The Tomorrow People Season 1 “Son of Man” Recap

Son Of ManIt is the season finale of The Tomorrow People and it looks like they have set up for an interesting season 2, if the CW gives it one. [UDPATED] It didn’t.

“Son of Man” was all about the final showdown between the Tomorrow People and the Founder but before any of that can happen, we see Jedikiah use his newfound powers make his way through Ultra taking down guards as he makes his way to Roger and the Machine.

At the Lair, we learn that even though Jedikiah took Irene’s powers, his human body may actual reject the powers. And we see that come to pass when Jedikiah tries to use his powers to take down a guard so instead he just shoots him dead.

When Jedikiah enters the room, Roger warns his brother to stay away or he will get killed. Roger says the only way that this can end is if Jedikiah shoots him dead. Jedikiah doesn’t want to but Roger begs him to do so. Reluctantly, Jedikiah shoots his brother and the Machine stops. Stephen comes at this moment and cradles his father in his arms as he lays dying. The Founder also arrives and tells that them that they don’t need Roger anymore as the Machine has harnessed Roger’s power to use to extinct the human race.

Roger gets Stephen to leave before anything bad happens to him. And just before the Ultra kill squad can kill Roger and Jedikiah, Roger uses the last of his strength to teleport them back to Jedikiah’s apartment where Roger dies.

Back at the Lair, Cara and John share a moment where Cara begs John to leave for safety after learning from TIM the blast radius of the Machine. Cara promises to find John when all of this is over and asks John to keep Astrid safe.

Stephen arrives and tells Cara that his father is dead and his uncle shot him to try and stop the Machine but couldn’t. Stephen searches for a gun amongst Roger’s things and goes to ask John where he was weaponized. John won’t say but Stephen reads his mind and makes his way to the lab so he can kill for revenge.

John, meanwhile, has broken into Jedikiah’s to steal some money but finds Jedikiah there watching an old home movie of celebrating one of John’s birthdays at Ultra. Jedikiah shares a story of the pocket knife gift that he gave John as belonging to his grandfather and it was passed down to his father and then to him. Jedikiah wanted to give it to his son and is surprised that John has kept it. John gives the knife back to Jedikiah as a sort of peace offering and the two share a hug.

Stephen has made his way to the lab and gets the lab assistant to show him the serum that will weaponize him. Stephen notices a fresh batch was made for a defunct program and the lab assistant states that it was made for the Founder.

At Ultra, Natalie and Russell are brought in. The Founder wants Cara brought to him and it is up to Russell and Natalie and Ultra soldiers to do it. Russell at first is a bit reluctant at betraying another friend and says so to Natalie on the subway to the Lair. We learn that these Ultra agents are paranormals that are able to kill as we see them infiltrate the Lair. Natalie pretends to be repentant to distract her as the soldiers attempt to kill Cara. Russell arrives in time to save her and the two teleport away.

Cara goes to see Stephen at his home who is about to inject himself with the serum so he can kill. But Cara manages to convince Stephen not to so he can retain his humanity. The two then leave as it is not safe for them to be at his home.

Meanwhile, Astrid and John meet at the park and are glad that they can be together as the world ends. The two later meet up with Stephen and Cara at the noodle restaurant to formulate some sort of plan. Astrid and John join but also Russell. Stephen is not happy at all at seeing Russell but Cara says that Russell saved his life. Russell does have a plan using Roger’s plan. The only hitch is that the plan involved a dozen Tomorrow People not three. Astrid takes offence to that as she wants to join the fight.

So the plan is Russell and Cara will draw the kill squad outside of Ultra and away from the Machine. While that is going on, Stephen will sneak in and destroy the Machine.

The plan is under way so far as planned. The soldiers confront Russell and Cara and open fire on them. The two use their powers to stop the bullets and throw it back at them. A fight ensues between Russell and Cara and the soldiers with everyone using their powers. When the lead solider holds Cara in a precarious situation, we see John from a nearby rooftop start shooting the soldiers dead with Astrid telling him who to shoot.

Once in Ultra, Cara and Russell separate. Russell ends up in a hallway confronted by Natalie who pulls a gun on him. Cara goes to the Ultra operations centre where she confronts the Founder. The Founder goes on and on about his plan to eliminate the humans so that paranormals can rule it. Cara taunts the Founder for sacrificing his own daughter for this cause but he says it was worth it. The two use their powers to battle but the Founder wins as he tosses Cara around and eventually through a glass door, knocking her unconscious. But just before being knocked out, Cara tells Stephen it is time to spring into action.

When Stephen arrives, he realizes that he is too late and the Machine starts to emit its power. We first see an Ultra guard freeze in time. Then John and Astrid are glad that they are with each other and John kisses her and at that moment they become frozen in time.

Stephen tries to draw the power of the Machine towards him but the Founder Forces him away. The two battle it out using telekinesis and teleportation. The Founder taunts Stephen by saying the Machine has Roger’s powers and will take their people to the Refuge where he defines the Refuge as a world free of humans. Eventually, Stephen says that being his father’s son is his legacy gives him the strength to defeat the Founder enough to draw the Machines power to him. A portal gets created and Stephen uses his power to move the Founder towards the portal’s hole so he could get sucked in. In fact, the Machine gets sucked in too and it seems that the Founder is gone and the Machine defeated.

Back outside, John and Astrid are unfrozen and John goes back to the street to help Stephen, Cara and Russell.

Cara believes that they’ve won and see John but Natalie is also there and shoots Cara in the gut. Cara falls to the ground dead. Stephen comes out and sees Cara’s dead body and shouts “Noooooo!” Doing so emits some sort of blast and all of a sudden time has turned back to moment before Cara gets shot. Stephen stops Natalie from pulling the trigger but lets her escape.

The three and Astrid then relish that it is all over.

We then flash forward to two weeks. Astrid and John are on the subway contemplating visiting Queens for their date. However, Jedikiah is on the same car and needs to show John something. Reluctantly, John goes with Jedikiah but promises to make it up to Astrid.

At Jedikiah’s, he basically offers the chance for John’s powers to return by using Roger’s DNA. Jedikiah says that is the best way to honour Roger and also have John be a part of his family as his family’s blood would run through him.

Meanwhile, at the park, Astrid teases Stephen about being the saviour of mankind and what kind of action that could get him. But their fun times are interrupted by Cara who tells Stephen he needs to come to the Lair.

At the Lair, Cara tells Stephen that a lot of breakouts from all over the world have come to them. It seems that the Machine emitted some sort of beacon before it got destroyed. Cara tells Stephen they are here because of him. Stephen tells Cara that together they will lead them. Russell joins too and it will be the three of them that will lead them. Stephen notes that they need a bigger Lair and decides to use Ultra as temporary digs.

As Stephen and Cara sit in what was the Founder’s chair, Cara senses that she was shot and wants to know what Stephen did but he won’t tell her. Cara then senses John as a new breakout but doesn’t think that it could be real.

However, it is real. We are back in DC and that senator’s office. Jedikiah wants the senator’s contacts at the department of defence to discuss paranormal super soldiers and uses a cleaned-up John as a demo.

As season 1 draws to a close. Jedikiah shows files of Russell and Cara and asks if John knows who Cara is. John doesn’t and asks who Cara is. Jedikiah tells John that she is going to be a recruit and become just like him. Jedikah tells John that he is in charge to bring Cara in. And the two walk off into the sunset together ready to begin their next mission.

It does set up a good season 2 with John hunting down Cara and Russell to become a paranormal super soldier. The episode also re-establishes Jedikiah as the villain of the show after relinquishing that to the Founder.

I really enjoyed The Tomorrow People and I think it finally found its footing by making the Founder the big bad and also making Stephen’s mother a Tomorrow Person. If there is a season 2, what will happen to Astrid and John? Have we seen the last of Natalie? Are Stephen and Cara the newest power couple? Let’s up we get to find out.

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2 Comments on The Tomorrow People Season 1 “Son of Man” Recap

  1. natasha_0726 // May 6, 2014 at 9:29 am // Reply

    so, if stephen stoppped time to bring cara back and John left Astrid on the roof after there life/ death canoodling how did Astrid make it down to him right after Stephen took the gun from natalie & saved cara? gotta love tv and their weird version of time. I guess John’s ego really needed her cuddles after stephen saved the day!

  2. When the bullet reversed! I had a hard attack! I would say that moment when we found out Stephens mom was A TP and stopped them bullets!, and Stephen reversing time is EQUAL!!!!!!!!

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