Bitten Season 1 Episode 9 “Vengeance” Recap

Thomas Leblanc (Curtis Caravaggio) lurks as Elena (Laura Vandervoort) comes outside
Thomas Leblanc (Curtis Caravaggio) lurks as Elena (Laura Vandervoort) comes outside

Thomas Leblanc (Curtis Caravaggio) lurks as Elena (Laura Vandervoort) comes outside

The following recap and review contains spoilers for season 1 of Bitten that won’t air in the US until two days later. 

So if you don’t want to know what happens, stop reading now. If you do, please read away.

To prepare for their upcoming fight with Jimmy Koenig (Mackenzie Gray), we see Jeremy train Nick on how to face a wolf like Koenig. Jeremy then tells Nick a tale of how Antonio was coerced into coming back to the Pack shortly after Nick was born. Antonio left so he could raise Nick with the mother of his child. So what does Antonio have to do? Kill a Mutt. But Jeremy tells Nick that the Alpha at the time didn’t order that kill but it was Koenig who wanted to do it for the kicks.

We also see Clay and Elena train but Elena is not so open to Clay training tips. When the troops gather again at Stonehaven, Nick, Clay and Elena worry about Jeremy in meeting Koenig alone at their meeting site. an abandoned warehouse. Jeremy says that he will be fine and that they can come with but not to engage Koenig. When Jeremy realizes that Logan isn’t coming, he decides to proceed without him.

At Santos’ hideout, he calls Koenig in a panic because the Pack got to Kane and worry about what he told them. Koenig says not too worry that he called Jeremy and arranged a meeting. This does not please Santos at all and to make matters worse, Leblanc wants to get involved in the fight but Santos tells him no. We see that the Mutts have their own jail cell and in it is Joey Stillwell that Santos wants to use to train Victor Olsen. In the meantime, Santos goes to give Olsen a rabbit to help in his training.

Amber is with the Mutts and upon learning that Kane is probably dead, briefly grieves for him then turns her attention to Leblanc. Amber attempts to seduce Leblanc, which at first doesn’t work but when she mentions getting revenge against Elena that seems to work.

In Toronto, Philip keeps on looking at the video that showed Elena’s clothes and necklace and the wolf attack. Diane comes over to tell the good news that she secured a photography show for Elena’s work that is happening that weekend and wants Philip’s help in getting her back to town. Philip wants some advice from his sister. He explains what he saw in the video and thinks that perhaps Elena is having an affair with Logan to which Diane laughs off. She tells Philip to talk to Logan for an explanation.

Speaking of Logan, we see him and Rachel at their OBGYN appointment where they see their baby for the first time and learn they are having a boy. This news seems to distress Logan. Rachel senses that and thinks that Logan believes he will be a crappy father because his dad wasn’t around. I think it has something to do with a Pack rule like what happened to Antonio. Antonio had to abandon his wife or baby mama to go back to the Pack and take his son with him. I believe Logan fears the same.

To help Logan feel better, Rachel gives him a framed photo of the Pack (although Rachel doesn’t know it and calls them his family). And just as Logan is making his way to Bear Valley, Philip stops by and shares what he saw in the video. Logan lies and says that Elena helped him with some advice after a fight with Rachel and the two then went for a swim. It seems that Philip believes this and before he leaves he notices the picture of the Pack. Logan points out Jeremy for Philip and also to “cousin” Clay when Philip asks who is sitting next to Elena. As Logan sees Philip out, he notices a package at the door. Inside this package is a silver baby’s rattle with a note that says “It’s a boy”. Logan lies to Rachel and says it is from Elena but who really sent it? I think it was Santos.

Back in Bear Valley, Jeremy goes to meet Koenig who senses that Clay, Elena and Nick are there. The three stand and watch as Koenig and Jeremy fight. Koenig goes all The Karate Kid meaning that he “sweeps the leg” i.e. hitting Jeremy where he was stabbed, to bring him down. Elena wants to protect Jeremy but Clay tells her they have to wait. However, as Jeremy continues to take a beating, Nick tries to intervene but Koenig pushes Nick into Elena and Clay. This lets Koenig escapes within the abandoned warehouse

If the actor who plays Koenig looks familiar to you it is because you might have seen his portrayer, Mackenzie Gray, in Man of Steel where he played one of Zod’s henchmen. Gray also played a Lex Luthor clone in Smallville season 10’s “Lazarus”.

Anyways, Jeremy tells everyone to split up to find Koenig. Everyone searches the cavernous factory for Koenig. When Elena steps outside, she is stopped by Leblanc who taunts her about how he is going to kill her. Elena knocks the knife out of Leblanc’s hand and escapes. Leblanc then takes out a gun and gives chase.

Around this warehouse seems to be a home for homeless people because out emerges a young lady who conveniently is dressed like Elena. Elena tells her to run, which she does. When Leblanc comes upon her, he shoots and hits Elena in the shoulder.

Elena then hides where the homeless woman emerges. Leblanc starts shooting randomly at the boxes but misses Elena each time.

Jeremy, Nick and Clay hear the gun shots and it seems like they take forever in trying to get outside to help Elena. When Leblanc sees the homeless woman running with her back to him, he shoots and hits her in the back and thinks that he has got Elena. Clay sees this and thinks that Elena is dead and screams her name and goes to make his way to her.

When Leblanc gets closer, he sees that he didn’t get Elena but finishes the job on the homeless woman. Where is Elena? She is underneath a car and she starts to panic as Leblanc continues to look for her. In her panic, Elena senses that she will change into a wolf and tries to will it away. Elena is in the midst of the change that Leblanc hears but someone how Elena manages to stop the change and remain human. This allows her to escape and runs into the safe arms of Clay.

Back at the warehouse, Koenig ambushes Jeremy and the two continue their fight. Jeremy then decides to let Koenig beat the crap out of him. This distracts Koenig enough for Nick to swoop in and kill him.

Later, Santos is pissed at Leblanc and warns him again that Elena is off limits. Leblanc, who is in the jail cell, tells him he only wanted to scare Elena. Leblanc then taunts Santos about Koenig’s failure that results in Santos leaving in a huff.

Amber then tells Leblanc that she will let him out if he bites her so she can become a werewolf. So Leblanc changes into a wolf and bites Amber who relishes in the bite by licking the blood from her wound and promises to Kane’s memory that she will get revenge. However, we see that the change didn’t go smoothly for Amber: she is half human and half wolf – not pretty at all.

At Stonehaven, Jeremy is tending to Elena’s flesh wound. Both he and Clay are astounded at how Elena managed to stop the change as that never happens.

We then see Nick look over the Sorrentino family history and he and Jeremy share a drink. The two decide to go to the Sorrentino family estate to spread Antonio’s ashes.

That night, Elena is in front of a roaring fire and is surprised that Clay didn’t go with Nick and Jeremy. Clay tells Elena not to pretend with him. So Elena allows herself to be comforted by Clay and the two then share a passionate embrace that leads to the two of them having sex in front of the fireplace.

The next morning, Elena leaves Clay. After her shower, she hears a message from Logan saying they need to talk alone and another message from Diane about her show.

Jeremy knows that Elena is going back to Toronto. Jeremy wants Elena to speak to Logan to find out why he didn’t come back to Stonehaven. Also, Jeremy is worried about Elena being away from the Pack and wants Clay to go back with her. Elena doesn’t want that but Jeremy tells her that her choice is that she stays at Stonehaven with the Pack or she lets Clay come with her.

It will be interesting to see next week when Elena’s two worlds and loves collide. See you next week.

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7 Comments on Bitten Season 1 Episode 9 “Vengeance” Recap

  1. I liked this episode a lot. Jimmy Koenig was a great antagonist. I noticed Jeremy’s dad, Malcom, is mentioned more than once. I wonder if he is still alive, and if he is not the one pulling all of the strings.

    I think Jeremy let Nick make the kill.

    Philip, swimming naked with a cousin. How should that ease Philips mind? Philip took note of Clay and the family picture. Did he think that Clay was Jeremy, in the picture.

    I swear Elena takes exception to everything Clay says to her. Elena puts it out there that Clay continuously hurts her, when what I see is the opposite. Please end this triangle. I am weary of it. I really wish Clay could move on (the love scene was sweet though). 🙂

  2. Thank you for posting this summary, I wait for it anxiously on Saturday night and refresh it until it loads!! I love your summaries and i look forward to the next episode!

  3. Just started to watch this show and even though I’m not very crazy about the particular werewolf dynamics in this, I’m really interested in seeing the storyline unfold.

    I’m happy Elena is finally giving Clay a chance because as mad as she is at him for him biting her, I think she was going to die regardless because I think when Jeremy gave her that cup of tea, he had poisoned it because she was a human who had come too close to Clay. So I think his idea was – she’s going to die anyway, I might as well give her some sort of chance – and thats why he bit her.
    He always looks so conflicted when she brings up the idea that he knowingly sentenced her to death by biting her – a woman – but I think he’s covering up for the Alpha. Especially after she turned and he knows Jeremy would be her Alpha too and she needed to be able to trust him and let him guide her through the process without the knowledge that he tried to kill her and Clay knows Jeremy would do a better job than him.

    Anyway, I imagine it’s going to be lots of drama when Clay goes to Toronto with her. On to the next episode now. Great summary by the way! Oh by the way, I was actually quite shocked Amber didn’t make it – she seemed REALLY determined lol it was anti-climactic to say the least.

  4. How can I find out where to buy that baby rattle? I want one for my grand niece!

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