The Tomorrow People Season 1 “Enemy of my Enemy” Recap

Enemy of My EnemyThis week’s episode of The Tomorrow People sees the return of the sadistic Julian who is out for revenge against Cara.

So what does Julian do? He walks into Ultra and Force pushes a whole bunch of people so that he can get captured.

Julian offers to lead Jedikiah and Ultra to the Tomorrow People’s lair and bring in Cara because he has nothing to lose as he has lost everything. Jedikiah agrees to this deal but as insurance that Julian will do as he promises, implants an explosive device in his naval cavity that is set to go off in 18 hours. Stephen is surprised that Jedikiah is working with Julian.

At the Lair, they are low on supplies so Cara and Russell and select Tomorrow People go on a grocery run where Russell wants to get Gummy Bears. Anyways, Julian knows that Cara will do this as this is something he taught her.

In the grocery store, the team is ambushed and suppression cuffs put on Russell et al except Cara. Stephen arrives and lets Russell loose telling him to resist the urge to get revenge on Julian but let the other Tomorrow People go and teleport away. Julian confronts Cara and Force chokes her but Stephen uses the Force to throw a can of tomatoes at him which allows Cara to escape.

On the pretence of being part of Ultra backup, Stephen wonders what is happening. Julian asks for his help to bring the other back but is pissed when everyone is gone. Stephen comments how is uncle won’t be happy about this.

When Cara and Russell return, the learn from TIM that Charlotte has left the Lair to find John at Stephen’s. Julian’s Ultra team receives the same alert but Stephen thinks that they are after John. But before Stephen can sabotage the mission, Julian kicks him out not trusting him. Ultra ends up capturing Charlotte and Julian tortures her to read her mind to learn of location of the Lair. Julian tries to bargain with Jedikiah to get him to turn off the bomb so he can tell of the location but Jedikiah won’t but agrees to sending a kill squad with him. As added insurance, Julian takes Stephen with him.

In our flashback of the night, we see how John and Cara met three years ago. It was in the subway car we all know and love John catches Cara stealing someone’s cell phone and also stealing Stephen’s dad’s watch from him. Their first meeting is anything but a meet-cute as Cara is distrustful of John’s promise of taking her somewhere safe for people like her based on her experiences with Julian. So Cara teleports aware from him but still in possession of Roger’s watch. However, Cara doesn’t get far as Ultra agents descend upon her and move in to capture her but John comes in and takes down two of them. One another points a gun at John, Cara Force pushes the guy away, saving John. This gets Cara to trust John and the two teleport away to safety.

In the present, John earns his keep by cooking a delicious breakfast for Stephen. Stephen calls John on avoiding the Lair and Cara and tells him that he has to deal with leaving at some point. While in Stephen’s room, John receive a telepathic message from Charlotte who misses John. The two have a conversation about him leaving and why. When Cara interrupts and asks who Charlotte was talking to, she lies but Cara pretty much knows that she was talking to John.

John also receives a Skype call from Astrid who actually was hoping to talk to Stephen, probably to apologize for being rude to him earlier when he dropped by and wondered why she hasn’t been to school in a week. John suggests they meet at the noodle restaurant but when realizing that she is afraid to leave the house, he teleports to her.

Astrid does share her fear of being around Stephen and not wanting to leave the house because if she does, she is afraid of getting killed again. John convinces her to leave the house and the end up at the subway car. To confront fear, John opens the door to the subway that leads to the tunnel. As the train moves, John and Astrid jump and teleport back to her house. Newly rejuvenated at confronting her fears, tells John to confront his at returning to Lair.

John does return to the Lair after learning that Charlotte has been kidnapped. John is ready to in guns a blazing despite Cara telling him not to. When John says that he still loves Cara and everything he has done is to preserve what they built together, the two share a kiss. Before John goes to Ultra, Cara learns from Stephen that the kill squad is on its way. Cara sends all the Tomorrow People to a safe house.

So Russell, Cara and John go through some stuff that Roger had in hopes of finding something to help. When Cara goes against the use of guns, she comes up with a better idea.

Meanwhile, Ultra has a hard time trying to locate where Julian has gone, which is made further difficult the more underground they get.

Back at the Lair, Julian and his kills squad invade it. When Cara teleports in with her hands raised, she tries to talk Julian down from killing her but he wants revenge for Cara killing his girlfriend so tells the kills squad to shoot but Stephen tackles one of them and Cara teleports away. This confirms that Stephen is a double agent and Stephen is knocked out.

Julian taunts Cara to come out but John appears and the kill squad goes and shoots at him but he teleports away. Julian tells them not to shoot as John is doing that confuse them. Russell then appears and they shoot at him too but Russell escapes. The trio teleport here and there as the kill squad keeps shooting and the trio taunt Julian and his team. Eventually the trio lead them to an area of the Lair where they lock them in a bulletproof room that also has suppressions devices in it.

When Ultra can’t communicate with Julian and his team, Jedikiah tries to stop the bomb from going off but they can’t. As John, Russell, Stephen and Cara look at a captured Julian, he begs Stephen to let him go and he won’t tell his uncle of his betrayal but no listens to him and they all leave. Cara stays behind and Julian begs her not to let him die but Cara just walks away and tells him that he brought this on himself and we see the device explode.

At Ultra, Jedikiah is relieved that Stephen who is okay as he lied and said he was knocked out on the subway. Jedkiah is relieved that Julian is dead as he was far to dangerous alive. Stephen then learns that Charlotte is being taken back to the Citadel.

As Charlotte is dragged kicking and screaming to a van begging someone to help her, we see that Russell is the driver and she is reunited with John back in the Lair.

At Stephen’s house, Astrid comes by who tells him that John has helped her overcome her fears. Stephen is happy to have his friend back as he doesn’t want to lose that part of his life. Stephen ribs Astrid a bit about going to John for help and I can’t help but feel sorry for Astrid as it looks like she may have developed unrequited feelings again for an unavailable man.

Because John and Cara get back together when Cara says that they can rebuild what they had with the Tomorrow People and the Lair.

When Stephen comes looking for the couple, TIM tells them that they are having alone time. So Stephen starts looking through some of his father’s things. When he picks up on tube looking device, it starts to light up. TIM doesn’t know what it is but comments that it sure like Stephen.

So what is this device and it isn’t very clear? Is it something to help the Tomorrow People or be used against them? We will find out when The Tomorrow People moves to their new day March 17, 2014. With is now being on Monday, I think I can actually recap the show on the day as I don’t recap any shows on Mondays.

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