Marvel’s Agent Carter Season 1 Episode 2 “Bridge and Tunnel” Recap

HAYLEY ATWELLThroughout this episode the action is inter-spliced with a radio program called The Captain America Adventure hour that is all about Captain America battling the Nazis while rescuing the damsel in distress Betty Carver, who of course is based on Peggy. As expected, Peggy isn’t a fan of this show. What I did like was you see the props used for special effects like hitting a slab of meat to simulate punches and breaking up lobster for breaking or cracking bones (we see this in a later fight sequence).

At the diner, Peggy is looking for an apartment, Angie suggests moving into her building but Peggy, fearing that Angie will end up like Colleen, refuses and that she has an apartment she is looking at that evening.

HAYLEY ATWELL, JAMES D'ARCYIt happens to be a penthouse of Stark. Jarvis shows her around and Peggy feels that she can’t take it until she sees the master bedroom. Peggy agrees to stay at least the night and then will look in earnest. The two discuss coming up empty handed about Leviathan and can’t ID the two men whose voice box was surgically removed. But Peggy is heading over to the dairy plant in the morning to find the truck that as the nitralene. Peggy refuses Jarvis offer to be backup. Peggy finds a doctor’s outfit in the bedroom and uses it to infiltrate the dairy. Peggy, adopting an American accent, claims she is a doctor sent by the board because of complaints. Peggy goes through every truck using the Vita Ray detector but comes up empty handed. Peggy notices a truck missing and finds out it belongs to a Sheldon McFee.

HAYLEY ATWELL, ENVER GJOKAJBack at the SSR, Thompson, Dooley and Krzeminski receive what’s left of the Roxxon refinery, which is basically one big ball of metal. Thompson and Dooley assign Krzeminski to go through the wreckage for any evidence while they go to the corporate headquarters of Roxxon to interview the CEO Hugh Jones (Ray Wise). Sousa is assigned to help comb the wreckage but before hand he was asked to go through the photo taken at the club that could ID the blonde. Peggy is worried that it might reveal her so during the lunch break, she tries to break into Sousa’s lock drawer but is unable to as a phone call from Sousa requires her to head to Roxxon with the Vita Ray detector.

At Roxxon, Thompson and Dooley try and ask Jones the connection that Stark has to Roxxon and the only on is that Stark once tried to buy it. I can’t remember how it came to be that made Dooley call Peggy to bring in the Vita Ray detector but she brings it is and is assigned to test the employees for any radiation as they believe it is an inside job.

Before testing starts, Peggy tests herself and sees that her watch gives off Vita Rays, which she promptly throws out.

So far the employees are clear until Peggy comes across Miles Van Ert, whom she immediately recognizes as the partner of Brannis. When Van Ert test clean and is about to leave, Peggy suggests testing the clothes employees came in with as traces of Vita Ray can be found in shoes and watches. This spooks Van Ert and her runs. Dooley and Thompson give chase but Peggy takes a shortcut and catches Van Ert.

Meanwhile, the guy I’ve been calling Thin Man, IMDB calls him Green Suit, has been receiving instant type writer messages that wants to know the status of finding the nitalene buyer and Brannis. Green Suit keeps the people at the other updated as he goes through potential buyers till he finds the right one.  One of the messages in the typewrites states that Leviathan has not been pleased with Green Suit.

Questioning of Van Ert from Dooley gets him nowhere but a good beating from Thompson gets the name of the Brannis and Sheldon McFee. They go to McFee’s address in New Jersey but also on her way there is Peggy and Jarvis, who got the address way before the men did. But Green Suit is also on his way too.

Peggy wants Jarvis to leave as she doesn’t want his help. Peggy tries to sneak up on McFee but a loose floorboard gives her away and the two fight but Peggy easily over takes the overweight man but knocks him unconscious so can’t question him. Instead she just handcuffs him when Peggy hears that dairy truck trying to leave. Brannis is behind the wheel but in unable to start the truck, thanks to Jarvis who ignored Peggy’s order to leave. Peggy learns that Brannis betrayed Leviathan, not a who but a what, and also wants to know what else did Brannis steal from Stark. Brannis refuses to say anything else he gets a deal. Peggy says the SSR will protect him if he talks. We are at a standstill. Also, McFee has escaped. So Peggy gets Brannis to drive her and Jarvis back to SSR but Green Suit has caught up with them. We get a fight on top of the moving dairy truck were Peggy gets hurt and one of the nitralene spheres falls to the floor of the truck. Jarvis gets him and Brannis off the truck while Peggy manages to get the upper hand on Green Suit and stabs his hand to the truck while she jumps off. The dairy truck falls into a body of water and it explodes.

In the distance is Thompson and Dooley, who have picked up a running McFee who refuses to say who captured him initially.

Unfortunately, Brannis is gravely injured and just before dying draws a sort of heart-shaped symbol in the dirt. Peggy quickly erases it just before the SSR arrive. When they do, they find woman’t footprints and believe it is the blonde woman. Sousa also finds a hotel room key from Green Suit that fell out during his fight with Peggy.

Back at Stark’s penthouse, Jarvis is patching up Peggy’s leg and tells her that she shouldn’t have to shoulder everything, do everything on her own. There is nothing wrong with leaning on someone for support. When Peggy tells Jarvis that Captain America didn’t need anyone, Jarvis corrects her and says that she was his support.

Peggy takes those words to heart and finally agrees to live in the same building as Angie but first she needs to get through an interview with the apartment’s land lady, Ms. Fry (Meagen Fay), which of course she passes.

Back at the SSR, Peggy panics as she sees Thompson, Dooley and Sousa looking at the photos from the club. When the men call her over to look at the photo, she is relieved to learn that they wanted her to confirm if Joe DiMaggio was in the photo or not. In all seriousness, Sousa tells Peggy that the blonde was good and that there was no good photos of her. Peggy believes the blonde is lucky but Sousa says that luck does run out.

The episode ends with Krzeminski finding the bumper off of Stark’s car (it came off in the last episode). Earlier in the episode, Peggy gets Jarvis to dump the car and get a new one.

After two episodes, still loving Peggy but I also enjoying her dynamic with Jarvis.

What are your thoughts on Agent Carter? Sound off in the comments.

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