she encounter a woman with white eyes, to run her over.

In the Bear Valley diner, Diane wants to know what Philip got caught him. Elena gives some half truths saying that her past caught up with her and that her family are involved with some not so good people. Diane believes that Elena’s family is involved in some sort of crime family. Elena tries to apologize to Diane for her past getting Philip killed and when Diane asked if Clay stabbed Philip she says no but tries to protect him. The friendship between Diane and Elena is over as Diane tells her to never contact her and her family again and she will return the favour.

Back at Stonehaven, Jeremy tries to get Malcolm to explain what happened the day before and even asks him about what happened in Rochester. The only thing that Malcolm tells his son is that whatever attacked them in Rochester is coming upon them. When Clay comes back to Stonehaven, he tells his pack and Malcolm that it is witches involved and that Malcolm killed Euroba who was protecting the book.

Featured Image for previewSo Nick, Clay, Jeremy and Logan decide to cast a spell to call the witches back. The spell works, well not really as the front door was left unlocked, as the Pack finds Ruth and her associate in the study.

Jeremy gets Clay and Logan to guard the entrances while he and Nick meet with Ruth and Paige, who shows off her powers to them.

Ruth tells Jeremy that he knows that they are werewolves and that they are witches, that both are creatures of the Otherworld, not human or special. The crux of this conversation is about forces out there that want Malcolm and they want him too to off him as an exchange to these other forces that have a fellow witch who hasn’t fully come into her powers. Jeremy tells Ruth that they aren’t giving up Malcolm. When Ruth goes to leave, she tells Jeremy that they will calling her and the witches for help when these forces come to get Malcolm. Jeremy says that it is highly doubtful that they will. When Jeremy says that, we know that the witches and werewolves will join forces sometime this season.

Tammy Isbell as Ruth Winterbourne and Tommie-Amber Pirie as Paige Winterbourne

Tammy Isbell as Ruth Winterbourne and Tommie-Amber Pirie as Paige Winterbourne

While the witch and werewolf council is happening upstairs, Elena goes to see Malcolm about wanting to know why he killed Philip. Malcolm taunts Elena saying that she was foolish for thinking she could have a normal human life in Toronto and killed Philip to unleash the wolf within. The only thing that Elena has in mind is revenge and is ready to unleash her wolf to kill Malcolm and is about to open his cage when Clay and Logan stop her. Clay takes her upstairs to his room where Elena admits that she needs to deal with Philip’s death and Clay offers to be there for her. The two then proceed to have sex.

With the spell book in hand, Jeremy visits his dad again and tells him that he knows that he doesn’t know where Rachel is and there goes his last bargaining chip to stay alive. Jeremy tells Malcolm that he will die the next day. Jeremy then tells Logan that they will find Rachel and he and the pack will be there for him as they are family.

The next day arrives and when Elena wakes up she senses that something isn’t right. Elena sees the window open and when she and Clay make their way to the kitchen, they see that every door is open. The camera then focuses in on Ruth’s marble that was hidden amongst the bowl of chestnuts and when the Pack go down to the basement, the cell door is open and Malcolm is gone.

So will the witches exchange Malcolm for this witch? Will the Pack catch up with them to take Malcolm back? Will Logan ever get Rachel back?

Let’s see what happens next week.

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