Arrow Season 2 “Streets on Fire” Recap

Streets of FireTonight’s episode is called “Streets on Fire” and the streets of Starling City are indeed all ablaze as we see Slade’s mirakuru soldiers terrorizing the city.

However, when we left our heroes they were in different states of peril. First Arrow and Laurel are trapped after Arrow brought down some rubble to separate them from the mirakuru soliders. In the aftermath, Laurel and Arrow are separated but luckily Laurel has access to the Arrow’s bow and arrow. Arrow wants Laurel to take his explosive arrow and shoot it at the arrow. Arrow guides Laurel on how to shoot the arrow and Laurel is successful at blowing a hole letting Arrow to pass through and guides them to freedom.

Meanwhile, Diggle has his hands full fighting off Ravager aka Isabel Rochev, who has gotten quite good at wielding two swords. As they fight, Ravager wants to know where Felicity Smoak is. Like any stereotypical villain, Ravager starts monologuing how she has wants to put a bullet to Felicity’s head ever since… but we never hear the rest of that as Felicity hiliariousely slams Ravage with the van. As Diggle climbs in the van, Ravager starts to wake up and Felicity wonders if she should just run her over again but Diggle tells her to just drive away.

At the police precinct, Lance and his fellow officers have their hands full in trying to stop the mirakuru solider and eventually Lance uses a whole bunch of explosives to kill him.

At the mayor’s office, DA Spencer comes in and demands why Sebastian isn’t calling in the big guns for help. Sebastian says that the police can handle this and to trust him. Sebastian needs the DA to be on board with him so they can rebuild the city together. Later, Sebastian sees a news report that the mirakuru soldiers are attacking municipal sites. And right on cue, a mirakuru soldier bursts into the mayor’s office, killing his staffers and DA Spencer too. Sebastian is spared but he goes storming into Slade’s office at Queen Consolidated. Sebastian disrupts Slade’s enjoyment at seeing Starling City burn to the ground when Sebastian says killing his staff wasn’t part of the plan not was levelling the city to that degree. Slade tells Sebastian that he hasn’t fulfilled his promise to Oliver. Slade clarified his promise in killing everything Oliver loves includes destroying Starling City as Oliver loves it.

Team Arrow and Laurel are reunited. Laurel gets a call from her dad who is grateful that she is safe with the Arrow but wants her to come to the precinct. Felicity tells Arrow and Diggle that STAR Labs has developed a cure. At that moment, Felicity gets a call from someone at STAR Labs who was bringing the cure to them but because of all the chaos got into an accident and needs help. Team Arrow decides to go to him and Arrow gets Laurel to go the precinct. Before they depart, Laurel tells Arrow to go and save the city.

Back at the police precinct, Lt. Pike says that no help is coming and Lance suggest that they call the Arrow for help. Lance tells Pike that Sebastian Blood is behind all this chaos. Reluctantly, Pike agrees that the Arrow is their best shot at saving the city. Pike appoints Detective Lance as the lead on this and hands Lance back his detective shield.

As Laurel is making her way towards the precinct, a mirakuru soldier comes upon her but the Canary rescues her. When they are alone, Laurel calls the Canary Sara. Sara pulls off her wig and mask. Laurel asks where Sara was. Sara doesn’t really answer but says that there is nothing left for her anymore and tells her sister that she is no longer that girl she once was. Sara explains the name that she gave herself while with the League of Assassins. When Laurel asks what it means, Sara says it means the Canary. We then have a sweet sisterly moment where Laurel gives her sister a pep talk and says that she is a hero as a hero would have such a beautiful name. Their moment is interrupted by screams of help. A young mother is screaming for help in front of a burning building. Her young daughter is still inside as explosions rock the building. But the girl is safe as she is saved by the Canary. When the young mother asks who was that, Laurel proudly says it was the Canary.

At the precinct, the Lance family is reunited and Sara overhears someone call her alter ego a hero. More happens at the station but we will get to that later.

We see Team Arrow make their way to the STAR Lab courier. By the way, Slade has also sent someone after the cure. As Team Arrow race the streets of Starling City, two mirakuru soldiers are chasing them and push a car in their path that their van flips over. Everyone is alright but Felicity is out and has a pretty nasty looking head wound. Arrow and Diggle manage to get Felicity out and Arrow sets an explosive device in the van that blows up in the face of the mirakuru soldiers.

Team Arrow makes it to the bridge aka as Vancouver’s Georgia viaduct. In the background, you see Rogers Arena, which is the home of the NHL’s Vancouver Canucks. Back to the action, Felicity calls the courier and tries to ascertain his location but the courier thinks they are already there. Alas, the man scream in pain and when Team Arrow arrive, the case that contained the mirakuru cure is gone and now in the hands of Slade Wilson.

Team Arrow has retreated to the Canary’s hideout. As Oliver looks out at a war zone Starling City, he starts blaming himself for all that is going on. It sounds like he has given up but Felicity starts telling Oliver all the good he has done as the Arrow and tells him that he is not alone and that she believes in him. The two share a hug and this gets Oliver to start fighting again. Oliver gets Diggle to bring Roy to their new hideout as the Arrow Cave has been compromised. Roy is still unconcsious and has about 2 hours worth of snake venom to keep him that way. They still don’t know what to do as STAR Labs cannot make another cure but what luck, Sebastian Blood calls Oliver wanting to make amends. And Oliver asks him how he can do that. Sebastian replies that he has the mirakuru cure.

Felicity thinks it is a trap but Diggle and Oliver go to the mayor’s office. Sebastian explains how he was terrified of his father and that is why he developed the skull mask to combat his fears. Sebastian gives the mirakuru cure to Oliver and promises that he will rebuild Starling City back to glory. Oliver scoffs that Sebastian believes he can still be mayor after all of this. But Sebastian says that only they know that he was behind the mirakuru soldiers and if he blabs, Sebastian will blab that Oliver is the arrow. Oliver just takes the cure and he and Diggle leave.

Guess who isn’t happy that Sebastian took the cure? Why Slade, who sent Isabel to kill Sebastian, which she does by running two swords into his chest.

Island Flashback

Oliver discovers that Slade has taken Sara to the freighter. The sub’s sonar has detected the freighter is on the move and Oliver asks Anatoli to move the sub close enough so he can swim over and rescue Sara. Oliver also tells Anatoli to fire the last torpedo if they don’t make it back and to go home. Anatoli agrees and tells Oliver he has a friend for life and will do anything that he asks. And we learn this is true from earlier in the season.

Oliver does rescue Sara but also wants to save Slade. Even though Sara wants to go home, she joins Oliver in trying to save Slade. When they reach Ivo’s office, they notice his safe open and the mirakuru cure gone and in fact in the hands of Slade.

Back to the present, Diggle and Oliver return with the cure. Felicity quips that why do all cures have to have colour in them. Team Arrow don’t know if the cure will work. Oliver wants to test it on Roy but Felicity objects. Just when it looks like Oliver is going to inject Roy, he has a change of heart. But that all changes when Felicity gets a call from Lance to turn on the TV. You see back at the station, the Lance family and Pike see a news report that the military is arriving. However, taking a look at how they are positioning themselves, Laurel and Sara knows that this isn’t the military. In fact, Team Arrow knows that it is ARGUS and Oliver angrily calls Waller. But Waller won’t stand down as Slade needs to be stopped and there is a drone on the way to Starling City ready to level the city. Waller gives Team Arrow till dawn to stop Slade. This gives Oliver the incentive to inject Roy with the cure. Did it work? We will find out in the season finale.

I didn’t forget what happened to Thea because what happened her was a WTF moment. Chaos is at the train station (which by the way really is the train station in Vancouver). Thea is trying to escape the chaos and the mirakuru solider. When it looks like the mirakuru solider is going to get her, the Dark Archer saves her. It is Malcolm Merlyn come to save his daughter. But Thea wants nothing to do with Malcolm and calls him a killer. Thea asks how he is still alive but he doesn’t answer. A mirakuru soldier emerges from one of the trains and Malcolm manages to defeat him by shoving an arrow deep in his heart. As Malcolm gets up from this fight, Thea has pointed a gun at him. Malcolm tells her it would be more effective if Thea took off the safety. Malcolm tells Thea that he has lost everything and she is all he has left and that she has lost everything and he is all she has left. Before Malcolm can further plead his case we see from Thea’s POV, her shoot three times and we hear a body slump to the floor. So did Thea just kill Malcolm dead? Or was another mirakuru solider behind him and she shot him? If Thea did kill Malcolm then this will definitely resonate in season 3.

Next week is the season finale and there is going to be one more death and my bet it is Sara. Who do you think is going to die in the season finale? Let me know in the comments.

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