Constantine Season 1 Episode 2 “The Darkness Beneath” Recap

Constantine - Season 1Tonight’s Constantine was all about introducing Mary “Zed” Martin (Anjelica Ceylana) and setting up her relationship with Constantine so the episode is Manny and Chas free.

Apparently the pilot did feature Zed at the end drawing a lot of picture of Constantine. And we see her do that too in the second episode getting frustrated on who this guy is that she keeps on drawing.

What brings Constantine and Zed together is tonight’s ghost/evil spirit of the week. Constantine has headed to a mining town in Western Pennsylvania where the mine manager, Linus, was killed by a fireball while taking shower. Linus isn’t a nice man and we can tell abuses his wife.

During Linus’ funeral processions, Constantine and Zed literally run into each other and Zed recognizes him on the spot and wants to know why she draws him. Constantine is not very forthcoming and takes off before anything more can be disclosed.

At the local bar, Constantine meets the town’s former pastor, Alistair McGee (James LeGros) who lost his son to a mining accident. In fact, Constantine learns from another miner that other miners have been killed all claiming to hear a strange knocking coming from the other side of the mine wall just before getting killed.

Constantine goes to the mine to investigate what the miners told him and learn that they were telling the truth.

Constantine then goes to Linus’ house where the memorial service reception is being held. Constantine makes his way to the bathroom where Linus gets killed and notes the soot hand mark. He also takes a sample of the substance found in the shower head. Linus’ wife comes across Constantine and tells a tale of how she came to the town after being duped by Linus by the promise of reaches. There are two things to note: Linus’ wife has soot on her arm (which she easily explains away) and that she is a Romanite. When Constantine rejects the wife advances, she kicks him out of the house.

The miners present, including the president of the mining company, give Constantine a beating but stop when he mentions the spirits haunting the mine.

When Constantine returns to his hotel, Zed is there. The air between is sexually charged and when Zed grabs Constantine, she gets an instant and accurate read on him. Constantine then lets Zed touch the substance he found to elicit a vision from her. Zed finds herself, as Linus, in the shower when the flames comes and the scene shifts to huge cross.

Constantine knows where this is and ditches Zed to go to an abandoned church. After kicking out a couple making out, he sees a evil drawing on their and then pricks his finger to drop blood in a thermos full of water. Constantine performs a spell while pouring water over himself where he does see a spirit.

At the bar, Zed has a conversation with Alistair and when she and Constantine meet up, the hear the mine alarm go off meaning an accident has happened.

When they get to the mine, they learn that the miners did hear the knocking. Constantine speaks to the mine’s president’s son about the spirit haunting the mine. Constantine says it is a spirit that is supposed to protect miners so doesn’t know why it has come to the surface.

The man’s car starts to fill with water and two hands emerge. One choking the son and the other choking Constantine. Zed manages to get the car open but only saving Constantine.

The pair return to the bar and Constantine gets Zed to sit on the stool that Alistair’s likes to set on so she find his location. The two believe that Alistair, as a former priest, is the only one that could conjure a spirit.

When Zed gets a location, the two go and see Alistair but he claims is innocence and tells the two to look at who were the victims? It was the higher ups and not miners.

In the mine, the mine’s president and his other son go in and a spirit attacks the pair, knocking the son unconscious. The spirit starts to choke the mine president when Constantine and Zed come on scene. Zed paints a symbol on the wall while Constantine performs a spell that gets the spirit to stop. Unfortunately, the mine president dies but the spell Constantine performed was to remind that the spirit’s purpose is to protect and not kill.

Constantine, Zed and Alistair realize that the mine cannot stay open any longer so they blow it up to close the whole.

Constantine then confronts the real person behind all of this. It is Linus’ wife and Constantine figured it out because she mentioned she was a Romanite. Linus’ wife remembers how to perform magic and calls up some spirits to take on Constantine. When Constantine reminds her that the spirits are miners and that she killed a miner, Linus’ spirit is conjured up and drags her down to hell.

When Constantine returns, Zed is there sketching away what had happened to him when confronting Linus’ wife. The crux of another sexually charged conversation is that Zed is going to join his crusade despite his efforts throughout the episode to scare her off.

I am not 100% sold on Constantine yet. It is not your typical DC Comics property and not really my jam. That being said, I do like Matt Ryan as Constantine and he does have great chemistry with Anjelica Ceylaya and apparently Zed is Constantine’s love interest.

Like all first season shows, it might take a while for it to get its footing to go beyond the spirit of the week. So I will maybe give it up to five episodes before I give up on it or not.

If you are a fan of Constantine the comics let me know if I should still give it a chance.


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1 Comment on Constantine Season 1 Episode 2 “The Darkness Beneath” Recap

  1. Raven Quickskill // November 1, 2014 at 5:47 am // Reply

    No, you should not continue to give this television show a chance. You can always read the back issues of the comics, back when it was good, but this series is not only an insult to people who can tell the difference between good writing and bad, it doesn’t look like it’ll last long, either.

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