Gotham Season 1 Episode 9 “Harvey Dent” Recap

gotham-ep109__scn9_13735_hires1Before we get to the introduction of yet another future Batman villain-to-be in the form of Harvey Dent (Nicholas D’Agosto) aka Two Face, lets take care of some storylines that I don’t quite care about.

Gordon find Barbara’s Dear Jim letter saying that she is shaken up by her kidnapping ordeal and she needs to get away to put herself together. As the episode ends, we see Gordon call Barbara begging her to come back to him as he is nothing without her and he loves her. As Gordon leaves this message, we see Barbara in bed, naked and to the surprise of no one she is in bed with Montaya.

The Penguin tonight was all about knowing more about Liza. The Penguin breaks into her apartment and notes some scents in her room and takes her scarf before leaving. Liza comes home and knows someone has been there. Later, Penguin visits Fish and comments on how she smells similarly to the scent he found in Liza’s apartment. Penguin is being creepily vague but Fish just ignores him. Later, Penguin does confront Liza at her apartment and threatens to expose her as Fish’s spy to Falcone. Liza says that Falcone won’t believe him but Penguin says that he has planted doubts about her so he will think that perhaps Liza is spying on him. Penguin goes to call Falcone but Liza stops him and he tells her that she will continue spying and not breathe a word to anybody about what she is doing.

Tonight is also the episode where we get a meet-cute between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. According to which comic books you read and movie version, Batman and Catwoman have always been each others love interest so it is interesting that the show has them meeting this soon. How did this meeting come about? Well, after Selina gave a description of the Waynes killer to a police sketch artist, Gordon decides the safest place for Selina is Wayne Manor. Alfred objects but Bruce is more welcoming. With Selina touching a 500 year old Chinese vase, we see Bruce is instantly smitten with her and offers his hand in greeting.

Selina is kinda of being a brat to Alfred and Bruce. When she comes across the two boxing, Selina wonders why Bruce bothers. Alfred does notice Bruce’s interest in Selina and the joke about Alfred giving him advice about girls. During breakfast the next day, Selina is not open to answering any of Bruce’s questions about her family life and storms off.

Later we see Bruce practice holding his breath in the pool and once again, Selina asks what is the point. Bruce says it is to teach him discipline and help better fight the streets of Gotham. Selina bursts his bubble and says that Bruce is too nice and is not ruthless is enough to survive Gotham. When Selina is about to leave, Bruce tells her that he can always call a cab. Both note how stealthy they are and Selina opens up a bit about a mother who abandoned her by making up a story that she is a spy working under cover as a spy. While they are having dinner, Selina hits Bruce with a roll and says that he can’t hit her. Bruce accepts the challenge that if he can hit Selina, he will be rewarded with a kiss. The two then get into a food fight and Alfred sees that Bruce has been happier than he has been since the death of this parents.

Now lets get to Harvey Dent. On the word of Montaya and Allen, Gordon meets with Dent assured that he is one of the good guys. When we first see Dent, he is flipping his trademarked coin to help get a troubled youth go straight. Gordon, Allen and Montaya are meeting with Dent to discuss the man that Selina identified. Dent thinks that a man named Lovecraft is behind the Waynes murder. Dent wants to plant a story that they have a witness that can tie an associate to Lovecraft to the murder and this will get him scared that people will begin to talk. Gordon is afraid for Selina’s safety but Dent promises not to name names. When Dent goes to confront Lovecraft, he of course denies any wrongdoings but we see the angry side of Dent come out before he becomes all charm again. Later Dent goes to see Gordon at the precinct saying their plan worked and Gordon gets hi to promise not to make any move without him.

The main plot tonight was about Blackgate prisoner Ian Hargrove (Leslie Odom, Jr.) being busted out of prison by four Russians. Ian is in prison for blowing up 12 buildings, all ammunitions facilities where the last one killed two janitors. We learn from Ian’s brother that he has mental health issues that isn’t being treated at Blackgate. Ian is tasked to build a bomb to hit another munitions plant but before the bomb is delivered, he places a name plate that he hopes will get discovered. So the bomb goes off and we learn that the Russians were after another explosive device that is more powerful.

Nygma does find that name plate so Gordon and Bullock go to an abandoned metal factory where they find Ian building a bomb. Ian’s says that he was busted out of prison, his brother and his family’s lives threatened, if he doesn’t help build a bomb to target one of Falcone’s vaults. Bullock and Gordon wants to know who is funding the Russians, and we learn it is Fish employing some of Nicolai’s former men to do the job.

Nygma discovers the explosives being built is meant to explode a vault made of iron. Bullock and Gordon realize it is the Gotham Armoury. When the two head there, Ian’s bomb worked and inside the vault is tons of money. As the Russians start loading the truck, Bullock and Gordon arrive on the scene but another bomb goes off, taking the van. We see in the distance, Fish’s right hand man blew up the van to cover up their tracks. All of the Russians are dead but Ian is taken back to prison. Fish is happy at this turn of events as all she wanted was to hit Falcone.

As for Ian, he is being moved to Arkham Asylum to get the help the criminally insane need. Gordon thinks it is a bad idea but we see the mayor of Gotham make the decree of moving all of the criminally insane to the refurbished Arkam to help them. We see hundreds of prisoners being moved into Arkham.

I have to say that this was probably the best episode of Gotham. Sure the thing with Barbara was predictable and I thought Harvey Dent was a bit over the top but I liked the stuff with Bruce and Selina. And for some odd reason, I really like Nygma.

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