Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “End of the Beginning” Recap

B.J. BRITT, BILL PAXTON, CLARK GREGG, MING-NA WENBetrayal is the key word for tonight’s episode of SHIELD where we think someone is an ally is actually an enemy against are rag tag group of SHIELD agents.

But before we get to a pretty big reveal, we see Agents Garrett and Triplett arrive at a SHIELD safe house in Sydney, Australia on the hunt for the Clairvoyant but before they can brief with Coulson, Deathlock aka Mike Petersen barges in and Garrett and Tripplett start pumping him with bullets and even an icer but Deathlock super jumps away.

At the Bus, Coulson assembles Agents Hand, Sitwell, Garrett and Blake for a pow wow. Coulson theorizes that the Clairvoyant is one 13 SHIELD psychic powers reject and has developed a plan to find which on is the Clairvoyant. This basically involves Skye and pairing off agents together. But Hand objects because this mission requires a SHIELD agent.

Problem solved, Skye is now a SHIELD agent. Skye then briefs Garrett on the mission that involves one partner getting the coordinates of one of the potential Clairvoyant while the other will get the identity. During their talking, Garrett mentions how much Ward has changed and pretty much hints that it Skye is the reason.

Sitwell and Hand actually go back to SHIELD HQ so they aren’t part of the mission but will act as the mission control. So we have the following pairs: Ward and Triplett go to a UK prison to see a serial killer; Coulson and Garrett are in Muncie, Indiana to see some teenage girl; May and Blake are in Macon, Georgia to see a catatonic patient named Thomas Nash staying at an assisted living facility.

While this is happening, Deathlock receives a gift from the Clairvoyant, a arm band that fires missiles. The Clairvoyant also summons Deathlock to him as he fears that SHIELD is coming after him.

At the care home, May and Blake split up to find Nash. When Blake tries to ring for assistant, Deathlock is there and Blake shoots 6 rounds into him but it make not a dent. Deathlock then grabs Blake and starts to choke him. Blake tries to remind Deathlock that he is Mike Petersen and has a son but Deathlock says that Mike Petersen is dead and releases Blake to only stomp on him. May cause for backup and we learn that Blake is okay but is in critical condition.

For some reason, Simmons is going to SHIELD HQ to be debriefed by Hand and Simmons is going to use it as an opportunity to use better equipment to study Skye’s blood.

Coulson notices that Blake actually shot a tracker into Deathlock that allows SHIELD to track him to an abandoned racetrack in Florida. The end result of this mission is that Deathlock escapes but they find the Clairvoyant (Brad Dourif), a quadriplegic who speaks ala Stephen Hawking. He taunts Coulson and mentions that Coulson was hard to read after he died. The Clairvoyant then says that Coulson and Skye are important and that Skye has something he needs and she will die giving it to him. Hearing this, something snaps inside Ward and shoots and kills the Clairvoyant.

Back on the Bus and in custody, Ward tells Skye that he doesn’t regret doing it as long as it meant that Skye was safe. When Skye visits Coulson later in his office, he believes that Nash wasn’t the Clairvoyant but just a front. Skye then realizes that the Clairvoyant was spewing stuff from people’s personal files and the only reason he couldn’t read Coulson after he died was because those files were kept classified. Coulson then believes that the Clairvoyant is a SHIELD agent.

While trying to talk to Simmons on an encrypted line, Fitz discovers something fishy and that is May has an unauthorized encrypted line in the cockpit. Fitz shares this news to Skye who asks him to disconnect that line. May is in the middle of making a log when her call gets disconnected. May then pulls out her gun to go after Fitz. Meanwhile, Coulson goes to confront Ward and asks who ordered him to kill the Clairvoyant but he denies that he was ordered to kill.

May does find Fitz and shots icers at him but he is safely behind bullet proof glass. Both Skye and Coulson come across May and demand to know who she is reporting to but May says she cannot reveal that. Coulson is suspicious of May and finds it fishy that Blake was hurt but she was not. Coulson believes that she is working for the Clairvoyant and again May denies that. All of sudden the plane starts to switch course and Coulson believes May is invoived but she says she isn’t. We learn that she isn’t but it is Hand who orders everyone on board to be shot and killed as soon as it lands.

In our post credit scene, we are in Washington, D.C. and we Nick Fury involved in a intense car chase with police. Fury vehicle is overturned when someone fires some sort of explosive device underneath it. Approaching this car is the Winter Solider. And thus this episode leads into Captain America: The Winter Soldier

More questions arise again from this episode. So who is May working for? It sure isn’t Hand and I don’t think she is the Clairvoyant, I have a feeling it is Garrett. Again it may not be as I am not familiar with Marvel comic book lore.

Until next time.

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