Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 “What They Become” Recap

KYLE MACLACHLAN, CHLOE BENNETLast week we saw Agent 33 give the order to shoot down the quinjet of our SHIELD agents. Well that comes to fruition in the opening few minutes of tonight’s winter finale. But the awesomeness that is May, she deploys some tactics that allows them to escape HYDRA while getting them to believe that they succeeded.

When the team is reunited in Puerto Rico, May tells Coulson that Whitehall has Raina and Ward took Skye. Coulson knows it is for Skye to meet Daddy Dearest.

May is beating herself up for letting Ward take Skye. Coulson says that May has train Skye well and she can take care of herself.

In the Bus’ interrogation room, FitzSimmons theorizes what could have happened to Mac and both agree that there is hope that he still alive and is being controlled by the alien city.

To take down the alien city and prevent HYDRA from getting its hands on it, Tripp and one of the Koenigs work on using old school bombs to blow up the city.

In Mac’s garage, Hunter comfort Bobbi over Mac and the two go to meet Diego. Hunter knows that Bobbi is hiding a thumb drive from him but agrees to be her backup anyways. When they go to meet Diego, he is meeting HYDRA but it was all about giving Bobbi an address to the Ponce de Leon theatre, which happens to be right above the chamber. Sam Koenig thinks that it all in vain as HYDRA can’t get through to it because of the volcanic rock. FitzSimmons says it is possible if they have a plasma gun, which lo and behold they do,

In the theatre, Ward takes Skye to meet her dad. He introduces himself as Cal and is clearly nervous at meeting his daughter for the first time in years. Skye on the other hand is not happy being takne by gun point to meet him. Cal starts to tell Skye about her mom, how she was a Chinese woman (makes sense that Skye is bi-racial as in real-life Chloe Bennet is half Chinese) that he met at his medical clinic.  Cal also explains that Skye’s mom has a gift, comes from long line of gifts and Skye has it too and it needs to be awakened. Cal then Explains how Whitehall butchered her mom and left her in a ditch. Cal then hum the song we heard from the music box in the last episode. Cal explains that Skye’s mom sang it to her when she was a baby. Cal also tells Skye that she doesn’t work for Whitehall or HYRDA. In fact when Whitehall wants to see Cal, he gleefully tells Skye that he is looking forward to killing Whitehall.

Meanwhile, FitzSimmons and Tripp, wearing Hazmat suits to protect them from the alien city are in the fort, working on setting the bombs. All worry about Mac and his fate. As the trio are planting the bombs, Fitz realizes they need to separate to get all the bombs set.

Back at the theater, Whitehall wants to know why Ward took Skye. Ward says it was for collateral so SHIELD will not to shoot them down. Whitehall isn’t happy that Ward also ordered HYDRA not to shoot the plane down, an order that he countered later. Whitehall also realizes that Cal wasn’t really on his side and brings Skye in to touch the Diviner. Skye does and it glows as expected, which she then uses to kill some of her captors. Cal does the same with a scalpel. And it becomes a showdown between Skye, Cal and Ward versus HYDRA and Agent 33. During this standoff, Whitehall hopes Skye is as special as her mom.

Whitehall does get the upper hand and has tied up Ward, Cal and Skye in the theatre’s kitchen. When Cal makes his move to kill Whitehall, he triggers a device on his neck to subdue him. Whitehall says to Skye that her mom’s gift was she never aged and wonders if that is her gift too or if it is something else. Whitehall insinuates that he will experiment on Skye.

Outside, there is a commotion, it is Coulson, May, Hunter and May arriving to get Skye and stop Whitehall. When Whitehall and Agent 33 go to investigate, this allows Cal to remove the device and kills the guard that Ward was taunting. Cal leaves Ward and Skye where they are and goes to kill Whitehall but unfortunately he pulls a gun on him but before he can pull the trigger he drops dead as Coulson shoots him. And Cal is pissed at that fact.

Coulson threatens to kill Cal if he doesn’t stand down as Cal is so pissed but Agent 33 shoots at Coulson so Cal gets away. Eventually the two meet up again and there is a serious beat down fight between the two.

Ward gets hold of a knife from the guard and cuts he and Skye loose. Ward makes sure the coast is clear but Skye shoots him on his side wounding him. Agent 33 finds him and she is tells Ward she is lost without Whitehall. Ward says he can find herself if she helps him. Agent 33 does and the two take off together.

Skye stops her dad from killing Coulson and threatens to kill him and says won’t go into chamber and use the obelisk. Cal says she will change and people won’t accept her but Cal stands down and says he will be there for her and that he loves her. Before he leaves, Cal calls her Daisy as people have speculated (meaning she is an Inhuman).

Skye apologizes to Coulson for everything that has happened and will make this right and tells him she will take the obelisk down to chamber. When Skye/Daisy takes off to do so, she finds that Raina has taken it. Raina encounters Mac who in his alien-controlled state leads her to the temple.

Coulson goes after Skye and orders May to let him as he needs to finish this whole alien saga through. May then orders Bobbi and Hunter to clear the area for what is about to happen. May then calls Tripp and FitzSimmons, who have all returned to the fort to let them know that Skye and Coulson are in the alien city. So Tripp goes back in to stop the bombs, which he does.

Skye finds Raina in the temple and tries to get her to stop using the obelisk but it has a mind of its own and moves towards the pedestal. Tripp manages to enter the chamber that Skye and Raina are in before it. Coulson meanwhile, who was stopped briefly my Mac, doesn’t make it in.

Inside the chamber, the obelisk opens up and starts spouting a mini version of the Fortress of Solitude. A blast shoots out hitting both Skye and Raina. Outside this seems to have caused Mac to go back to normal.

Back inside the chamber, Tripp goes to swat the obelisk away and another blast happens and Tripp is thrown to the ground. All of a sudden Skye and Raina start to turn to wood. As Skye gets engulfed, we see that a piece of the obelisk has hit Tripp and he turns to stone and dies – NOOO!!!!! I loved Tripp and had a feeling something was going to happen to him since he wasn’t made a series regular.

As Skye and Raina stand there like statues, the pieces starting chipping away and Skye sees Tripp fall to pieces and the chamber and the building starts to shake all around them. We see Coulson take Mac to safety, FitzSimmons in the fort, Bobbi and Hunter in the theatre and May above the hole to the chamber.

In the post credit scene, we are in an office and a box is glowing, a man open it and it is another obselisk. The man calls someone about there being another and when we pull away to see his face, we find he has no eyes.

And I go WTF!!! I am not a Marvel expert (more DC) so if anyone want to explain what the hell just happened like what is the history with Skye/Daisy in the comics, it all would be greatly appreciated.

SHIELD returns after Marvel’s Agent Carter so look for those recaps in January 2015.

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