Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Ragtag” Recap

CLARK GREGG, MING-NA WENIt is the penultimate episode of SHIELD’s first season and finally learn why Ward is so loyal to Garrett.

We flashback 15 years ago. We see Garrett visit Ward in juvenile detention. Garrett starts listing Ward’s rap sheet that includes setting his house on fire while his older brother was in it. Garrett has come to Ward with a proposition. Garrett can spring Ward from jail time (his parents and older brother are going to press charges) and show him a different world. Garrett mentions a secret organization that he works for and wants Ward to say yes. The moment Ward says yes, a whole bunch of HYDRA agents come in and sets Ward free.

We later see Garrett and Ward in the woods. The basic crux of this scene is that Garrett leaves Ward behind to fend for himself leaving him only his clothes and Garrett’s dog Buddy. Garrett gives Ward two month’s to figure out how to survive before he returns. As nightfalls, Ward and Buddy huddle under a tree as a storm rages on around them.

Garrett does eventually return and finds that Ward has set up a campsite for himself that includes pots and pans as well as a tent. Ward puts a shot gun to Garrett’s neck and is pissed that Garrett left him alone of six months. Garrett is impressed and asks how Ward managed to survive. Ward replies that he raided cabins for what he needed. Garrett then pulls a gun on Ward but instead of shooting him, starts shooting stuff around him and says that Ward can learn to shoot better than him,.

We move ahead 10 years and Brett Dalton is now playing Ward again. Garrett shares with Ward how he became part of HYDRA. Basically Garrett got injured during a SHIELD mission but SHIELD did nothing to save him. Garrett then informs Ward that he has been accepted into SHIELD ops academy and stresses the importance of being a HYDRA agent within SHIELD. One of the last things that Garrett needs Ward to do is stop forming attachments as it is weakness. Garrett wants Ward to kill Buddy knowing how attached Ward has become to the dog. Ward tries to kill Buddy but can’t and lets the dog run free but Garrett ends up using a long range rifle to shoot the dog. Remember this as it is important for the present day.

Back in the present day, at the make shift SHIELD motel base, Fitz still has faith that Ward isn’t evil while Skye and Simmons think otherwise. There is also a news report about how Deathlock has killed a Columbian drug lord that happened to be a HYDRA agent. May and Coulson then call the team in to discuss what they know. They conclude that Cybertek (the firm that developed Deathlock) is key to what to do next. The Trojan Horse that Skye placed on the hard drive can help them find the Bus but they need to place a flash drive in a Cybertek computer as Skye knows that it is tied to Garrett.

Tripplett has returned to the motel with a suitcase from the Howling Commando days of his grandpa. In it are tons of tools that will help in their mission at Cybertek. We see Coulson and Fitz go all fanboy over what is in Tripp’s grandfather suit case. Some of this tech includes a joke hand buzzer that is actually an EMP and a cigarette that is actually a laser. Fitz hilariously set fire to the motel room’s curtains.

On board the Bus, Ward questions Garrett’s reasons for killing the drug lord but Garrett only wants to congratulate Deathlock for a job well done. Garrett places a phone call that lets Deathlock see his son via satellite. Garrett then meets with Raina who informs him that she has been able to replicate GH-328 thanks to the information on the hard drive. Later, we see Raina and Deathlock have a conversation while she is examining some of Skye’s bloodworm. Deathlock isn’t happy that his son is in a cell thanks to Raina. Raina then asks what Deathlock aka Mike Petersen knows about Skye. The important takeaway in this is that Raina tells Deathlock that she and Skye have a lot in common.

As they prepare for their Cybertek mission, Fitz once again maintains his faith that Ward is still a good guy.

At Cybertek, we see Coulson and May dressed quite nerderly posing as SHIELD scientists wanting to meet with Cybertek’s R&D in hopes of selling some tech. We see FitzSimmons in a cleaning company van feed Coulson and May what to say. The device that they want to show Cybertek is the icer gun. While all this is happening, Skye uses UHF airways to pull up the building schematics to find out that there is a heavily guarded room on the 4th floor. The meeting with Cybertek doesn’t go well but that was expected. Coulson and May are escorted back down but they take out their escort and make their way to the 4th floor.

However, May and Coulson encounter another Cybertek guard and in between them is a red phone that would alert others to their presence. May uses some cool moves to get to the phone first and knocks the guy out. Coulson tells May that he is glad that she is back. Using the cigarette laser, they break into the room but not computer but tons of filing cabinets.

May finds tons of files on Project Deathlock and find one on Garrett and learn that he was the first Deathlock. As guards approach, May and Coulson toss the Deathlock filing cabinet out the window. FitzSimmons retrieve it and Coulson and May rappel back down to safety thanks to something from Tripp’s grandfather’s bag of tricks.

Back at the motel, they go through the files and once again Fitz believes that Ward is being controlled. Skye reiterates that Ward is a killer and she should have let him die. Food arrives but Skye is not hungry. May and Skye have a conversation about Ward. Skye admires May for being so calm at Ward’s betrayal but May tells her that she is harnessing all those feelings to take down Ward.

Meanwhile on the Bus, Garrett starts to feel some stomach pain and Ward manages to use some electrician-like tools to make sure Garrett’s cybernetic parts are okay. Garrett informs Ward that nothing is wrong with his robot parts but his organic ones are shutting down and is dying.

Skye then discovers that Garrett is in Havana and using an old SHIELD safe house. So the team heads to Havana.

Garret, Ward and crew have arrived in Havana and their barbershop safe house. Quinn is there and just about leave for some meetings in Washington, DC. Ward then gets a message from Raina and goes to speak to her. Raina explains what she has found on Skye and her history. It is stuff that we’ve heard before on how a baby girl was found in a village in China and the whole village was destroyed to get to the baby. Raina tells Ward that she believes that this baby’s parents were the monsters that destroyed the village. Ward then lies to Garrett about what Raina said to him,

Garret et al’s stay at their Havana’s safe house is short-lived as they clear out just as Coulson and company arrive. But FitzSimmons is at the Havana airfield and tells Coulson that the Bus is there but they are going leave at any moment. Coulson and team are three hours out and he tells FitzSimmons not to engage with Garett and Ward.

Of course we know that FitzSimmons can’t keep still and start to formulate a plan but Ward is there and takes them to Garrett.

On the Bus, Fitz uses the EMP to short circuit the electricity on the Bus that also includes Garrett. FitzSimmons escapes and Ward scrambles to save his mentor/father figure. Garrett instead orders him to kill FitzSimmons while Raina will stay behind to care for him.

FitzSimmons are moving around the Bus to avoid HYDRA agents. However, when FitzSimmons lock themselves in a container, Ward is there and starts fiddling with the controls. Fitz begs him to stop and uses their friendship as a reason and that he cares about them. Ward states that he is following orders and because he cares about them that is why he doing this. So we see Ward eject the container that has FitzSimmons in it with their fate unknown. I am hoping that in next week’s episode, they use this time to share their feelings before they eventually/hopefully get rescued.

Garrett tells Raina to open him up and she sees that Garrett is using her centipede serum. Garrett tells Raina it is the only thing keeping him alive but now he is dying and the only thing that can save him is the only vial of GH-328. Raina injects Garrett with it knowing that this is the only one and she can’t replicate it again. Ward arrives back in time to see Garrett start to convulse and he starts to light on fire. Garrett stops burning and his body stops shaking and it looks like he has become more powerful.

Back in Havana, Coulson and team find the place deserted. Tripp uses a device from his grandfather’s era to find where a computer is hidden. The team finds it behind a wall but before Skye can insert the flash drive, they are surrounded by centipede soldiers.

In the post credit scene, we see Quinn talk to some military big wigs about selling them not one super soldier but 1000s.

So what will happen in next week’s finale? Are FitzSimmons doomed? How will Coulson, Tripp, May and Skye get out of their predicament? And will Ward die or can he be redeemed? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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