Arrow Season 3 “The Magician” Recap

AR304b_0257bNyssa has paid Oliver a visit in the Arrow Cave looking for Sara. Apparently, Sara came to Starling City two weeks ago on a League of Assassin assignment but did not return. Oliver tells Nyssa that Sara is dead and she surmises it was by arrow. Oliver wants to know how she knows this but instead Nyssa wants to know where Sara is buried. Oliver informs her that it is her grave from 7 years ago. Nyssa departs the Arrow Cave and Oliver asks Roy to follow her while he goes to meet Thea.

When Oliver goes to meet Thea, we learn that she has a group of investors to help her revive Verdant. Something tells me, one of her investors is Malcolm.

Hong Kong Flashback

Oliver is on a mission from Waller to kill a man. Maseo is there to make sure that Oliver goes through with it. He does and takes a USB drive off of the man. Back at Maseo’s, Oliver uses his son’s computer to open up the USB and what he sees makes him demand that he get a meeting with Waller as what he saw was something to do with Ferris Air 637.

When Oliver and Waller meet, he tells her what he found out. Apparently the man that he killed was Edward Fyers handler. Remember Fyers, he was season 1’s island villain and Oliver stopped him from taking out the Ferris Air plane. What Oliver doesn’t realize is because he did that, he ruined Waller’s opportunity to kill China White.

Back to the present, Laurel is at Sara’s grave when Nyssa also pays a visit. Nyssa offers her condolences but Laurel wants none of it as she blames the League for Sara’s death. But Nyssa says that she loved Sara and when she sees Laurel wearing Sara’s jacket tells her that she isn’t worthy to wear it.

Roy informs Oliver that Nyssa is now at some League safe house. When Oliver pays her a visit, Nyssa says it was Sara’s and that she was back in Starling City to track down Malcolm Merlyn as they heard that he was still alive. Amongst Sara’s possessions is a camera that proves that Malcolm is still alive.

When Oliver and Nyssa return to the Arrow Cave, the realize the blank piece of paper found on Sara actually is a list written with ghost ink. On that paper is the name Jansen and how Lance can help find him.

Laurel goes to the precinct telling her father that Sara called asking about Jansen. Lance does provide her with his address but is none to happy in seeing Nyssa also there. Nyssa doesn’t tell Lance that Sara is dead despite her telling Laurel to tell him.

Team Arrow and Nyssa go to the address. It is a Buddhist Monestary (aka Vancouver’s Dr. Sun Yat Sen Gardens). Nyssa approaches who she thinks is Jansen demanding to know where Malcolm Merlyn is but when the man turns around it is Merlyn, who manages to escape but not before Arrow manages to clip him with an arrow.

Laurel is pissed that Oliver let Malcolm go as everyone sees to believe he killed Sara. Oliver says he isn’t a killer and Laurel walks away in a huff. Nyssa follows her and vows that she will kill Malcolm to avenge Sara.

The arrow that Oliver nicked Malcolm with is a tracer arrow that Felicity developed a GPS algorithm that will let them find where Malcolm is. Diggle wonders if Oliver is getting Felicity to monitor this remotely from Central City but he says that she programmed it so any idiot can run it. Diggle says he will try and not take offence to that.

Meanwhile, Roy offers to help Thea get Verdant up and running again. Thea at first isn’t so sure but Roy says it will just be as friends. Thea eventually accepts.

Diggle has managed to trace Malcolm to an air conditioning plant but when Oliver arrives, Malcolm isn’t there. Instead, Malcolm calls Oliver asking him to meet at a very public area of Starling City. When the two men meet, Malcolm denies killing Sara as why would he risk the wrath of killing the love of Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter life. Malcolm further states that he returned to Starling City for Thea and that he was the one that saved her from Slade Wilson’s Mirakuru soldiers. Malcolm swears on Thea’s life that he didn’t kill Sara. Malcolm walks away and when Oliver returns to the Arrow Cave, he tells his team and Nyssa that he believes him.

Oliver then spills that Malcolm’s daughter is Thea and believes him because of his swearing on Thea’s life. Nyssa believes Malcolm is the killer while Laurel wants some assurance from Oliver that Malcolm isn’t Oliver assures her that he believes Malcolm is innocent.

Worried for Thea, Oliver meets up with her for coffee. Oliver tells her the truth that Malcolm is alive and wonders if he reached out to her. Thea lies and says that no he hasn’t.

Later, Roy and Thea are leaving Verdant after a marathon painting session when Nyssa confronts them by first taken down Roy is a League drug and then kidnapping Thea.

Laurel manages to locate where Nyssa took Thea via a smoke signal that league members like to use to communicate with each other. It is this smoke signal that alerts Malcolm that something has happened to Thea.

Thea is strung upside down while Nyssa asks about her father Malcolm, whom she refers to as The Magician, but before Thea can say anything, the Arrow cuts her down and she runs to safety. Nyssa and Arrow battle it out when the Dark Archer joins the fun. During this fight, we are unsure who is fighting who and if some have teamed up to defeat the other. Regardless, the Arrow manage to tie Nyssa up and hold Malcolm at bay. Malcolm once again reiterates that he didn’t kill Sara but suggests that Ra’s Al Ghul could have something to do with it as Ra’s Al never trusted Sara especially after Nyssa brought her back. Nyssa wants Oliver to kill Malcolm but Oliver lets her go.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Oliver says that all he is interested in is finding Sara’s real killer and that Malcolm Merlyn is under his protection now. Nyssa tells Oliver that he has now started a war between him and the League of Assassins. Felicity returns from Central City, wondering what the heck is going on. And a nice bit of continuity having Felicity wearing the exact same dress she wore in the closing minutes of The Flash.

We see Lance give Sara’s cell a call just to hear her voice and say how much he misses her. And we wonder when Laurel finally lets him know, how Lance will actually take the news.

At Verdant, Thea is grateful for Roy in training to save her and offers her a job as assistant manager of the club, which he accepts. Thea takes a call from her “designer” but it is really Malcolm wondering how Thea is. Thea tells her dad that she is fine and that Oliver has no clue that they’ve reconnected. Malcolm vows to protect his daughter.

Later at Wildcat gym, Laurel is boxing a punching bag when Nyssa wants to give a proper farewell and still vows to find Sara’s killer and bring him down. Before she goes, Nyssa says that with continued training Laurel will be worthy of wearing Sara’s jacket and offers a training tip.

The episode ends with Nyssa returning to the league to inform her father that Malcolm Merlyn is indeed alive but that Oliver let Merlyn live and is protecting him. Ra’s Al Ghul appears to say that Oliver has now started a war with him and the league.

What did you all think of Ra’s Al Ghul’s reveal. I thought it was a bit underwhelming, hoping that he would enter the show in a blaze of glory. And there wasn’t enough Felicity, but I can understand why, and no Brandon Routh; hope he is back next week.

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