Saving Hope Spoilers: Images for Season 3 Episode 3 “Awakenings”

Charlie (Michael Shanks) and Zach (Benjamin Ayers) asses the situation

According to CTV’s description of Saving Hope’s third episode of season 3, it seems that Alex is suffering from some memory loss but doesn’t sound like it lasts for long. Here is the episode description for “Awakenings”

Alex (Erica Durance) is out of her coma, but struggles with her memory until a crisis at the hospital reminds her of who she truly is. Charlie (Michael Shanks) and Joel (Daniel Gillies) are forced to put their differences aside when a building collapse has them working on two fused-together patients. Plus, the doctors at Hope Zion try giving an over‐emotional Maggie (Julia Taylor Ross) sage advice.

All of the preview images for this episode focuses on the two fused-together patients (it is kind of gross) but we also see the return of the always fabulous Wendy Crewson as Dr. Dana Kinny.

“Awakenings” will air on October 2, 2014 at 9pm ET/PT on CTV.

Check out the images in our gallery:

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