Continuum Season 3 Episode 7 “Waning Minute” Recap

Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron
Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron

Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron

The following recap and review contains spoilers for season 3 of Continuum which premiered in the U.S. on April 4 thus are a few episodes behind.

This episode of Continuum does something different. Instead of the bulk of the episode taking place in the present day, we see a bit of Kiera’s life in 2077.

We open though in the present. Catherine and the Freelancers have thrown Curtis in their time traveler prison. Catherine informs Kiera that they will debrief Curtis in what he knows and that Sadler will be debriefed as well for the location of the other time travel device.

Kiera is a bit conflicted about the Freelancers interrogating Sadler. At that moment, Curtis decides to taunt Kiera and states that she sleepwalked through her life in 2077 but blindly being loyal to the CPS who in turn were loyal to the Corporate Congress. Curtis also states that Kiera is doing the same in the present day, sleepwalking through her life. When Kiera sees another time travel prisoner, she gets a memory of Stefan Jawarski, who I believe is the other time traveler in the room with them.

We see a memory of Kiera of her time chasing Jawarski and how she manages to capture him but during the prison transfer her CPS ship goes down.

In the aftermath, Kiera’s CMR is on the fritz and Jawarski wants to make a deal with Kiera to let him go free. His chatty nature makes Kiera want to shoot herself.

In the morning, Jawarski wants them to follow a river or something that would lead them to Squamish but instead encounter two men yielding crossbows. Jaden (Ben Cotton) and Nathan bring Kiera and Jawarski to their compound that is like an indoor farming community. They introduce themselves as Gleaners who have managed to have truce with the Corporate Congress. The Gleaners are a bit wary of Kiera knowing that her CMR could ID them but Jawarski says it is not working. To ensure that it won’t work, Jaden and Nathan take Kiera to see their doctor to outfit her with something called the Governor that will stop the CMR from working. The doctor is wearing a mask but we clearly know that it is Sonya. The Governor is a device that fits behind Kiera’s head and inserts itself in the cerebellum. If Kiera tries to remove it herself, she will die.

Back at Sadtech, one of the company’s actuaries comes to Greg, Kiera’s husband, with some financial paperwork and callously mentions that Kiera’s CPS ship went down and is considered inactive (i.e. dead). Greg kicks the guy out so he can process the news.

You know who else is with the Gleaners? Why it is Kagame who has been shot and is recovering with the help of Sonya. Kagame has given Sonya book written by Theseus aka as Julian and tries to get Sonya around a new way of thinking. We later see Kagame over a crate of apples; he takes a bite out of one of them, cuts his hand open so that his blood can land on the bite. Kagame then returns the apple back to the crate and buries it under other apples. And as someone who knows about Food Safe – I say that is gross.

Kagame learns a little bit more why Sonya is hiding with the Gleaners. It seems that Sonya ran away from a great job offer that she was unsure she should take. This job involves developing super soldiers. We learn from an episode last season that is how Sonya and Travis met.

While that is going on, Kiera is learning about the life of Gleaners and what brought them to this point. Nathan shares a story of how CPS officers (I think that was the case) killed his family.

Nathan and Jaden decide to take Jawarski and Kiera to observer a shipment of food to the Corporate Congress. We later see that the apple that Kagame had marked went to Older Alec Sadler. One of older Alec’s employees confirms that the DNA on the apple is Kagame and it was meant as a message to him. Older Alec tells his staffer to execute a particular order. The same staffer then informs Older Alec that Kiera Cameron was killed in action and she was the wife of one of his executives.

Older Alec later meets with Greg, who asks him how can he explain to his son what his mother died for. Older Alec tells him what he should say. I think it was something about how Kiera was loyal to their cause or something like that.

When Nathan and Jaden return to the Gleaners camp, they use some sort of device that IDs Kiera as a CPS officer who was deemed inactive. When Jawarski is scanned they see that he is one of the 10 most wanted and the bounty on him is 50,000 bit credits or life credits. Jawarksi then offers a better deal and asks Nathan to contact someone through some complicated yet hilarious code words that involves a giraffe. The bounty offered from what I presume is Liber8 is 1 million bit credits.

Jaden gets Kiera and Jawarski to leave so he can do his own investigating and pulls up Kagame file as he knows that he is at their compound and wonders what his bounty his.

As Jaden and Nathan take Kiera and Jawarski back, Kiera starts to experience intense migraines that involve vision loss. Kiera is taken to the Gleaners infirmary where she meets Kagame for the first time and the two have a conversation that I can’t quite recall the details but I think it has something to do with Kiera joining the CPS. The pain returns and Kiera injects more pain meds and she is out like a light. The Gleaners, based on the advice of Sonya, decide to remove the Governor from Kiera. When Sonya does so, Kiera’s vision is still gone and Sonya gives her more sedatives that knocks her out once again.

When Sonya goes to Kagame’s bed, she sees that he is leaving. Kagame believes that someone has betrayed him and needs to leave. However, Kagame injuries prevent him from going very far so Sonya decides to help him.

Jaden has taken Jawarski to probably meet someone for the exchange. When Kiera comes through, she discovers from another Gleaner, Angia that Jaden has taken Jawarski. Kiera figures that they are going to along the route that takes them to Squamish and wants Angia to show her.

On their walk to find Jaden and Jawarski, Kiera learns that Angia is pregnant and wants to break free from the Gleaners. The two stumble upon Jaden’s dead body but now crossbow or Jawarski in sight.

It is then that Jawarski has taken Angia hostage and it is a crossbow showdown between Jawarski and Kiera. This is the time that Kiera’s CMR starts to work and she uses it to power the CPS ship that distract Jawarski enough to let Angia go and for her to shoot Jawarski down with an arrow.

Kiera’s fellow CPS officers come on the scene to take Jawarski away and Angia too. One officer states that they have to leave the area too. As the CPS ship flies away, we see several other ships come on the scene and blow up the Gleaners compound.

Sonya sees this from afar and wants to return to help but Kagame tells her there is no point. Kagame tells Sonya her life is different know and that she can help avenge what happened to the Gleaners by taking the super soldier job. And that is how Sonya became a member of Liber8.

Back to the present day, Catherine wonders why Kiera wanted to share that memory. Kiera states that both Jawarski and Curtis both told her that she was asleep in her life. Kiera says that Curtis and Jawarski but had committment in their eyes. Seeing that has woken her up and now she sees things clearly. To what that may be, we will hopefully soon find out.

Meanwhile at the time travellers prison, Sadler has woken up but sees that Curtis has hung himself. Sadler calls for help and when a Freelancer comes, we see that it was all a ruse. Curtis ends up snapping the neck of the Freelancer and escapes.

So what is Curtis up to? We will find out next week.

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4 Comments on Continuum Season 3 Episode 7 “Waning Minute” Recap

  1. You should take better viewing notes. I’m not trying to troll, but on big conversations/moments your write-up falters. That’s why one wants to read a synopsis.

    • Fair enough. I find that when I was taking detailed notes, I wasn’t really paying attention to what was going on and just wanted to be sure that I caught everything. So I decided just to watch the show whole and the recall the episode. If I remembered it then I felt that it was important part of the episode.

      • LEWais // May 5, 2014 at 8:55 pm //

        What’s most interesting is seeing that this isn’t the 2077 Kiera left behind. Little clues are thrown out, such as the “previously” bit before the episode. Jawarski appeared in the earlier episode season 1?) as a “model” for a mind control device that went awry. Sonya in this time line is idealistic and a healer, not a killer terrorist. Old Sadler has no interest in Keira, dismissing her as just so much fodder, not as someone key to changing the past. Keira realizes that Kagame was right about her eventually seeing things differently and that he had some legitimate reason for allowing the Gleaner village to burn. Sadler says people are judged by what they leave behind. That is a critical line. The suggestion at the end of the episode is that Kiera walks out on Catherine and is no longer willing to play freelancer. Meanwhile what and who is Curtis? Watch the episode twice. It helps.

      • Thanks for providing more insight to what I’ve missed. I may have to watch the show twice so I can catch things that I miss.

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