The Flash Season 1 Episode 6 “The Flash is Born” Recap

FLA106a_0037bInstead of Barry’s voice over, we get a voice over of Iris pretty much repeating verbatim Barry’s from the pilot. But this is part of Iris’ latest blog post on the Streak. As soon as she finishes her post thanking the Streak for being a hero Central City that the Streak whisks her away to their rooftop to try once again to stop her from writing about him. The Streak brings up the fact that while her intention was to bring hope to a friend of her, it could also be thing that puts her in danger. Iris counters that she is also giving hope to others. Iris even ignores a call from Eddie so she can continue to talk to the Streak. Sirens are heard in the distance where Barry deals with our meta-human of the week.

The Central City police are chasing after a man that stole a hummer. A child wanders in the path of the speeding vehicle and Barry whisks in and saves the child very much like how the yellow streak saved Barry all those years ago. Eddie fires some shots at him but sees it bounce off of his face. Joe pulls Eddie away before he could get run over. Barry confronts this man by first punching him the face but breaking his hand and the man ends up beating up pretty bad and tells him he looks like he was born for a beating. Before any more damage can be done, Barry runs off to STAR Labs where his wounds are tended by Caitlin. Barry explains who he encountered, a man made of steel. Dr. Wells notes that there is a Man of Steel running about (of course a nod to another one of Superman’s names.

Back at the station, Barry confirms with Joe that it was a meta human they encountered. Joe wants Barry to work with Eddie on the case as it seems that he caught wind of the guy’s powers. During a briefing of the crime, Barry learns the man is Tony Woodward, a name very familiar to Barry.


Barry and Iris are walking the halls of their elementary school when Tony comes upon Barry and starts to beat him and taunt him about his dad being a murdered. Later we see Joe try and teach Barry how to box and even Iris tries to help but Barry isn’t doing quite well. But Joe gives him a lesson that if Barry encounters a fight he can’t win that he should just run the other way.

Back to the present, Team Flash minus Wells shares childhood bully stories and try to figure out a way they can beat Tony. Cisco has fashioned a girded steal dummy to simulate Tony’s powers that let’s Barry practice on how he can beat him but again Barry isn’t successful.

When Barry and Eddie go back to the scene of the crime, they note some stolen kegs in the back to a brewery in Keystone. Before, Barry leaves to go to the brewery, he takes some dirt samples from the car.

At the brewery, someone that knows Tony makes a run for it but Barry manages to run out in front to stop him. We learn how Tony got his powers. 10 months ago, Tony was working at the Keystone steel mill when he was let go. In anger, Tony started to beat up the foreman that fired him when the particle accelerator exploded causing Tony to fall in a vat of molten steel.

Meanwhile, Tony has gone to Jitters to pay Iris a little visit, mostly wondering why she is writing about the Streak. When a co-worker notes that Tony is a wanted man, Iris makes to call her father but Tony crushes her cell phone and uses the money that he stole from ATMs to pay for the damage.

At STAR Labs, Cisco notes that what Barry found seems to have come from the same steel factory that Tony once worked. Caitlin then alerts Barry to an emergency post on Iris’ blog noting her encounter with Tony.

Barry as the Streak goes to visit Iris at Jitters to thank her for the tip but their conversation is cut short as the police detail has come to take her home.

Barry then rushes over to the steel factory and sees that Tony has been living there. Tony comes upon Barry and pulls down a shelf, crushing him. Cisco and Caitlin go to the factory to rescue Barry. Wells is none to happy that Barry has encountered Tony without a plan in place. Cisco has come up with something that if Barry runs well over 800 mph then he can take out Tony but to get to that speed he would have to start at a distance of 5.3 miles.

When Iris is at home, writing her blog, Tony pays her a visit and kidnaps her after taking care of her police protection.

It seems that both Eddie and Barry and frustrated about not being able to catch Tony. To blow of steam, Eddie and Barry take turns with the punching bag. We learn that Eddie wasn’t one of the popular kids but was also bullied. Eddie also gives Barry some good fighting advice that Barry uses to punch a hole in the punching bag (he of course blames a busted seam). While they continue to box, a cop brings word that Iris has been taken by Tony.

FLA106b_0057bTony has taken Iris to their elementary school and he wants Iris to start writing about him now that the Streak is dead. Iris doesn’t believe him but Tony wants all of Central City to know about him. Iris asks why her, which Tony replies that he has always liked her. Iris uses this opportunity to get a little closer to Tony but in reality she pulls the fire alarm.

FLA106b_0212bThis alerts Central City PD and when Barry hears its his old elementary school, he rushes over there. So the Flash and Girder have a fight when Barry remembers that long ago advice about running away. Barry does and Team Flash notices that he has run away the right distance so he can actually take down Tony. As Barry runs at that speed, windows get smashed and when he makes his way back to Tony, he hits him and knocks him down. Iris throws a punch to knock him out while also hurting her hand at the same time.

The next time we see Tony, he is in the STAR Labs prison. Barry reveals his identity to Tony calling him once a bully always a bully. Also, Barry notes that they both have powers but he uses them for good while Tony uses them for bad. As the doors close, Barry relishes the fact that he has taken down his childhood bully.

Later, Barry visits Iris at Jitters and the two repair their friendship. Iris starts talking about the Streak to Barry and also there are other people like the Streak out there such as a man that is on fire (Hint: Firestorm). As talk of the Streak continues, Barry mentions that he moves in a Flash thus we hear Barry’s voice over from the pilot but this time Iris saying those words and hence I can officially start calling Barry the Flash!

The other storyline tonight is Joe asking Dr. Wells for help in solving Nora Allen’s murder. When Joe mentions what Barry saw, the yellow man in the suit within a red hurricane, it seems that Wells doesn’t want to help or doesn’t believe what Joe is saying. I am not 100% sure what was said because my PVR playback got all wonky. But later at drinks, Joe thinks that another particle accelerator 14 years ago could be behind the man in yellow. Wells knows that can’t be possible as there was no particle accelerator back them nor a lightening storm when he moved to Central City. Joe wonders when did Wells move to Central City. This is when Wells realizes that Joe doesn’t want his help but is questioning him. Joe wonders why Wells moved to Central City one month after Nora Allen was murdered. Wells tells Joe that he should ask Tess Morgan for the answers he seeks.

Back at STAR Labs, Joe apologizes as we learn that Tess Morgan was Wells’ wife and research partner that died in an auto accident. Wells couldn’t be in Maryland anymore so he move to Central City for a fresh start. Wells assures Joe that there was no particle accelerator 14 years ago.

In the post credit scene, Joe is at home writing notes on Nora Allen’s case when all of a sudden a red whirlwind enters his home and Joe sees a man in a yellows suit within. When the storm passes, Joe’s notes are gone but also there is a picture of Iris on the wall with a knife stabbed right through it. So will this make Joe stop his investigation? And is Wells the man in the yellow suit? Or he working for Wells? Hopefully, we will get our answers real soon.


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