Continuum Season 3 Episode 4 “Minute Changes” Recap

Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron
Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron

Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron

The following recap and review contains spoilers for season 3 of Continuum which premiered in the U.S. on April 4 thus are three episode behind. So if you don’t want to know what is happening in season 3 then stop right here. If you want to know, then please read on. 

Before I being my recap, going forward I am going to refer to past Alec as Alec while future Alec, I am going to start calling Sadler as to prevent any confusion. And now back to our regularly scheduled recap.

As per usual, we begin in 2077 at a high rise fire, Kiera is checking out the 18th floor and discovers two young girls cowering underneath a desk while flames surround them. Kiera can only take one girl down at the time. When Kiera brings down one girl safely, she tries to go back to get the other one when the boss on the scene orders her instead to rescue a corporate big wig.

We are back to the present day, we see Carlos meet up with Julian and tells him of how his followers have produced a t-shirt with his image and gives Julian a warning to be good.

The action the focuses on a Liber8 rally at the fictional Lions Gate University when campus security crashes it. The rally turns violent and messy and a gun goes missing.

At the VPD, Dillon is briefing Carlos and Kiera about what happened and how they are going to help LGU. Dillon also mentions how the university outlawed rallies like the one that happened. Dillon then informs Carlos and Kiera that Betty is putting together a blacklist of students that could be involved with Liber8. When Carlos goes to grab that list off of Betty’s desk, he knocks over her bedazzled stapler and notices taped underneath a SIM card. We think Carlos will do something it then and there but he just turns the stapler upright and leaves with the list.

Kiera and Carlos are investigating the common areas where the rally happened and interviewing one of the students, Duncan, about what happened. Kiera then notices that one of the other students is Rebecca, a follower of Julian. Once Rebecca sees Kiera she makes a run for it and Kiera goes after her and grills her about her role in the Liber8 rally to a point where it looks like Kiera is going to choke her to death but Carlos manages to get him to stop.

Despite the previous Liber8 rally being interrupted, this doesn’t stop Duncan or Rebecca from holding another one. But this one turns violent. Tear gas is opened up by the students and fireworks set off that sound like gun shots that cause one officer, Officer Cantor to open fire on the ground and caught in the crossfire is Rebecca who is shot and killed.

At the scene of the crime, Carlos is interviewing Cantor who states that he heard two gun shots but Kiera scans the crowd who were part of the rally and noted no gun residue on their hands.

As Carlos goes through the evidence that includes Rebecca’s iPhone, Betty too cheerfully offers to put it in the evidence locker room but Carlos refuses her help.

Kiera goes to questions Cantor as to what happened and when it looks like he is going to confess something, Dillon interrupts and wants to question Cantor himself and alone.

A TV reporter wants to know Julian’s opinion of one of his followers being killed and whether or not he is outraged at it. Julian replies that others should be outraged and blames the death on the police and in particular Carlos Fonnegra. Julian repeats this during a television interview on Diane Bolton’s show and also blames the corporations too.

At the VPD, Betty shows Carlos, Dillon and Kiera an uploaded video to a YouTube-like site of a frat boy awakening his roomate with one of the security batons. So Kiera and Carlos goes to the dorms to confront these college boys and while there discover the gun under the pillow of another student called Bautista. While in custody, Bautista claims his innocence and Kiera believes and tells Carlos that he had no gun residue on his hand. But Carlos knows that Kiera knows because of the future tech in his head and that they can’t prove that in the present. Kiera still sees Carlos struggling with everything that comes with knowing her secret.

We truly see how messed up Carlos is because we see him go to a walk-in freezer where he has stashed the dead Kiera’s body. He sits on the floor, opens the bag and also pulls out some booze and he talks to the dead body while drinking. Carlos tells the body how he trusts it than the Kiera that is alive now.

After he finishes talking to the dead Kiera, Carlos pulls out a SIM card that eventually gets used to trap Betty and reveal that she is the Liber8 spy. Betty thinks that she is going to jail but Carlos tells her that are letting her go but they are fitting her with an ankle bracelet. Kiera then tells her that she will go to work as normal and be helpful to Liner8 when they call her. But while she is at home, Betty is under house arrest.

We also learn that the gun was planted under Bautista’s pillow to match Cantor’s story. Kiera thinks that Cantor will tell the truth to free Bautista but Cantor decides to keep quiet. Later Julian meets with Carlos to give him a warning.

Back to 2077, we see that Kiera has defined orders and rescued the other girl and tells both sisters how they were both brave but the other cop comes in and blames the girls for a lot of financial lost. This douchebag tells Kiera that the financial lost that resulted in her not rescuing the CEO will come out of her pay. He then gathers the other CPS officers in a line and it seems these officers support what Kiera has done.

Meanwhile, at Piron, Emily goes to visit Alec who icily greets her and calls her on all the lies he told her and how his father knew more about her than he did. Alec then shows Emily the video of her in prison inciting a prison fight. Their conversation ends when Jacqueline comes in to call Alec to a board meeting while Emily leaves distraught. At this board meeting, Alec fumbles through flash cards as he tries to make his speech to the board, which include Dillon. The board head dismisses Alec by telling him that he is needed more in the research projects that Piron is performing and mentions specifically the Lithium project.

When Alec returns to his lab, Kellogg is there who gives Alec some sound business advice on what it takes to be a successful CEO of a company. Kellogg basically tells him to find a shark that he can work with and that he controls the oil. Later as Alec is doing some research, he takes Kellogg’s advice to heart and gives someone a call. We later see that it is Dillon that Alec has decided to align with. During his next board meeting Alec is more successful and states that 33 of Piron’s research projects will be devoted to helping law enforcement.

While working late at the lab, Jacqueline comes in to tell Alec to go home and tells him he sees a lot of his father in him. Jacqueline then mentions that he is working on sorting the insurance claim on an experiment that Alec as done in the anti-matter lab. Alec looks confused as to what Jacqueline is talking about but Alec looks at the video footage and he sees Sadler pull out the time travel device and leave the scene.

So Alec goes to his lab and there is Sadler. Alec calls it a Marty McFly moment, a reference to Back to the Future. The two have a talk. Alec wants to know why Sadler came back in time and doesn’t believe it is because of Emily. Alec wants to know where the time travel device is and Sadler says it safe. Alec then calls Sadler a squatter in his time line and it seems that we have a battle on our hands with these two Alecs and instead of resorting to violence, I think it is more of a battle of their minds.

When Sadler returns to the motel he is staying at, Emily is there and the two share a kiss and Emily tells Sadler that she chooses him.

So what does this do to the time paradox now that the two Alecs have met? And do find it creepy that Carlos likes to talk to the dead Kiera? How long can Carlos keep that secret. And what is Julian’s plans now?

Until next week.


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