Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Yes Men” Recap

MING-NA WEN, JAIMIE ALEXANDERIn tonight’s episode we get a visitor from the Thor movies Lady Sif (Jamie Alexander), who has come from Asgard on order to bring back Lorelei, who we last saw taking away newlywed Jimmy from his bride.

We see Jimmy and Lorelei pull up to a roadside gas station where she quickly ditches Jimmy for Rooster (Dylan Bruno) and his biker gang. Soon, Lorelei has set up shop at Rooster’s wife’s biker bar. Here we see that Rooster has stolen money for her after he explains that cash is just like the gold she seeks. Rooster’s wife, who owns the bar, is not pleased with Lorelei’s presence but she uses her seductive super power to get Rooster to knock his wife out with a choke hold.

Meanwhile, Skye is itching to leave her medical pod but Dr. Simmons won’t let her. Skye wonders why Simmons needs so much of her blood but Simmons doesn’t really give her an answer.

Simmons is actually testing Skye’s blood to see if they can find traces of the GH drug from the last episode. However, she can’t find anything and wants to because she thinks that a drug like that can cure anything. Simmons wonders to Fitz why is Coulson so reluctant in her sending samples to SHIELD HQ to help her find out how recreate the drug. Later in the episode we see Simmons confront Coulson on why he is a hard ass on this subject but Coulson explains that Fury took to great length in keeping this drug a secret and until they find out why, what they discover stays between them.

Back at Skye’s medical pod, Ward visits and a blame game is played on why Skye got shot. Talk turns to Mike Peterson and the Deathlock project.

We learn throughout this episode that Coulson has taken some personal leave from the team. In one of these leaves, Coulson goes to meet Agent Sillwell in hopes of finding out where Fury is. Stillwell won’t tell him but only that Fury is off-grid. When Stillwell asks how Tahiti was, Coulson replied that it sucked.

On the Bus, Melinda updates the team on the discovery of an Asgardian signature in the Nevada desert. Fitz thinks it is a friendly because all Asgardians like Thor are one of the good guys. Ward replied that Loki wasn’t.

When SHIELD goes to that spot, a bright light shines to the ground and out pops Lady Sif, who they mark as an ally and let her on the Bus. Coulson tells Melinda how he saw her fight along Thor in New Mexico. Lady Sif is astounded to see Coulson alive as Thor told her that he had died in the Battle of New York. Coulson or as Lady Sif calls him Phil son of Coul, said that he did but came back to life. Sif is pleased and wants to tell Thor but Coulson tells her that he wants to.

Anyways, Sif tells the team about Lorelei and how she was in prison for 600 years in response for causing havoc in the 9 realms. Lorelei escaped when the Dark Elves invaded Asgard and used a portal that Loki created to come to Earth. Lorelei uses her power of seducing men to cause havoc and to stop her they need to place to a necklace on her that will break the spell she holds on men.

When Sif and Coulson are searching for where Lorelei could be, Coulson asks about any blue aliens she might have encountered. She lists a whole bunch including one that came to Earth a long time ago but Asgardians drove them away. Sif assures Coulson that no blue aliens have recently visited Earth.

When the two notice a pattern of robberies and what was stolen they find where Lorelei is. So the team goes to the biker bar but unfortunately, the police have been added to Lorelei’s army and try to stop the team. Sif manages to create some cover for our SHIELD agents and Melinda and Coulson take out the officers with the new version of the Night Night gun that Fitz calls the ICER. Anyways, Sif makes her way to bar and defeats all the bikers there while Ward takes down Rooster.

However, Lorelei gets her claws into Ward and he whisks her away to Cesar’s Palace in Vegas after Lorelei asks to go to a palace. In Vegas, Ward talks about how he has feelings for someone on his team (we are meant to think this is Melinda) but it doesn’t matter now that he has found Lorelei. After getting Ward to promise her an army, the two have sex. In the afterglow, Lorelei discusses her time in prison and then the two start to make their next plan of attack.

In the battle against Lorelei, the necklace gets damaged and Coulson tasks Fitz to fix and for Skye to find out where Ward could have gone.

The team does go to Ward and Lorelei’s suite in Cesar’s Palace but they aren’t there. Melinda notices the rumpled sheets and Coulson believes that she is affected by this.

They return to the Bus empty-handed but Fitz delivers the good news that he fixed the necklace. Sif goes to inspect in the Bus’ cage but this was a way for Fitz, having been seduced by Lorelei, to lock Sif in because Ward and Lorelei went to the Bus to take down their enemy. Fitz also locked Skye and Simmons on the medical pod.

Ward and Lorelei hijack the plane and take off. Ward opens the airlock of the cage and the necklace is about the sucked out but Sif grabs it but she is sucked out instead.

In the briefing/living area of the Bus, Ward and Lorelei are confronted by Melinda who wants her plane back. Lorelei mentions the woman that Ward desires in front of Melinda and states it isn’t her indicating that Ward has feelings for Skye.

Anyways, Coulson pretends to Fitz that he has been controlled by Lorelei to find out that Skye and Simmons are locked in. So Coulson goes and frees the ladies and needs Simmons to distract Fitz so that Coulson can knock him out.

We see that Sif hasn’t been sucked out but manages to return to the cage (Coulson closes the air lock) and confronts Lorelei who has picked up her two-bladed sword. The sword splits in two and the two ladies have an epic fight that gets interspliced  with Ward and Melinda’s fight. Sif, of course wins, and places the necklace on Lorelei, despite her pleas not to. This breaks Ward’s spell when it looks like he is about to kill Melinda.

When Ward says that he is back, Melinda still punches him for good measure.

Sif apologizes for the mess they made but Melinda is non-plussed about it. When the team asks why don’t they, I believe, kill Lorelei because of all the trouble she has caused, Sif says she has been ordered by Odin to take her prisoner. If you saw Thor: The Dark World we know that Loki is impersonating Odin so does this mean that Lorelei will appear in the next Thor movie?

Coulson wants Melinda to talk to Ward about their relationship and she said she will if Coulson goes to talk to someone about what he saw in that guest house. Ward and Melinda have the talk sort of. Melinda seems non-plussed that Ward has feelings for Skye and that he should be honest with himself about his feelings.

Meanwhile, Coulson does talk to Skye and lets her know that it was alien material that was in the drug that saved them and he is sorry because he doesn’t know what it will do to them. But Skye is unfazed by this revelation considering that she is an 084. Coulson then vows to find out exactly what is going on and that their mission is just between them and the team can’t know.

However, in the post-credit scene, we learn that Melinda has heard this conversation and uses an encrypted line to SHIELD HQ to let them know that Coulson knows.

Next week we have a break as we delve into the world of Marvel.

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