Saving Hope Season 3 Episode 15 “Remains of the Day

We are in the home stretch of season 3 and tonight we might have a winner in our Alex baby daddy sweepstakes and a prediction I made about Dawn in episode 13 might just be coming true so let’s start with Hope Zion’s Chief of Surgery.


Michael Shanks as Charlie Harris and Michelle Nolden as Dawn Bell

Michael Shanks as Charlie Harris and Michelle Nolden as Dawn Bell

Dawn returns to her office to find Giselle there sitting on her couch eating a cracker. Dawn wonders why she isn’t in school and Giselle claims it is a Pro-D Day. Dawn calls Mr. Perez, Giselle’s social worker to come in and take her off her hands and into another foster family. It seems that Giselle has run away from another foster family.

While waiting for the social worker to come, Dawn finds Giselle in the ICU sleeping in the same bed that Leila, her foster mom that died, was in. Mal doesn’t want to disturb and Dawn agrees as then she will know where to find Giselle when Mr. Perez shows up.

It seems that Mr. Perez is taking his time coming to Hope-Zion and when Dawn goes to find Giselle she is no longer in the bed in ICU so she gets Mal to call in a code yellow.

Eventually, Dawn finds her in the hospital cafeteria and she splits her sandwich with Giselle. Giselle wonders why Dawn is always alone and why she doesn’t have friends. Dawn says she has friends but when she can’t explain why she isn’t eating lunch with them but with her, Giselle offers that they must be busy. Dawn says that is the reason.

Mr. Perez does show up and the two talk about Giselle’s foster family situation. Hearing this Dawn suggests that perhaps she could be Giselle’s foster parent. When Mr. Perez goes through the process that includes home visits, which means Dawn will have to cut down her hours, she realizes that she can’t be Giselle’s foster parent as she watches her eat a snack in her office. So Dawn tells Mr. Perez to take her away while she hides in the office next door.

While Dawn is using her dust buster to suck up the crumbs left behind by Giselle, she comes to a realization and runs to catch Mr. Perez and Giselle. Dawn offers to take Giselle for the week while Mr. Perez finds a foster family.

I am going to skip Dawn introducing Charlie to Giselle till later but want to get to the scene where Dawn is driving Giselle home. A part of me thought a terrible car accident was going to happen but thankful it didn’t. But Dawn gives Giselle a look that I can’t tell if she regrets taking the young teen in or is thankful she made the right decision.


Sydney meets up with Maggie in the elevator and it looks like her engagement to Hershel is broken. I made this assumption because Sydney got a gift card to a seafood restaurant as an engagement gift and she wants to give it to Maggie. Maggie thinks it is a kiss off gift after what happened to them but Sydney assures it isn’t. Sydney just wanted to give her something to treat herself. Maggie would love to accept but she is sort of allergic to seafood. As Maggie leaves the elevator, Sydney wonders how someone can be sort of allergic to seafood.

Julia Taylor Ross as Maggie Lin and Mac Fyfe as Dr. Dey

Julia Taylor Ross as Maggie Lin and Mac Fyfe as Dr. Dey

Later on, it seems that Sydney gave her gift card to Dr. Dey who promptly asks out Maggie. Maggie wonders about Dey’s vow of celibacy, which he says is over. Maggie agrees to go out with him and when they leave for their date, Sydney sees that Dey is going to use the gift card to take Maggie out. Sydney looks a little hurt but Maggie invites Sydney to join them. You can tell that Dey totally doesn’t want Sydney to join them but is a gentleman and says she is welcome. At first, we think Sydney is going to say no but she accepts their invitation.

Alex and Joel

Alex’s patient is Bill Halperin, a remedial high school English teacher. Bill fell off the stage while rehearsing as the Ghost of Hamlet’s father. Bill has some bruised ribs and when Alex goes to examine him, Bill recites some of his lines and this triggers a memory that Alex had while in the spirit world or even a childhood memory of her father’s suicide. Alex hand starts to cramp and ends the exam. Meanwhile, Bill’s students are outside, very much worried for their teacher.

Erica Durance as Alex Reid and Michael Shanks as Charlie Harris

Erica Durance as Alex Reid and Michael Shanks as Charlie Harris

Alex goes to Charlie for a consult and tries to open up to him about what he say but Larouche calls him into surgery (more on that later). We later see Alex use Maggie’s name to get her dad’s medical files.

Because Charlie was busy, Joel is brought in to consult on Bill and it is determined that surgery is required. While in surgery, Joel sees something interesting and brings in Dr. Rocca for a consult. Joel believes that Bill has vanishing bone disease and while Bill recovers, Joel tells him the news and that it requires more surgery to fix the problem. Bill wants the surgery and Joel goes off to book the ER. Alex takes his vitals and Bill having difficulty remembering his lines. But when Bill calls Alex Julia, Alex believes that something else could be wrong with Bill.

Daniel Gillies as Joel Goren and Erica Durance as Alex Reid

Daniel Gillies as Joel Goren and Erica Durance as Alex Reid

When Alex tells Joel this, Joel seems a bit peeved at Alex as he has booked an OR for Bill and now Alex wants to call in a psych consult because their patient called her the wrong name. But Dey was brought in to see Bill and he rushes out his room to grab the doctors. Bill is having seizures.

Meanwhile, Bill’s students are waiting news on their teacher. It is clear they want the play to go on but without their leader that inspires them, they don’t see it as being possible.

Now Joel is at a lost as to what is wrong with Bill so he works together with Alex, Rocca and Shahir to see what could be wrong. Shahir says they will know for sure if they do a brain biopsy. During the biopsy, Bill is awake and shares with Alex that Julia was his wife and she died of breast cancer.

The result of the brain biopsy reveals that Bill has a terminal illness because of a genetic disease that I cannot pronounce or even spell the name of but it apparently causes lesions in the brain, seizures and bones to easily break. Joel and Alex break the news that he won’t live past 50.

To cheer Bill up, Alex wheels him to the hospital’s lobby. There his students put on Hamlet, with a female Hamlet. Bill’s stage manager, takes over the role of the Ghost. Through tear-filled eyes, Bill looks on proudly as his students perform the play.


Zach brings in Charlie to the ER to treat a woman that veered in front of his train from Georgetown with her bike. Charlie wonders why Zach is coming from Georgetown as he doesn’t live in that area. My guess Zach was coming from Mal’s. Wonder why these two are keeping their relationship a secret? A question to be answered in another episode.

Back to Charlie. His patient is the cyclist. Her name is Elaine and her leg is in awful shape. Also, Elaine has OCD and is very particular in how her care should be.

During Elaine’s surgery (it was the surgery that Charlie was called into when Alex asked him for a consult), things are going well with Maggie and Larouche helping. Elaine’s spirit appears and she gets all panicky because the doctors aren’t boy girl boy. Charlie tells Elaine that is how things are going to be but Elaine’s vitals start to spike and only calms down once he gets Larouche and Maggie to change places. Of course, Larouche and Maggie don’t quite understand why but Charlie tells the two that surgeons need to learn how to operate from different sides of the table. A very plausible reason.

When Maggie removes the clamps off of Elaine’s leg, Elaine all of sudden starts to complain of blindness. Charlie asks Larouche and Maggie what could cause blindness during surgery and the two offer a reason so they move Elaine to see that helps. Unfortunately, Elaine still complains of blindness and all of sudden starts to suffer migraines. Charlie tries to get her to breathe but Maggie thinks Charlie is talking to her. Charlie then realizes that Elaine is having a stroke due to a hematoma pressing on her brain. Shahir is immediately called but he taking forever to arrive so Charlie performs neurosurgery thanks to how Elaine’s spirit is clutching her head.

After the surgery is complete, everyone from Maggie, Larouche, Shahir and Dawn all wonder how Charlie knew Elaine was having a stroke before any of the machine’s picked up on it. Charlie doesn’t want to elaborate but Dawn make him present his course of treatment in front of other doctors by going through the surgery video.

While Charlie looks over the video, he tells Elaine he look crazy. Larouche and Maggie come in and have to ask how Charlie knew. Since the two doctors were asking Charlie for a practice oral board exam, he sets them to watch the video and come up with their own theories as to why.

At this meeting, Charlie looks like he is about to reveal his secret as he starts off how he can see things other people can’t. Dawn seems intrigued at this as I think she set Charlie up so he would confess what he can do. But Charlie is saved by Maggie and Larouche who offer very plausible medical reasons as to how Charlie was able to diagnose Elaine. Later on (during the scene when Charlie meets Giselle), Dawn tells Charlie she doesn’t believe Larouche and Maggie’s reasons for one minute and that it was Charlie’s supernatural gift that helped him.

In the ICU, Charlie tells Elaine that she had two strokes. One that cause her bike to swerve into the train and the other during surgery. Charlie says that it won’t happen again as they know why it happened (a hole in her heart) and they can fix it. To help Elaine with her OCD, Charlie gently nudges her to try and eat three delicious looking dumplings. At first Elaine looks like she won’t be we later see her stab one of those dumplings with a chopstick and eat one.

Later on in the doctor’s lounge as Charlie is clearing up the Chinese takeout, Alex comes to see him. Alex tells Charlie that she used Maggie’s name to get her father’s medical record. Charlie said he could have done that for her. Alex knows that he could have but shares what she found out. Her dad had lung cancer that had spread, possibly to his brain that most likely lead him to commit suicide. Alex needs to believe this is true and Charlie says it probably as has who would ever leave her.

Then the baby starts to kick and Charlie asks if he can feel it too. Alex takes Charlie’s hand and places it on her pregnant belly and puts her hand over his as they feel the baby kick. All of a sudden, Alex has a vision of the beach again but this time she sees Charlie who picks up the baby and starts to play with it.

The look on Alex’s face make me think that she knows that Charlie is the father of her baby and the looks that they share, it is clear that the two are in love again. And all is right in the world.

I am going to keep on updating you guys on the Alex Baby Daddy poll until the show for sure reveals who is the daddy. So here are the results this week: Charlie at 50.53%, Joel at 41.58% and Clark Kent is at 7.89%.

Till next week where we see Charlie and Alex go out on a coffee date yay!



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  1. I am so happy right now! I just hope they don’t put in any more weird twists.. I would hate to see Alex fall in love with Charlie again and the baby turning out to be Joels..

  2. Do you happen to have a link to the promo for next weeks episode? I can’t find it anywhere 😦

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