Arrow Season 2 “Deathstroke” Recap

DeathstrokeWe pick up right where we last left off. Slade has given Thea a lift and the two converse about broken hearts. When the car stops, Thea notes that it isn’t her home and Slade tells her that she isn’t going home and screams for to get out of the car. When Thea does, she runs into the arms of Brother Blood.

In the Arrow Cave, Oliver is trying to train Roy in the art of archery but he is distracted by his breakup with Thea and felt things would have been better if he was honest with her. But Oliver states that with the lives they live, they can’t be honest in order to protect them

Felicity then comes in with tons of messages from Queen Consolidated. It seems that Ollie has been shirking his CEO duties in light of Slade. But Felicity does manage to convince Oliver to show up for a Queen Consolidated Board Meeting. When he arrives, Isabel is there and set it 30 minutes early so that Oliver will show up. Apparently, Isabel has been doing a good job in keeping Queen Consolidated afloat but Oliver needs to be more present as he is the face of the company. Felicity interrupts their conversation to announce Moira’s arrival.

Mother and son have a tense conversation where Moira asks Oliver to show up to the mayoral debate and act like her son.

At the debate, Thea is a no show and Sebastian tells Oliver that he is responsible has is calvacade caused a traffic jam. Laurel also is there and apologizes to Sebastian for accusing him of bad things. As the debate gets on the way, the first question from the public is from Thea but it is a video showing Thea begging for help and Deathstroke over her and the words “What is Thea Queen’s life worth to you”

At Queen Consolidated, the police ask Moira who could be after Thea. Moira thinks it is Malcolm Merlyn but instead tells the police it could be anyone that still blames her for the quake. Oliver tells them that Thea’s kidnapping has nothing to do with the quake. Meanwhile, Isabel tells Oliver that she needs him present at an important board vote but he tells her he can’t and appoints her temporary CEO. I believe this is a move that Isabel needs to take over Queen Consoildated and she used Oliver distraction to make a move.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Felicity has managed to track Slade down at an abandoned bar. To prepare, Sara has developed a poison venom that can take Slade down. At the bar, Team Arrow find Slade sitting alone on a chair and they demand to know where Thea is but Slade doesn’t answer even after Roy punches him. So Arrow shoots the poison arrow at Slade and asks Roy to call Lance to arrest Slade.

At the police station, Lance wonders to Sara if Oliver knows that she is working with Arrow to which she replies to her pop that Oliver knows nothing of her working with Arrow. Lance then sympathizes with Moira over her fears of losing her daughter and he doesn’t want to go through the same thing again.

Moira and Oliver arrive at the police station where Moira doesn’t understand why a friend like Slade would kidnap Thea. Lt. Pike then admonishes Lance for arresting Slade on the word of the Arrow when Slade has an alibi of being on Costa Rica for the past 72 hours. Oliver manages to slip into the interrogation room and the first question he asks Slade is how he got off the island. Slade states that he swam off and his body did get ravage by the currents but the mirakuru healed his body except for his eye. Oliver then begs Slade to punish him and not Thea for letting Shado die and demands to know where Thea is. Just when it looks like Slade will spill, Pike comes in to let him go and tells him that Lance will be punished. Slade says that Lance shouldn’t be punished because he doesn’t hold grudges. Yay right.

As Slade leaves the police station, Diggle tails him and Felicity monitors Slade location using the GPS in his car while Roy is on the ground keeping an eye out too. Slade is smart though and manages to lose Team Arrow through well-timed cars getting in the way, spoofing the GPS signal and a decoy car.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Roy is pissed at losing Slade and wonders why they didn’t question Slade themselves but had to have them arrested. Roy is sick at listening to the gospel according to Oliver while Sara, Diggle and Felicity try to call him down.

At an empty storage unit where Thea is being held prisoner, Slade and her have a talk. Thea wants to know what he wants with her but Slade says that it is a long story. Thea says they have all the time in the world but Slade tells her that she is wrong and lets her go. But before she goes, Slade offers Thea the opportunity to hear a secret that Oliver has been keeping.

Meanwhile at the Queen Mansion, there seems to be a thawing between mother and son as Moira worries over Thea’s fate and how her lies have hurt her children.

When Oliver returns to the Arrow Cave, chaos seems to have broken out as Roy has a arm hold on Diggle. Oliver breaks up the fight and Roy tells Oliver that he is done listening to Oliver and quits Team Arrow.

Before Oliver can go after Roy, Felicity is alerted to something that is going on at Queen Consolidated, which ends up being an emergency board meeting that ousted him as CEO and made Isabel the permanent one. This is where Oliver realizes that Isabel is working with Slade. I am not quite sure what is Isabel motivation is to work with Slade and how they met or what kind of relationship they have. If someone knows, sound off in the comments. Oliver manages to get Isabel to tell him where Thea is.

When Oliver arrives at this storage unit, he takes down Slade’s men but there is no Thea. Meanwhile, Slade, in full Deathstroke costume, hijacks a prisoner transfer bus and offers the prisoners a job opportunity.

Oliver then learns that Thea is safe and sound and is at the Starling City Police Station. When Moira and Oliver arrive, Thea is pissed that both of them lied to her that Malcolm Merlyn is her father and that Slade Wilson told her the truth. When Oliver says he didn’t tell her to protect her, Thea throws back at him that he is starting to sound like their mom. As Thea leaves the station, we Roy outside to make sure she is okay. Once he gets that assurance, we see Roy leave town.

And Lance gets arrested for aiding and abetting the Arrow.

Island Flashback

The folks that escaped the freighter are arguing on what to do with Hendrix. The majority want to turn him over to Slade but Peter (who I think was the priest that was onboard) says that what is stopping Slade from killing Hendrix after getting what he wants and then escaping the island. But Sara thinks they can use this situation to his advantage.

In the dark of night, we see Sara and Anatoli uncover a land mind so that Anatoli can grab the explosive device from it. Sara’s plan is to blow up Hendrix that will stop Slade. Anatoli then asks Sara when did she get so scary.

The exchange takes place. A truly beaten, black-eyed Oliver and an injured Ivo are brought to the plane and Sara gives Slade Hendrix but just before they leave, Anatoli initiates the bomb. However, Slade newly heightened senses notes TNT in the air and pulls out the bomb strapped to Hendrix and wonders how long before it goes off and killing. Instead, Slade thinks it should blow up and kill everyone but he ends up crushing the bomb (I think) and instead points a gun at Sara. Oliver moves his body in front of Sara to protect her. When it looks like Slade is going to pull the trigger, Shado’s ghost appears to Slade and tells him that death is too easy for them and that the island should be there prison to rot and Slade spews back what Shado told him to the group and then leaves.

Back to the present, Slade is getting comfortable at Queen Consolidated and Sebastian is pissed at Slade for promising that he would be mayor but his stunt at kidnapping Thea has caused Moira to take a lead in the polls. Slade said he promised Sebastian the city and that he would give him an army to get it. So now we know what those prisoners will be used for. Isabel informs Slade that now that they have control of the Applied Sciences division, they are going to use its resources to develop the mirakuru. As Slade leaves the office, we see the ghost of Shado there.

At the Arrow Cave, Oliver realizes that he has failed everyone with the choices that he made and was so consumed with worrying what Slade would do to him that he ended being is own worse enemy. When Diggle asks what is next, Oliver says that they will fight.

As we near episode end, Slade is quite the chatty Cathy by spewing a lot of Oliver’s secrets. First, as noted earlier, Slade told Thea that Oliver kept the secret that Malcolm Merlyn was her father. Then the episode ends with Slade visiting Laurel, who at first wants to slam the door in his face considering he is wanted in Thea’s kidnapping, to tell her that Oliver is no that man that she knows; that Oliver is the Arrow. Close-up on Laurel’s shocked face.

So what does this mean going forward? I liken Laurel knowing Oliver’s secret to Lois knowing that Clark is Superman and that relationship was made all the better with her knowing his secret. But I have a feeling in the world of Arrow that it might not be such a good thing especially when I think that Laurel will figure out the girl that is crime fighting with Arrow is her sister. And what does Slade gain from letting Laurel know that Oliver is the Arrow. As the season winds up, it will be interesting to see.

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