Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 “The Things We Bury” Recap

HAYLEY ATWELL, REED DIAMONDWe open in Austria 1945 and Whitehall is interrogating a man about the obelisk and asks him to touch it. When the man does, he starts to scream in pain and the obelisk claims its next victim. Whitehall seems to be studying who can touch it and who can not. When a young woman comes in and is forced to touch the obelisk, it lights up and she is fine. Whitehall wants to operate on her to see why she can touch it but an officer comes in to say that Red Skull has fallen so they have to leave but not before placing the woman in a cage.

In the present, Skye’s dad is asked to figure out what is with the Diviner. Mr. Skye says that it chooses the people that are allowed to touch it and it is a key as well as a weapon that when used yield spectacular results. Mr. Skye says the Diviner will grant entry into the alien city but only those that they deem worthy.

Morse is interviewing Bakshi but isn’t really getting anywhere. Hunter and Mac are watching when Mac shares his concern over Coulson’s action in the last episode. Back to the interview, Morse feels that Bakshi slipped when talking about Whitehall and the Red Skull.

This gets Simmons thinking that the information lies in their base as it was a former SSR base. May, who is in charge while Coulson is in Hawaii tells Simmons to find some files that could connect Whitehall and the Red Skull. Simmons does find some files and is impressed that Agent Carter was involved in the interrogation of Whitehall under his German name (although the SHIELD team hasn’t made that connection).

As they search more files, Hunter comes across the file for Rheinhart and Simmons identifies him as Whitehall. Mac thinks it is impossible as he would be really old but Simmons says it is him.

We see Peggy’s interrogation of Rheinhart/Whitehall, who wants a deal but Peggy says no dice and in fact leaves him to rot in the SSR prison. We see the passage of time and 44 years later, Rheinhart is released and is taken in by a fellow HYDRA agent to Austria 1989 where we see the same woman that touched the obelisk unaged. Rheinhart is intrigued and is ready to resume what makes her special. I wonder if she could be Skye’s mom?

We see Rheinhart operate on the woman, removing bone marrow, blood and organs. We later see Rheinhart undergo the knife and emerge as the youthful Daniel Whitehall.

Hunter gives Morse Rheinhart’s file to use against Bakshi. Bakshi tries to rattle Morse but she isn’t having none of it and in fact surprise Bakshi with the file saying that he has betrayed his boss. Bakshi says he is loyal, smashes his face on the desk to release a cyanide capsule. Hunter and Morse try and save him. But Bakshi is in a coma and Hunter tells Morse that she pushed Bakshi too far. Hunter also wonders what Morse is hiding and thinks that she only vouched for him so she can have an ally if what she is hiding comes to the surface. Morse wonders if Hunter will ever trust her, he says no but doesn’t mean he won’t stop trying. This causes the two to get quite amorous in one of SHIELD vehicles.

Coulson, Fitz, Skye and Tripp are in Hawaii where Coulson orders Skye to get a watch engraved and Tripp to go to a dry cleaners to get a blue tie. Fitz is tasked to put together a transponder in under 6 minutes to be placed in the field. Fitz thinks he can’t cause of his one bad hand but Coulson believes in him, When Skye and Tripp complete their tasks (the tie was a gift from Audrey), the team are off the the Australian outback to infiltrate a satellite facility to help them find the alien city.

When they arrive at the facility they are ambushed by HYDRA and Tripp is hit but out emerges Mr. Skye saying he can help him as he is a doctor. Mr. Skye and Coulson are working on saving Tripp when Mr. Skye slips up and calls Coulson Phil. Mr. Skye holds Tripp’s life hostage so that he can escape. Talk turns to the Diviner and how Whitehall doesn’t truly see its purpose. When Mr. Skye wonders if Skye is here, Coulson says no and also says that if he lets Tripp die, then Skye would never forgive him. Mr. Skye yells that isn’t her name causing Coulson and Fitz to jump. Mr. Skye leaves the scene but not before telling how to save Tripp. After Fitz gets the transponder online, he and Coulson work on saving Tripp.

Back on the Bus, Skye wonders what has shaken Fitz and Coulson, when it looks like the two might mention her father, the satellite has found a match for the alien city.

TIM DEKAY, BRETT DALTONWard kidnaps brother at their family’s summer home where Senator Ward was planning a rendez-vous with his mistress. The brothers have it out and Ward wants his brother to admit that he made him throw their younger brother down the well. Ward finally gets the confession he has been seeking after getting Senator Ward to dig up the well and almost throw himself in. Senator Ward confesses that he wanted their younger brother dead as he was the only one untouched by their abusive parents. Ward says that is all he wanted to hear and says that they should just go home now.

We later see Ward meet with Whitehall asking to join HYDRA and his cause. Whitehall believes he can be an asset after seeing a news report on the death of Senator Ward and their parents in a supposed murder-suicide based on the confession that Ward got out of this brother.

In the post credit scene, Mr. Skye meets with Whitehall and Ward. Whitehall explains that Ward was part of Coulson’s team and talk turns to about looking at your enemy in the eye and we see Mr. Skye give Whitehall quite the stink eye. Because we learn, as I deduced earlier that the woman was Skye’s mom and Mr. Skye vows vengeance against the man that did that to her and promises to do the same to him.

So we get two weeks off till the next Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD so enjoy your Thanksgiving America. See you on December 2!

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