Bitten Season 1 Episode 13 “Ready” Recap

The Pack
The Pack

The Pack

The following is a recap of the season 1 finale of Bitten which will air two days later in the US.

If you don’t want to know how the season ends then please stop reading. If you do, then please read on

I haven’t read any of the books to which Bitten is based on so I don’t know if how the season ends is how the book ends. I already know that they have taken liberties with the book like Antonio dying in the show when he is alive in the books. So people will have to let me know if this is how the book ends in the comments.

The season finale begins with Elena helping give a recovering Clay a bath. Clay talks about failing Elena and how he didn’t protect Philip. But Elena says that Clay didn’t fail her and he did protect Philip. Elena also confesses that Jeremy told her the truth of why he bit her and that was to save her life and to preserve her relationship with Jeremy. Elena tells him that Clay sacrificed their love so she can trust Jeremy. Elena then gives back Clay ring and places it on his ring finger.

Speaking of Jeremy, he and Nick are gathering a lot of firewood. The plan is to burn Stonehaven to the ground to prevent the Mutts from taking it over and discovering its secrets. Nick thinks it is a shame that it has to come to that as they will lose all the history that Stonehaven has.

Meanwhile, James Williams meets with Daniel Santos and tells him the time is to strike now that Logan is on the run and Clay is weak so the plan is to attack Stonehaven now. Santos meets up with Leblanc and Marsten and tells them of the plan and that their army is ready. Santos once again warns Leblanc not to touch Elena.

As for Logan, we see that he has taken Rachel to a seedy motel to stay at before their flight to Jamaica. Rachel worries about Elena and family but Logan reassures her that they will be alright. Logan then leaves Rachel to grab them a pizza. But Logan takes a long while and blames car troubles for his delay. A really hungry Rachel leaves a note for Logan that she is going to grab some snacks and leaves the motel.

Back at Stonehaven, Jeremy is talking to Jorge in Vancouver. Jorge informs Jeremy that the guy, Nate, the one that had the video of the wolves at Cherry Beach as disappeared and that Philip has boarded a flight to France. Jorge then suggests to Jeremy that Elena come to Vancouver for her safety but Jeremy insists that the Pack is stronger with Elena there.

Later, as Elena returns from taking care of Clay, she notes that Nick has some anger issues against the Mutts considering they killed his father but she vows revenge on everyone that hurt the pack. Elena and Jeremy then have a talk and she vows to protect Clay from everyone including Jeremy.

The Pack gather to see that the Mutts are coming to Stonehaven as seen by them tracking the GPS in Elena’s phone that she planted in Santos’ car in the last episode. The Pack decide to face the Mutts at Stonehaven and start to prepare for the fight. Wolf traps are laid, windows are boarded up, doors are barricaded and Nick heats up a vat of oil.

At the Stonehaven basement, Jeremy shows Nick a secret passageway behind a shelf Jeremy also tells Nick how he met his mother once and it was clear as day that Antonio was in love with her. Nick tells Jeremy that he asked Jorge to find her but Jeremy said there is no need, he knows where she is. I guess that reveal will be for season 2, if there is a season 2.

The Pack thinks the Mutts have come in through the front door but it is just Logan who has returned to help. Logan tells Jeremy that he isn’t going to follow Pack rule where he has to give his son to Jeremy to raise. Afther the fight is over, Logan is going off the grid with Rachel.

When the GPS signal indicates that the Mutts are right outside Stonehaven, the Pack goes outside and no signs of the Mutt but instead with see a tied up Rachel who has Elena’s cell phone on her running towards the house. Logan goes to her and takes her back inside and hides her in a cubby hole in Elena room and tells her not to leave.

The Pack then decide to pair off: Nick and Jeremy and Elena and Clay. At some point during all of this, Clay and Elena do share a tender kiss.

Small explosive devices get tossed into Stonehaven and the fight begins. Jeremy chases on Mutt and ends up fighting him in the bath tub, which results in Jeremy drowning him. Nick fights another Mutt in Elena’s room and we see the fight from Rachel’s point of view. Nick wins and finds a cowering Rachel and tells her not to move. One Mutt gets his leg caught in the wolf trap and Clay snaps his neck. Clay later fights that Mutt whom he removed his teeth. Clay stops him when he places his arm in that vat of hot oil but he eventually escapes.

Elena has some trouble with one Mutt but Logan, in wolf form comes to her rescue. When another Mutt shows up, Logan gives chase to grounds of Stonehaven and is successful as we see later a naked Logan all bloody.

Also outside of Stonehaven’t gates is Marsten, Leblanc and Santos. Santos orders the other two to join the fight while he elects to lead from the outside.

Leblanc thens shows up and wants to kill Elena and is sick and tired of being told that he can’t even touch her. So Leblanc defies orders and is about to kill Elena but Marsten actually stops Leblanc and Leblanc ends up on the table that had that glass map. It shatters and Elena brings the map down, impaling Leblanc on the broken glass. Elena is grateful for Marsten for saving him. Marsten seems to want to switch sides and Elena says that it will be up to Jeremy even though Clay doesn’t trust him.

When Logan returns to Stonehaven, he finds that Rachel is gone and he and Nick go search for her on the grounds.

James Williams then shows up in his limo and chastises Santos for not wanting to join the fight. Williams takes Santos through the secret entrance Stonehaven. When Williams goes upstairs, Santos sees Marsten in the sitting room. Santos takes it as a sign that the Pack is dead. But Marsten tells him not to be so stupid. Santos is then surrounded by Jeremy, Marsten, Clay and Elena. Santos realizes that Marsten has turned sides but tells Jeremy that you can’t trust him. Jeremy wonders too why they should trust Marsten. Marsten replies that you don’t and that all he asks is a quick death. But Jeremy says that Marsten is useful to them alive.

Santos finds this unbelievable then Clay grabs him. Santos thinks that Clay is going to kill him but it is Elena who is doing the killing. Santos talks about pretty much how he has the hots for her. Elena responds by saying that Santos had no right to decide her future so she will break his heart literally. Elena gets all like Regina from Once Upon a Time and reaches into Santos hearts and crushes his heart.

While all this is happening, Logan and Jeremy have no luck in finding Rachel. Nick needs to go back to Stonehaven but bids Logan a farewell because he is going off the grid once he finds Rachel.

Jeremy carries Santos body towards the foyer and there is James Williams. Jeremy wonders why he is at Stonehaven and Williams replies that he was taking a nostalgia tour and chastises Jeremy for turning his room into a craft room. It is at this point we realize that Williams is Malcolm Danvers and confirmed when Jeremy calls him father. Malcolm was the one behind everything and this all stems from the fact that Malcolm hates Jeremy and never wanted a son and would have killed him if it wasn’t for Jeremy’s grandfather. Apparently, Malcolm wants Elena and this fight seems far from over as Malcolm leaves.

When see Malcolm drive away in his limo and there is that Nate guy who has captured Rachel. Malcolm introduces himself and tells Rachel that he sent the rattle. So what is Malcolm’s plan for Rachel? Again, this will be answered in season 2.

Elena and Clay are burying one of the Mutts when Elena mentions how none of this would have happened if she didn’t stop tracking for the Pack and left them. Elena vows to Clay that together they will begin tracking again. Clay likes the sound of that and the two share a tender kiss. To me this is too sudden. Elena spent the last two episodes professing her love to Philip but all of sudden learning the truth of why she was bitten, makes her love for Clay come up that quickly. I mean, Elena spent most of season 1 hating Clay so this change of heart rang false.

Anyways, Elena tells Clay that she needs to get one thing and she returns to her room to grab her wedding ring. Elena puts it on and has a smile on her face but this turns quickly to a frown and a screen as she sees Philip’s severed head on her bed.

So ends season 1 of Bitten. The show definitely sets things up for season 2 like the war between Malcolm and Jeremy, what is going to happen to Rachel and how will seeing Philip’s head affect her relationship with Clay.

So come on Space Channel, let us know if there is going to be a season 2.

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10 Comments on Bitten Season 1 Episode 13 “Ready” Recap

  1. Yay! Thank you!!! 🙂

  2. It seems to me that Jorge is in cahoots with James Williams/Malcolm Danvers, he told Jeremy Phillip boarded a plane to France, but his head’s on Elena’s bed, he also could be the mysterious informant who told Malcolm Clay had been rescued (end of last episode)… I kind of suspected Phillip would not survive, it would make a very interesting second season seeing Diane searching relentlessly for answers to Phillip’s disappearance, considering she introduced him to Elena… I think this pack war is not over yet… Awesome episode! Awesome review!

  3. // April 6, 2014 at 2:22 am // Reply

    Killing Phillip rather conveniently cleans up any complications he might’ve created – but also any interesting story possibilities he might’ve created.

  4. I really have enjoyed and appreciated your recaps of each episode for us. I just wanted to comment on the Phillip/elena/Clay relationship that you found didn’t ring true. In the book, although I didn’t read all of Bitten, Elena always loved Clay, but she didn’t WANT to love him because he caused her to become a monster who could kill others, something that was never in the human Elena. Finding out Clay was trying to save her from dying & not just biting her for his own selfish agenda, made it so it wasn’t Clay’s was really responsible for making her a killer. also there’s a reflection in the book where Elena realizes her attraction to Phillip was because he was a father figure, like Jeremy, so although she loved Phillip, she was never really “in love” with him. You see during the series that there are times where Elena kind of forgets about Phillip, including, obviously, the night they make love. To me, it seemed like she was forcing the Phillip relationship so she could get over Clay, but as we all know, the heart always wins over the head. Hope this explanation clarifies why all of the sudden Elena feels so much closer to Clay and again has sort of forgotten about Phillip. Also, I don’t think Phillip dies in the book, but like I said, I’ve only skimmed it and haven’t read it cover to cover. I do plan to though now the S1 is over. Anyway, thanks again for your posts & hopefully my explanation helps in understanding the Phillip/Elena/Clay dynamic.

  5. Bitten Book Fan // April 6, 2014 at 12:28 pm // Reply

    The ending and so much else is totally different to the book. In the book Marsden switches sides and helps Elena to save Clay but the big showdown doesn’t happen at Stonehaven and Phillip doesn’t get killed. Malcolm being the mastermind of the plot is a big divergence from the books. In the book Elena leaves Phillip hurt in his apartment and runs off to save Clay who she realises (when he’s taken) that she really loves. The final confrontation happens at the place where Daniel is holding him and Marsden makes a deal with Elena to help her save Clay in return for territory which is what he wanted in the book. The mutts all die and Clay and Elena are reunited and the new smaller pack start to rebuild. In the book Clay bites her because he can’t stand to lose her not because he was protecting her and I kinda like that better as even in the later books when she is fully committed to Clay you sometimes still see Elena’s struggle to accept what happened and if you read the prequel about how Clay was turned and his childhood you understand more what would drive him to that.

    I love the books and I liked the show enough to keep watching but the show is only based on the book it’s not a close copy and if more seasons are made I’d think it’s likely to move further and further away from the books. I think if you’ve read the books you’ll only like the show if you can separate the two as they aren’t the same and the book holds a special place in lots of our hearts that the show can’t replace.

  6. Vanessa, thanks for the great recaps for season one. I love this last episode, and hoped Santos had suffered more. I too think Jorge is aligned with Malcolm. Rachel was annoying, and will probably get Logan killed. I think Diane will be a problem for the Pack. I hope there is a season two, and we get to see a young Clay. I think Malcolm as the foe is great. The actor playing Malcolm has great screen presence. Until next season. 🙂

  7. Thank goodness! I watched this kind of late at night and i thought for a second it was Nick’s head in the bed… Also it wont be surprising if Rachel gets Logan killed… He been dead almost half the show based on book timeline…

  8. Hi Can anyone help me to find the Red jacket from the picture to buy… Sorry for my bad english and greetings from germany

  9. I know I’m late to the party but… I recently started watching this series via Netflix and loved it completely. Love the Elena and Clay dynamic from the beginning. From the get go I knew they belonged together and Phillip was always annoying to me. Disclaimer I never knew this was based on a series a books. Yes I’m going to read them. From episode one a viewer can tell Elena is playing a part in her normal life that doesn’t fit her well. Through out the whole 1st season you can see she’s in love with Clay but was hurt by the events that led to her becoming a wolf. I say she loved Phillip but was never in love with Phillip. Her heart always belonged to Clay. I wish they hadn’t killed Pete or Antonio I loved those two characters. I loved the way Daniel Santos was killed because he was a little annoying runt and it shows that Elena is ready to embrace herself as a wolf and live the life. I love this show and I’m disappointed it’s over but I hope movies are made. At least that the leads (Laura and Greyston)

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