The Flash Season 1 Episode 8 “The Flash versus Arrow” Recap

FLA108b_0468b_63515c92Epic is the only word that can describe the ultimate crossover episode that there ever was on television. As promised at San Diego Comic Con 2014, The Flash’s 8th episode would be a two-night crossover event with its parent show Arrow.

The episode starts with the Flash running around Central City doing some good deeds that includes watching Iris from a distance. Also seen during Barry’s running around is a sign with Palmer Technologies on it.

While all this is happening we meet our meta human of the week, Roy G. Bivolo (Paul Anthony), whose powers involves using his glowing red eyes to incite anger and rage within people. Bivolo unleashes his powers to rob a bank. As the customers and employees of the bank fight and about to kill each other, a young mother has a gun in her hand and is about to shot another bank customer when the Flash comes on the scene and rescues him. By the way, I just got that our meta human’s name is a take on ROYGBIV, the colours of the rainbow.

Meanwhile, at Eddie’s apartment, Iris wants him to stay in bed a bit longer but as soon as he mentions her dad, the romantic mood is killed. A further buzzkill is Iris looking at her blog about another Flash sighting. This causes concern for Eddie but Iris doesn’t quite understand why he won’t believe in the Flash, someone who is getting others to believe again.

When the police arrive at the bank, Barry explains to Joe what he saw, everyone just at each other’s throats and feels lucky that he got on the scene on time before anything really bad could happen. Eddie notes that the thief took off with half a million dollars but the cash had a tracker in it.

Back at the precinct, Eddie is in Captain Singh’s office about wanting to start a task force to catch the Flash, who was seen at the bank. Eddie think he is a menace while Captain Singh thinks they have more things to worry about than catching the Flash while Joe takes no sides.

Iris is watching all of this outside and wonders to Barry what Eddie is ranting about. Barry tells Iris that Eddie wants to start a task force to catch the Flash. When Eddie emerges from the office, Iris confronts him about it. Iris is angry that Eddie wants to capture the hero of Central City, Eddie is not too happy either and breaks off their lunch date.

At STAR Labs, Barry reports on the meta human to Team Flash with Wells spouting a line about angry, fear and hate. When I heard that I immediately thought of Yoda in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace as those are the exact words that he said to Anakin. And this is where my love for Cisco was deepened when he started to talk like Yoda and saying those are three things that a Jedi doesn’t seek. Cisco is bewildered how no one thought of that. Don’t worry Cisco, I did, I surely did.

We learn from something that Caitlin got at the crime scene that whatever Bivolo did screwed with the part of the brain that stops people from doing something irrational out of anger. Barry gets a message via Iris’ blog asking to meet him at Jitters. Caitlin knows that Barry got a message from Iris and tells him not to break her and Eddie up in his Flash guise.

When the Flash arrives at Jitters, Iris warns him about Eddie’s task force out to get him. Before though, the Flash thought that Iris and Eddie broke up. During their conversation, Cisco alerts Barry that the money has been found at a warehouse.

When the police arrive, Bivolo is ready for them an uses his powers to get one of the cops to turn on his fellow officers and Joe. As the cop opens fire, the Flash comes on the scene to get most of the officers out of the way. But who takes out the rogue cop? Why it is the Arrow and Barry is very happy to see him.

FLA108b_0531b_2e99fd99In a field outside, Barry super speeds to where Diggle and Felicity are at. And Diggle reaction to seeing Barry: priceless as no one told Dig what he can do now. Dig mentions to Barry that a cousin of his got hit by lightening but he only developed a stutter. Hilarious. And more to come.

The reason why parts of Team Arrow are in Central City is to do with the Boomerang case from Arrow’s 7th episode “Draw Back Your Bow”. Felicity believes that the boomerang was made from materials in Central City. Barry also wants to enlist Team Arrow’s help in getting the meta human of the week but Oliver declines as he wants to keep their cases separate.

So Barry suggests they all go back to STAR Labs to see what they can find. Oliver declines as too many people already know his secret identity. Felicity volunteers to go instead as the team there knows her.So Barry super speeds her to STAR Labs but unfortunately, Felicity’s blouse catches fire and she immediately has to take it off. Felicity quips she is glad she didn’t decide to go braless that day. And that is the moment that Caitlin and Cisco come in the room.

When Felicity puts on a STAR Labs sweatshirt, she shows Cisco the boomerang who thinks it is ultra cool and the two go off to test it.

Barry then goes to talk to Wells. Joe is there. The two gang up on him to express their concern over Barry associating with the Arrow. Wells, and Joe agrees, that the Arrow is a very dark character, a killer and whose very presence caused two terrorist attacks in Starling City (the Undertaking and the Siege) and Barry should not hang up with him. Barry defends the Arrow to Wells and Joe. Their conversation is interrupted when the boomerang gets away from Cisco and wreaks havoc in STAR Labs.

Meanwhile, Arrow is on the hunt for information while Diggle is wondering does Barry do everything fast like going to the bathroom. The information that Arrow is seeking is the name of owner of the warehouse where our meta human is at. This is where our team learn it is Roy G. Bivolo.

At Jitters, Barry meets up with Felicity and Oliver where Iris is surprised that Barry actually knows the Oliver Queen. In fact, Iris is fawning over Oliver (who happens to be on her list of men she can cheat on Eddie with). The purpose of Oliver meeting with Barry is that he will help Barry find and capture the bad guy (he refuses to refer to Bivolo as a meta human).

FLA108b_0147b_6aae886cIn the field where Team Arrow has setup camp, Oliver has asked Barry to him so he can train him. Oliver tells Barry that he needs to learn patience. Oliver has read Iris’ blog and brings up Barry’s encounter with Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold (Oliver is not impressed with the nicknames that Team Flash comes up for their foes) and how he went into that encounter blind and flew by the seat of his pants. Oliver counsels that Barry needs to learn patience and assess the situation before springing into action. Oliver knows all about this as he had to learn these lessons himself. Part of their training involves Oliver shooting Barry with an arrow as he super speeds to him. Barry catches the arrow but doesn’t see the crossbows on the ground that shoot two arrows in his back. Oliver knows that Barry is ok because he knows that he can heal fast.

Back at STAR Labs, Felicity and Caitlin talk science about using different colours to combat Bivolo’s powers when Wells asks to speak to Felicity. Wells tells Felicity that he doesn’t trust the Arrow around Barry and wants to know his identity. Felicity refuses to tell the Arrow’s secret.

Thanks to Oliver’s tip on Bivolo, the find an address for him. Barry goes to the address and doesn’t need any backup from the Arrow. When he arrives, the Flash confronts Bivolo who uses his powers to infect Barry, whose eyes glow red.

When Barry returns to STAR Labs, Caitlin checks him out and he seems okay. When Caitlin expresses concern over Barry going into action without thinking, Barry snaps at her and says she has to stop worrying about him and that he is not Ronnie. Ouch, Caitlin seems visibly hurt by Barry’s remark. Felicity confronts Barry about his attitude but he just storms off.

Meeting Oliver for more training, Barry is not up for it and we can see the anger start to come out as he accuses Oliver of being jealous and he speeds away.

At the police precinct, Captain Singh wonders where Barry is at on the Bivolo case. Barry snaps at Singh and gets quite angry that Joe has to step in to stop him from doing anything stupid. Barry then turn on Joe for not doing enough to help his father get out of prison and that he put him there. Joe notices Barry’s eyes flash red. Barry then spies Eddie and Iris leave.

As Eddie and Iris are driving, we learn that Eddie got his task force and Iris reveals that she has talked to the Flash a couple of times. Eddie is not happy at hearing this. But he can’t stay angry for long as Eddie is ripped from Iris’ car by the Flash. The Flash starts to beat up Eddie and Iris tries to get him to stop. But the Flash is angry.

Joe comes into STAR Labs to say that Barry has been infected by Bivolo. Felicity sees Barry on a security camera about the beat Eddie so Wells tells Felicity to call Oliver Queen to stop Barry.

So Diggle comes to STAR Labs where he and Caitlin and Cisco have debate who would win a fight? The Flash? or Arrow? Caitlin and Cisco believe it will be the speed of the Flash that will win while Diggle thinks it is the bow and arrow and experience of the Arrow that will win. Felicity can’t believe they are having this debate.

The Arrow arrives and stops the Flash for a while. The Flash’s anger truly gets out and the two have an epic fight. Arrow shoots the Flash with a horse tranquilizer that he just super speeds out of his system. Then the Flash just moves circles around him creating a circle of fire. Arrow tries to escape by grappling up but the Flash is there to knock him out. When Arrow gets back on the ground, the Flash uses his speed to avoid punches and arrows while also landing his own punches.

Wells and Joe come on the scene and flashes Barry with a bunch of lights that neutralizes the anger in Barry. Barry apologizes to Oliver and the two make up and make their way to capture Bivolo. And Cisco notes that their fight ended up in a tie.

Bivolo is in the STAR Labs prison and Caitlin tries her hand at giving him a nickname and decides to call him the Rainbow Raider. Cisco tells her not to name the villains anymore. In fact, Bivolo is actually called Chroma. One thing we never found out the background on Bivolo as to why he got that particular power.

Later, at STAR Labs, Oliver hopes that Team Flash will not reveal his identity while Felicity thanks them for their help and asks Caitlin for help in identifying the Canary’s killer.

At Jitters, Oliver and Felicity are there to say their goodbyes and to grab coffee for the road. Oliver sees Barry looking forlorn as he watches Iris and Felicity converse. Oliver gives some advice of the heart and that is Barry should forget about Iris as it won’t end well. Oliver knows all about that as the situation could clearly apply to him and Felicity. Oliver further states that guys like them never get the girl. I would like to disagree. In Smallville, Clark said the same thing to that universe’s Oliver in the “Finale” that heroes were meant to be alone. But Clark didn’t listen to his own piece of advice but decided that he can have a life with Lois. A life that was going quite strong as Smallville Season 11 ended. So there is hope if you ship Barry and Iris and Olicity.

Before Oliver leaves Jitters, he sees an old face: Sandra, his baby mama from season 2’s “Seeing Red” (I pulled her name from IMDB as the consensus seems to be she is Sandra Hawke but she is unnamed on the show). This is the same woman that Moira paid off to say she had a miscarriage. When I saw her, I had forgotten that Sandra was from Central City. The two have some small talk, mostly about her condolences over the loss of his mother. When Sandra sees that Oliver has left the room, we see her take a call from her child (gender for now unknown but most likely male) saying that she is getting his hot chocolate and that mommy would be home soon.

The Flash later meets with Iris to apologize for this behaviour and blames being infected by Bivolo but she doesn’t want to hear it. In fact, Iris breaks all ties with the Flash (for now).

In our post credit scene, we see Caitlin in front of a computer looking at a picture of her and Ronnie. We then see two hoodlums approach a shaking homeless person. They taunt him but this man rises and starts to flame on and we see it is Ronnie, very much alive but quite different from when we last saw him.

Tomorrow is the second part of our crossover and lets hope for more awesomeness.



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