Saving Hope Season 3 Episode 11 “Parent Trap” Recap

Erica Durance as Alex Reid and Wendy Crewson and Dana Kinney
Eliana Jones as Molly Kinney and Erica Durance as Alex Reid

Eliana Jones as Molly Kinney and Erica Durance as Alex Reid

Happy New Year Saving Hope fans. It is our first new episode of 2015 and it is Part 1 of two back-to-back episodes. We are also Joel-free tonight as his arrest in the last episode was a good excuse for Daniel Gillies to take off and film The Originals. A question for you The Originals fans, how does that show handle his absence (if he has any) when he’s off filming Saving Hope? Let me know in the comments.

Joel has been bailed out by Zach but no one at Hope-Zion can reach him.

A running joke throughout the episode was Maggie discovering the website “Grade your MD”. Here are the results: Charlie has a score of 3.5 out of 20 where one reviewer says he talks to himself a lot; Zach got a 12 based on one 1-word review: hwful (yes it was spelled that way), Shahir got a smokin’ hot score, and Maggie too. The highest rated surgeon at Hope-Zion is of course Joel.

Let’s get to the action in tonight’s episode. I am going to leave Alex last as I have a very important poll question to ask.


Dawn patient is Leila (Samantha Kaine), who has a badly damaged heart but believes she can remove the damaged part while keeping the heart. Leila’s foster daughter, 12-year old Giselle has high hopes that the surgery will be successful. In fact, she needs it to be successful as Leila has put in papers to official adopt her. Rian, also in on the surgery, takes Giselle under his wing as she reminds him of his sister, who we later learned died at age 11 of cystic fibrosis.

Also on Dawn plate is Malanda, who is being sued by Elliot Stout, a patient in the ICU with C. Difficile. The basis of the lawsuit is that Elliot feels that Malanda hasn’t done all he can to treat him, Dawn goes to speak to Elliot to try and get him to drop the lawsuit but instead he also sues. Elliot also asks Dawn to find his mother’s mission pillows.

While Dawn starts to prep Leila for surgery, she notices Giselle in the gallery and tells her she can’t be there. Outside of the operating room, Giselle says Elliot told her it was her right to watch. Dawn tells Giselle that it is not hospital policy so Rian drives Giselle back to the respite home she has been staying at.

During the surgery, Dawn discovers the heart is too damaged and that Leila’s best hope is a transplant, which she tells her when she wakes up. Later, Dawn finds Giselle has returned to the hospital and is sleeping in a supply closet with Elliot’s pillows. Dawn returns the pillows to Elliot, who tells her that he is still suing. Later, we see Dawn set up blankets and pillows in her office for Giselle to stay while her mom recovers.


Charlie’s patients are two competitive MMA female fighters. One, Tammy, comes in with a dislocated elbow, which Charlie quickly sets. When Tammy hears her rival, Kara, next the bed over, the two immediately continue their brawl that was prematurely cut short. Tammy manages to take Kara down before Charlie can separate them.

Charlie notices that Tammy is a very angry woman, who learned how to fight to stop her drunk father from beating her mom. Charlie tries to get her to calm down but then she starts to get nosebleeds. Charlie thinks she might have a concussion and puts her on a watch. Tammy says not to worry about her as she always gets nosebleeds, which Charlie tells her that no one always gets nosebleeds.

We learn that Tammy doesn’t have a concussion but her arm, which had the dislocated elbow, starts to swell up. Charlie rushes her to the operating room but Tammy refuses to go in a wheelchair. Tammy wants Charlie’s assurance that he won’t cut off her arm.

During surgery, Charlie notices her arm feels like butter and she starts to bleed from her GI tract. Tammy spirit appears and wants to know why Charlie is not operating. Charlie tells her that she is unstable and wants to know if she is taking steroids? Tammy stays silent so Charlie goes to Kara and their mutual trainer Noelle. Noelle is washing her hands of Tammy and her constant bad behaviour, especially her stick of falling to ground after every match pretending not being able to get up. When Charlie hears this, he realizes that it isn’t an act but that Tammy has lupus. When Charlie goes back to the operating room to resume the surgery, he shares his findings with Maggie, but she says there is nothing in her chart that indicates lupus. But Charlie knows he is right as Tammy confirms she was diagnosed at 15.

Tammy’s surgery is a success and while recovering is visited by Kara, who put aside their rivalry. Kara even asks Tammy to train her while she recovers as she has dumped Noelle. We later see them cement their new partnership by playing a game of thumb war.

Alex and Dana

Just before Maggie starts the night shift, she notices that Alex has been throwing up a lot and thinks that she must be coming down with something.

Alex then receives a phone call and when she goes it is to rescue Molly, who is visibly drunk, in front of a broken up house party. The police think that Alex is Molly’s mom, which she doesn’t correct. The police let Molly go with a warning and Alex takes her back to her place.

At Alex’s, Molly begs Alex not to call her mom but too late, Dana has managed to track Molly down thanks to the Find My iPhone app. Mother-daughter get into an argument about her almost arrest and her lies (especially about not stealing the meds from a previous episode) and her drinking and who is responsible. When Dana wants to take her home, Molly starts to feel sick so runs into Alex’s bedroom bathroom to throw up.

Erica Durance as Alex Reid and Wendy Crewson and Dana Kinney

Erica Durance as Alex Reid and Wendy Crewson and Dana Kinney

While alone, Dana pours herself a glass of white wine and confesses that she is more upset that Molly called Alex and not her. Alex leaves to go check on her but she has been gone for awhile, Dana notes.

Alex confesses that they were taking turns throwing up and tells Dana that she is pregnant. Dana is delighted with the news and offers her congratulations then asks who the father is. Alex says it is an orthopedic surgeon, meaning that she doesn’t know who the father is. Okay, here is my mea culpa. I just assumed it was Joel because they recently slept together and I wasn’t too sure the last time she slept with Charlie. This is what you get for assuming.

Alex then asks Dana to be her baby’s god mother but before she can answer, they here noise from the bathroom and find the door locked. Alex opens it and find Molly in a bathrobe and has knocked over and broke a bowl of Alex’s. Dana tells Molly that she can’t just take a bath without permission.

Erica Durance as Alex Reid and Wendy Crewson and Dana Kinney

Erica Durance as Alex Reid and Wendy Crewson and Dana Kinney

The mother-daughter have another argument and Dana tries to take her home but Molly storms off. Alex goes to talk to Molly, who confesses that she was having a hard time when Dana got sick. Alex assures Molly that Dana is cancer-free but Molly believes that she will probably get breast cancer too so she might as well party. Alex urges Molly to talk to her mom.

Wendy Crewson and Dana Kinney and Erica Durance as Alex Reid

Wendy Crewson and Dana Kinney and Erica Durance as Alex Reid

As Alex leaves Molly alone, she tells Dana that the best thing right now is not to fix Molly but just be there for her. Dana takes those words to heart and goes to talk to Molly but when she finds her, she sees that she has thrown up and has overdosed on heroin. Alex rushes in and calls 911. Dana is futile has a doctor but acts more like a panicked mother while Alex remains calm and helps keep Molly as stable as possible before the ambulance arrive.

At Hope-Zion, Dana feels helpless but Alex tells her to trust Zach as he knows what he is doing. After talking to Molly’s dad, Dana tells Alex that don’t let what happened tonight put her off parenthood that being a parent is worthwhile and Alex will make a great mom. Dana also agrees to be the godmother to Alex’s baby.

Later, Molly wakes up and the two reconcile and Dana insists that Molly go to rehab.

Back to Alex, who is waiting in the ambulance bay for Charlie. Alex blurts out that she is pregnant. Charlie’s reaction is that having more Alex Reids in the world is a good thing and gives her a big hug and leaves. Alex then pulls out her cell phone and leaves Joel a message saying they need to talk.

So here is the big question (I personally want it to be Charlie’s):


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6 Comments on Saving Hope Season 3 Episode 11 “Parent Trap” Recap

  1. In the originals season 1 Elijah was stabbed and left in a coffin for 4 eps, season 2 he’s just in each ep less, was in a magic induced sleep for a while and chained up in his mothers dungeon for a while

    • Thanks Ellie for letting me know. I don’t watch The Originals so it is interesting to hear how they write him out of an episode or so.

      • They tend to use Elijah better he isn’t in back ground scenes or where he’s not needed, so his plots are more focused, and he’s dragged out of the main plot for a bit, had one ep where he was just chained up and then in his brothers dream.

  2. And for those that selected Clark Kent in the poll – I knew there were some Smallville fans out there that would get that choice!

  3. Linda Pagani // January 9, 2015 at 8:14 pm // Reply

    Charlie all the way. She was not very supportive of him being tired after saving that race car driver’s foot. He should be forgiven because she should be forgiven as well for that crappy attitude that lead to the unexpected break-up. In fact, if she does not forgive him she deserves to be alone.

  4. Linda Pagani // January 9, 2015 at 8:17 pm // Reply

    Elijah is such a fantastic character compared to Joel. He is so complex. Daniel Gillies would never give up that character, ever. Compared to Joel, Elijah is multidimensional, which is probably an actor’s dream come true.

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