Continuum Spoilers: Images for “So Do Our Minutes Hasten”

Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron and Luvia Petersen as Garza

Last episode was set primarily in 2077 but for episode 8 “So Do Our Minutes Hasten” we are back in present day Vancouver. From these photos, Kiera will find an unexpected visitor in the form of Garza when she comes home. We also see that Alec has brought his son Jason into the fold at Piron. Also, something happens that causes Dillon and Kiera to wear hazmat suits. And finally, something happens in the future with Kiera and her mother.

Here is how Showcase describes the episode:

Kiera confronts uncomfortable truths while paired on an investigation with Dillon. Julian puts himself in the spotlight by exposing a corporation’s dirty deeds. Alec deals with the pressures of his new role at Piron and an uncomfortable secret revealed by Carlos.

“So Do Our Minutes Hasten” will air May 11, 2014 (Happy Mother’s Day) on Showcase at 9pm PT/ET and May 30, 2014 at 10pm ET/9pm CT on SyFy.

Check out the images below:

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