Arrow Season 2 “Time of Death” Recap

Arrow Time of DeathA jealous Felicity, an awkward family dinner and Laurel is still her bitchy self. We get and more as Arrow returns from the Olympic break.

We open tonight’s episode as we see our villain, William Tockman (Robert Knepper) aka the Clock Man, helping two men rob Kord Industries with precise timing. The logo to Kord looks exactly like the logo that Smallville used for their version of Kord. The two thugs are successfully in acquiring their target but one of them was impatient and ended in the death of a security guard. Lance comes on the scene but Tockman helps the two men escape in a crowd of protestors. Because of the impatience of one of the guards, Tockman kills him.

In the Arrow cave we see Oliver and Diggle battle Sara with a staff but their fight soon ends when Diggle accidently hits Sara on the head. This leads to the trio comparing battle scars. We see a jealous Felicity seething in the corner and joins in the conversation with her own scar story of wisdom teeth surgery gone awry.

Oliver then talks about Sara’s welcome back from the dead party at the Queen Mansion that she doesn’t want to go to. But we see her and her parents arrive at the Queen Mansion. However, Laurel doesn’t show despite Oliver trying to call her to come. What is Laurel doing? Sipping wine and watching the TV.

There we see Sin give Sara a really big hug but they soon have to pretend that they don’t know each other. As the party is in full swing, Lance approaches Oliver and apologizes for being such an ass to him when he came back and the two make amends.

Also at the party, we see how happy Dinah is to have her daughter alive and even grasps Lance’s hands and we see from his face that he might be thinking reconciliation is in order.

Another guest at the party is Moira, much to Oliver’s chagrin but she tells him that if he didn’t want her at the party then don’t throw one at her house. Thea picks up on the tension between the two and even asks Oliver about it later at Verdant but Oliver denies any tension between the two.

During the party Lance receives a call on a homicide and soon Oliver gets a call from Felicity telling him about the same thing. At the crime scene, Arrow and Canary are there much to the surprise of Lance. They discover Tockman’s henchman in the alley and he was killed by a clock hand. At the Arrow cave, we see Felicity punching one of the training dummies. She isn’t doing such a good job until Sara gives her some advice on how to better punch.

Then the race is on to find out who the henchman was working for and Oliver tasks Felicity to find out who he is. Before I forget, Tockman stole a skeleton key that allows him to open any bank vault.

A bank robbery does occur and Arrow and Canary are on the scene but when they get there the robbers are gone. But Felicity manages to get their location until Tockman interrupts their communication to say that they could stop the robbers or they could stop a bus from hitting a train. Luckily, Arrow and Canary split up. Arrow stops the bus from crashing, However, Canary doesn’t stop the robbers but manages to get Tockman in the face with her bow that leaves some DNA evidence.

Using the lab and computer system in the Arrow cave, Sara discovers that one of the robbers has Macgregor’s syndrome. Knowing this and the fact that the robber was good at computer science allows Felicity to ID Tockman to team Arrow. We also learn that Tockman isn’t stealing the money for him but for his sister who has cystic fibrosis and wants to use the money to get her a lung transplant.

Felicity gives Arrow and Canary an address for Tockman. They find the caravan that he was using but no sign of Tockman. However, inside the caravan looks like a wireless router. This confounds Felicity but Tockman once again hacks into the Arrow caves system and inserts a virus that causes everything to shut down. In interviews, people have called Tockman Felicity’s nemesis and it looks like he definitely is as he can match her hack for hack.

Back at the Arrow cave, team Arrow regroups. Felicity is working on repairing the computer system while she convinces Sara to go to this Lance family dinner that Laurel is hosting. Sara wants Oliver to go to and act as a buffer between her and her family.

Another reason for this Lance family dinner is the fact that Lance wants to use it in hopes that he and Dinah can reunite. However, we soon learn that it ain’t happening as Dinah is very happy teaching in Central City and even has a fella there. Sara tells her mom that she is happy that she found someone. When Oliver and Sara share a look, it doesn’t go unnoticed by Laurel who blows up at the two for hooking up so quickly. When Lance tries to the diffuse the situation more yelling and blaming comes from Laurel and she storms out.

In the hallway, Laurel and Oliver have a huge fight that results in Oliver pretty much telling her that he is sick and tired of taking the blame for her troubles and they are done as friends.

While Sara and Oliver are at the Lance family dinner, Diggle sense that Felicity is jealous that Oliver and Sara are together. Felicity denies being jealous but admits that with Sara being good at computers and science and general ass-kicking there is no need for her. Diggle reassures Felicity that she is irreplaceable. That she is Diggle, that he is.

To trap Tockman, Oliver sets a trap for him to get him to steal planted money at the Starling City vault. Tockman takes it and Felicity alerts them of it because she is at Starling City bank tracking him. Of course this does not make Oliver happy but he shows up with Canary and Diggle to stop Tockman and save Felicity.

Tockman once again gets the better of Felicity and release gas pressure underneath the bank that would cause a pretty devastating explosion. So Arrow stops the robbers, Diggle stops the gas and Canary and Felicity finds and stops Tockman but not before Felicity pushes Canary out of the way as Tockman shoots at her. However, Felicity gets shot.

At the Arrow cave, Sara stitches Felicity up who is very proud to have her very own scar. To get her through the pain, Diggle gave her some very strong pain pills that has made her loopy. Felicity apologies to Oliver for being reckless but she was worried about no longer being his girl and she tries to explain what she meant by that. Oliver tells her that he knows what she meant and that she will always be his girl and he caresses her cheek.

Tonight Emily Bett Rickards was on fire from her quips to her seething jealousy and to wanting to prove her worth to team Arrow. Throughout the episode I kept saying I love Felicity.

Later at Verdant, we see that Thea has hired Sara as a bartender and she jokes to Oliver that it is hard to find a job when international assassin is the only thing on her resume. Laurel shows up and the two sisters make up. And Laurel is making strides to be a better person and attends an AA meeting with her father.

Island Flashback

We see Slade, Sara and Oliver spying on the freighter. Sara and Slade argue on what they should do when Oliver tells them to shut up as he hears a plane overhead. They try to flag the plane of their presence however it is quickly shot down.

As Oliver, Slade and Sara reach the wreckage, Slade sees that the communication system is destroyed but Sara sees that the pilot is alive. She sends Oliver and Slade back to their plane wreckage for medical supplies while she stays with the pilot. The pilot tells Sara that he is worried about his 12-year old daughter as she already lost her mom to cancer when she was a baby and without him she would all be alone. The pilot asks Sara to take care of his daughter and hands a picture of his daughter to her before he dies. And who is his daughter? Why it is Sin and that is why the two have a sisterly friendship. We see Sin and Sara have a proper reunion in the present day at Verdant and you see that Sin clearly looks up to Sara and the two are very close.

The big cliffhanger comes at the end of the episode. A fake emergency text from Thea sends Oliver running back to the Queen Mansion. But Oliver realizes his sister has concocted a plan to get him to talk to his mom. Moira tells Oliver that he interrupted a meeting and she goes to introduce her to son to her guest. It is one Slade Wilson!

Next week we will get an island-centric episode and learn more on what Slade has in store for Oliver in Starling City.

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